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About the game:
Title: Luna Online: Reborn
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Suba Games
Publisher: Suba Games

Relive your favorite Luna Online memories with Luna Online: Reborn, Suba Games’ remake of the anime-styled free-to-play MMORPG! Set in the fantasy world of Blueland, Luna Online: Reborn takes all that was great about Luna Online and adds even more, while removing many of the restrictions and annoyances of its predecessor. For example, you can choose the character you want to play right out of the gate with no restrictions, and readjust your skills if you don’t like your initial choices.

Once in the game, you’ll have a variety of activities to keep you occupied. Take part in epic guild vs. guild and realm vs. realm battles, or take down epic raid bosses to secure some sweet gear. If you’re of a more peaceful mind, you can focus on building your house, farming, or taming pets. You can even get into the social scene, building affection with other players, getting married, and even starting a family!

Explosive Features:

  • Social And Casual Activities
  • GvG And RvR Battles
  • Weddings And Children

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System Requirements

Luna Online: Reborn Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000/XP
Processor: Intel P4 1.4GHz
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 2 series

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  1. (Not Recommended)
    Short version: I don’t recommend this game one bit because it’s been “reborn” by the fans, not actual game developers, so no serious people. It has nothing serious to offer, broken unreadable fonts, menus, built-in botting system, level on enemies don’t always show up, things barely work since it was picked up from a broken expansion which also got cut off entirely. So no 6th tier class, no more common/rare/legendary items drops, made-up skills & overpowered stats, cap level reduced down to 60 instead of 165. The story quest don’t follow, Majin race can be used at level 1 instead of 50, plus no story with them anymore, cash items are too easy to get because the people who run the game don’t like grinding, it’s an MMO, what do you expect? On top of that, bad quality logo during the loading screen & their website look pretty ugly & unprofessional. In the past, I had to start over a few times because they lack the money to run the server.

    I used to be a moderator for gPotato (official host) & a volunteer for the official game Luna Online which became Luna Plus back then. The game was very well balanced at first, until the expansion Luna Plus. Then everything was broken because the game was rushed due to the fact that the Luna community was asking us to release the expansion early & to fix the bugs later which turned out to be bad.

    At the end, the official game was strangely balanced but still so much fun. It was much easier to achieve higher levels because of new features such as gift boxes every 10 – 15 levels giving you useful stuff, permanent Dungeon Date tickets allowing you to do more than 2 instance in a day with a friend or a partner, crafting which was giving you some awesome rare & legendary items that you could create if you had the right materials or stones, cooking, houses, simpler enchantment systems, items reinforcement, rides to increases various stats, party buffs, guild buffs & crazy philosopher stones giving you stats by percentage instead of value for enormous buffs, along with a 6th tier class for Fighter, Rogue & Mage, giving you the most insane builds possible in an MMORPG with so many skills that you do not know what to do with. The game had no restrictions, no requirements for whatever class you picked. You want to be a mage but you randomly want to fight with a bow or a sword? No one will stop you, the game won’t stop you. Some of your skills will still work even if you’re using a sword instead of a wand or a staff, the game won’t give you a barrier. But what was cool about that, you could turn your character into a deadly machine. For instance, I had a friend who was a Crusader, it’s a Fighter class, turned into a Tank, but it does some magical damages because of their support side. In Luna, magic was everyone’s weakness, no matter who you are, what class you are, mages are the most feared class in the game because in PVP, you can’t dodge magic, passively your magical defense is very low except for a mage who become a Priest, or Monk then later a Bishop or an Elemental Master for the extra magical defense, they’re the only class who can survive passively without extra effort required. So naturally, when you’re a tank class & you randomly start dealing some crazy magical attacks to another melee class, it’s scary for those who have low magical defense, because they can’t kill a tank quickly enough. He used a wand to pair with his shield instead of using a sword like a normal fighter class to gain extra magical attack power from the stats on that weapon. So that was really unexpected & really impressive. There was a lot of ground to cover if you wanted to become strong. Because from level 40 to level 60, you had a quest to complete to advance to a new class (tier 3), & monsters around those levels weren’t really easy to kill. Then you could grind at a Dark Portal, starting at 60 until you reach level 85 then you had another quest to advance to (tier 4 at level 75), & then the nightmare begun between 85 to 105 where it was more grinding & then you had to complete the longest, hardest & most annoying quest ever to finally advance to the next & final class (tier 5) in Luna Online. But in Luna Plus, the new class (tier 6) was released for level 145. All the effort in the end was really worth it because not a lot of people had the patience to get to tier 6.

    Unfortunately, in this version of the game, everything is different. If you are an old player who’s feeling nostalgic about the game, then you will be extremely disappointed. This server is nothing official. It’s running by fans who decided to save the expansion of the game at its early stage, then remove all the broken contents which is almost everything & keep it as Luna Online. So the expansion of the game isn’t there. The fancy & awesome crafting feature along with the rare & legendary sets, weapons & accessories, the house feature, cooking feature are not in this game. The 6th tier class is not there neither; so no Lord, Death Knight, Arch Templar, Souleye, Blood Stalker, Arch Breezer, Saint, Dark Archon & no Arch Celebrant. The skill-tree isn’t complete & skills has been edited, things aren’t working the way they should or the way they used to work before. Some are totally broken, some passives got removed as well as racial passive, level gift items are all random & completely useless, there’s an awful translation, I can remember the exact same mistakes from before. Monsters & the level gift boxes gives you some weapons which aren’t even supposed to be available for you yet such as a musket, which should start dropping only at level 105+ when you turn tier-class 5 Panzer or Sniper for Fighter & Rogue class. Some new maps aren’t even there. Some rare item-drops like the Aphrodite’s Belt from Latou or Kynee from One Eyed Wookies, those were the most wanted rare items in Luna, they don’t drop in this game because the drop system has been completely changed. In fact, most monsters don’t drop anything at all except gold so grinding is partially useless at this point. Same goes for rare sets as well. Also, since the expansion got cut almost entirely, there’s no new dungeons as far as I could tell & no Dungeon Date. Cant enchant items the same way as before, it’s all pretty darn easy & unchallenging. Majins can be used at level 1 instead of 45, there’s no previous character requirement at level 50+ to create a Majin. Also, the name race was changed to “Demon”, which is kind of dull.

    The experience & gold gained through the game isn’t that bad however, I was scared it was going to be too easy, but unfortunately because of the bad rewards you receive from those gift boxes as you level up through the game, there’s no guarantee you will level up quickly, it just depends on luck. If you receive the wrong weapon or set from the boxes, you will have to keep grinding to get your own stuff yourself & pay for it, the game doesn’t try to help you like it did in the official server. It might give you useless weapons & armors. But yet again, it doesn’t seems that hard to reach the max level. In 3 hours, I reached level 34 as a fighter and I was very unlucky on loots. I used to be a Magnus level 134 in the Eclipse server (gPotato), fighting in the Sahara Area & Parasus Oasis area. It literally took me an entire day to gain one level, despite being buffed with a 200% EXP scroll, a 100% EXP scroll, a few events & Holiday EXP scrolls giving 50% & 20% EXP & an Octopus Ride giving me even more EXP, I believe it was 50% EXP or 100%. So that was a lot of EXP buffs just to get one level higher the next day! The maximum level was 165, & there was only 7 members in both servers Eclipse & Crescent. It appears that the level cap in this version is much shorter than before, so there’s no grinds anymore. But there’s also a lot of confusion it seems through the flow of the game, story & quests got cut in half thanks to this new host who probably didn’t care about the original story.

  2. (Luna Online Review)
    + 4 Main Classes
    + Class Path Build
    + Costumes
    + Pets
    + Mounts, Fishing, Farming Ground, House System
    + 3 Race Character
    + Casual Game
    + Good Storyline
    + Chibi Style
    + Low System Requirement
    + Friendly Community
    – No more update
    – Bugs and Glitch’s
    – Gold Seller
    – Low Exp Rate (May change)
    – Long time Travel
    – Easy to mess up stat build.
    Star Rate: 4/5 (Cool Game)

  3. I played this a long time ago with my dad. And let me tell you, the people that made this game are extremely ban heavy and TRUST ME when I say they have “favorites”. When me and dad played this I was about 8 years old, and I got in an argument with one of their veterans because he cursed me or something, I can’t remember exactly what it was. My dad came, and started cursing him out. This made the veteran call one of the admins, and after he did the admin banned both of us for 2 weeks.

    By the way, when they shut down the servers, everyone who had spent money on characters, capes, accessories, etc… lost it all.

  4. Luna online is a fun social game to play that does not take itself serious like few other RPG games out there on the market. ( I Recommend to play this game as a Casual fun Experience)
    Note: The Forum is no longer Active on Suba-Games for Luna Online so don’t be surprised.
    Good luck finding friends to play players! Peace!

  5. I have no clue why there are so many bad reviews on this game. I just downloaded it, made an account, launched it, made a character, logged in, and did 2 or 3 quest without a single problem.

  6. Where do i start with this game? I know find a Youtube video on this game and find my comment. You will see how i feel about this game.

  7. I don’t know how Suba Games is even hanging on. Most of their games have so little people playing that I can count the population with one hand. Very bad company, possibly the worst I have ever seen. (Not giving KOG games a pass either)

  8. April 2016, the population of Blue Land settlers venture off in search of new pasture to occupy, in their hearts hopes and dreams were established.

    Late April 2016, order and new lands was settled the population flourished and prospered for a while.

    May 2016, a few days later the new inhabitants of Blue Land receives a hit, a strange plague erupted within the community.

    Late May 2016, plague was identified and caused many of the settlers to die in an agonizing slow death, no actions were taken.

    Early June 2016, more and more of the settlers are being infected to no avail action has still not been taken, slowly the once promise land is engulf in nothing but rotting flesh of the dead or soon to be dead.

    Mid June 2016, only a few survivors left, desperately searching for a cure, only to find out there was a traitor, who has been hiding within their ranks, doubt risen as the remaining survivor became distant from each other.

    Late June 2016, fighting broke out within the groups, faction was formed and blood was shed.

    Early July 2016, very few of us are left some of us so mentally unstable clinging to the delusion of better days, others have accepted the fate and advance their own demise.

    10/10 will die again

  9. I can not register . there is e mail is already in use and the user name and .egal which email or name as I type is that it is used. -.-

  10. (Additional Con)
    – surprise maintenance (no announcement)
    – surprise additional rules
    – piloting not allowed. They might ban you if you are leveling for 24hrs
    – 1-3 days of maintenance every weekend
    – 2-4 days before you receive answer in your ticket
    – False information in what they proclaim

    Make a research before wasting time and money.

  11. MMORPG: (Luna online Reborn)
    + Pets, Mount, House System, Fishing, Farming
    + Different Class Path
    + Costume
    + Good Storyline
    – Tab Combat targeting may turn off player
    – Chibi Character may be heavily turn off by player
    – Botter infested
    – Hacker can ruin the game
    – Multiple Bugs
    – Lack of Customer support
    – Unbalance stat system
    – Gold Seller
    – Deserted Community

  12. My review on Luna Online: Reborn is already not going to be pleasant .I signed up for beta testing and as soon as I go to log into the client, I get hit with a endless loading screen. I was waiting on a loading screen for 30 minutes and finally closed out of it and shook my head. I do hope they fix this soon I am aware that the game is still under development, but how are the testers so post to find bugs and glitches and have a basic review of the gameplay if no one can log on?


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