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Title: MegaTen | Status: Offline
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Sci-Fi

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 1.2 GB
Publisher: Atlus Online
Developer: Atlus

User Rating:
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (72 votes, 4.29 out of 5)

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What’s explosive about it:
Cool Sci-Fi Setting
Gripping Story
Demon Pet System

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online, also known as MegaTen for short, was originally released in Japan during 2007, and was Cave’s first free MMO game for PC. MegaTen has since then earned a huge success with a large fan following. Aeria Games published the game on the European and North American markets, offering players a great adventure in a sci-fi setting.

Set in a fictional post-apocalyptic Tokyo, survivors attempt to restore the city by defeating demons and solving puzzles. Each player acts as a “Devil Buster.” Success relies on forming an alliance with demons or slaying them.

The world of Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online, a post-apocalyptic one, puts players in the shoes of a Devil Buster. You’ll have the choice to enter an alliance with demons or slaying them, while chasing down clues in a gripping story that portrays the complicated survival of a dying human race.

Customize your character’s looks, fighting style and battle expertise, fight alone or with members of your clan, opting for one of three alignments: law, chaos or neutral. Experience a real-time combat that requires tactical analysis and use a wide selection of weapons, from antique swords to modern rifles.

MegaTen system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista
RAM: 512 MB of RAM | HDD: 1.78 GB Free
CPU: 3.1 Ghz Intel P3 or equivalent
Graphics Card: DX 9 GeForce4, ATI RADEON 8500 or better
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  1. Its bullshit they shut down the American version of shin megami tensei imagine shows how pathetic aeria games is they should never had taken on shin megami tensei imagine they should have let a better company run the game.

    • Aeria games didn’t run the game when it was shut down. Atlus took it back from them, merged with Xseed into Marvelous USA, and then THEY shut it down. Aeria games wasn’t even given the option of hosting it again.

  2. well best game i ever played….if ya truly played the game and enjoyed it ya now have a part missing of ya (played for 5 years oh the sadness `(T.T)´ ),but yeah this game was really good well still is on the JP servers i highly recomment it if someone who can read japonese to try it out, 4.99 stars in a 5 star rating. also dont pay much attention to reviews sure they are helpfull an all, but ya only know a game if ya play it
    Also if anyone knows any game at least similar to this one please speak up and share the game ….dying on the inside due the lack of Imagine (Still praying aeria picks up the game back lol )

    • and so I see… I was hoping to play it till before it ended, it was worth a shot… wished I had taken it long before… and what of this JP version? still around? guess I’ve got another shot at this no doubt, I think I’ll try it out Chaotic~

  3. This game has been closed as of 28th February 2014.
    It was a pretty good game though. It’s sad to see it dropping off just like that.

  4. I’m not exactly an ob player or anything like that, I played for two years, a good stretch of that time while it was still under Aeria.

    This was when I was young and didn’t exactly have a job but I still managed to spend maybe a total of 500 dollars during those two years.

    The good thing about Aeria is that unlike most of their other games, the tiered items were always a great deal and data tickets in this game weren’t pay 500 dollars and get a bunch of useless crap deals. You paid the amount you needed and you got exactly what you wanted.

    Now honestly the game is pretty unfriendly for new players or players that refuse to pay as well and I mean PAY, during Aeria you just needed to wait for a good sale, which would happen at least every other week. With Atlus, nothing as great ever came along again.

    Anyways, a regular player would not only be pitiful compared to anyone with even half done gear but would have no reliable way to make cash without spending hours and hours and hours of grinding mats or the like. Dungeons like Celu Gold were pointless for any non cs player, they would lose at least half of their gain if they even managed to finish the run. Not to mention gold plates are at LEAST 10k in game money which is quite hefty for a free player.

    I quit after two years myself because Atlus no longer had any decent sales like Aeria had. I had made a rapid gunner with only half completed gear, the items I needed were all from 5 million to 50 million in game money (a horrendous amount) AND on top of that most of them were out of circulation.

    Bear in mind that in SMT you can combine several pieces of gear to gain their effects in one piece of gear, so in other words a properly geared player usually had about 20+ pieces of nightmarishly expensive gear, 1 or 2 expensive crystals (can’t remember) for each piece, and several expensive weapons with various elements if they were a gunner or meele.

    Essentially the game would end up costing you 500m or so to complete ONE character. An impossible feat unless you literally spent 200 dollars on every new hot data ticket and sold them off to rich veterans or spent years grinding… no I’m serious years.

    On that note even with my half done Limit break Gear, I would hit around 5k in weakpoints+Limit Breaks so I was useful for some mid range dungeon runs but end game content required full gear.

    The game of course does have positives, the unique rock paper scissors attack/rush/guard/counter/spin skills were strategic and made you able to counter your enemies and then lay a smack down on them while pushed back.

    You DON’T need a complete set of gear to enjoy the game but you DO need some. I loved helping people in game, even though I was poor I gave away a lot of free stuff to newbies and ran them through dungeons often. That was really enjoyable for me and never got old.

    The problem is simply the cost, it just gets too costly, repairs will build up on your expensive cash shop gear limiting the amount of times you can help people out if you only spent a few bucks here and there.

    With the EN server unfortunately closed the only alternative is the JP server I believe and THAT is a true nightmare, their economy is FAR worse and the negatives I said here are going to be literally 10 times worse. A 20 million in game money set of gear all of a sudden becomes 100m so you get the idea.

    Don’t play unless you have a shit ton of money or you don’t mind being essentially useless while you grind endlessly.

    • Don’t exaggerate… 20+ piece of gears to make a good gear? as far I can remember there are only 3 gears needed…

      But yes… Undeniably, the game is pretty unfriendly to new players. Admins of atlus were just 2 interns, not to mention, it went down to 1. But the game is pretty flexible, it just went to the wrong hands and eventually died.

      • 20+ gear is actually true, I mean I had a satisfied gear (in another word A full gear but not to the degree of perfect) just regular equipment slot is about 15 (not including like bullet slide) and each of those can be mixed to have total 3 item to be included, 1. the visual (it combines with gear set) 2. stat 3.Effect. basically you can add the Effect of another weapon on to your main wep with stat of another different Wep. This was done to make the gear to be most useful in your position.
        As i was melee, not including the weapon alone. On my head, body, leg, shoe, glove, ring, earing, Necklace,COMP, i had 3 item mixed, on EXTRA slot and talisman i had 2 item Mixed. With that I had total 31 item on one char, NOT INCLUDING Wep. if I had to include wep, i had “Fire, Ice, Wind, Electric, Slash, Death, Light, Blunt, Magic” affinity wep which were mixed with best possible item to maximize it’s damage and utility. not including the mixed item the affinity wep alone was 9 different wep. And as a melee different type of wep is also needed, since I was using Spining melee, I had Spear and Blunt wep. so I had about total 15 different wep. basically as a melee that was REQUIRED. so not really exaggerating when 20+ piece of gears to make good gear.
        When I had just one sets of armor/clothing without the item mixing, NO one would put me in their party for a run. since I was considered weak. Oh and I said this in the review but I played the game ever since the beta time, so I had quite a few rare item from event and made money off that. Also as a melee having Magic demon partner was something I needed (or healing) so that took quite a bit of In game money also, since I had hell biker.(one of the most expensive demon in game that is like lvl 90+ required lvl)

  5. Sadly, this game has ended in EN server. Hope it would come back.

    Anyway, As High level, and Long time player of this game, “I played ever since Beta time”
    there are indeed a lot of Pro and Con in this game.

    1: Yes this is mainly PvE based there is no argument there, there is PvP but in my opinion on this case alone, I really didn’t like it much, not advance enough for me I guess.

    2: One thing I really enjoyed about this game is the ability to have Abundance of different type of Demon to be your partner, I eventually was able to get one of the most “Expensive?” or “Rarest” demon to be my partner and raised it to be strong enough to solo a dungeon. (Btw I was Melee)

    3: Different list of Classes you can become, If you ever want to change ur class you can, just takes long or lot of Money (Be it in game or in real life money, depends on how much time you will spend)

    4: every class has their positive and negative Melee, Gunner are one of the most highest DPS in game; however for Melee, Lot of money is needed since wep and armor loses durability often and susceptible to taking lot of damage. (Not too much info on gunner, since I didn’t really use it much, but they do have downside where u need to keep bullets in your inventory), where as Shot-mage (Basically magic user) are really strong in short battle due to Cool-down, of their strongest spell. where in Enhancer, (added partially my opinion also) can solo any Dungeon except time limited one, but one of the safest. Also the Weapon-Smith (gun and melee wep) are really boring at beginning but once maxed level, money making MONSTER, so is Synther (those two are not really combat oriented)

    5: One sad thing is that, it is Highly Gear based game. Level does not really matter in terms of damage. However, Expertise does make difference. And once you get to certain level, you are able to wear a better “Demon Crystal” which helps you a lot when you need to fight.

    6: A bit slow to travel around the places, unless you buy, or win a Adriel’s Tread (Sorry if i spelled wrong) to travel to certain fixed location immediately. OR have a Mount (Require specific Ring for Specific Demon that are mountable)

    7: Lack of good tutorial is kinda sad, But if you are willing to play this game all the information is rather easy to find VIA wiki or other player help forum.
    ( planning ahead of what you want to become in future of the game Helps )

    8: leveling up is kinda hard or boring due to the fact you mostly gain exp from Dungeon and not just regular demon outside of dungeon. Requires High Grinding of a dungeon. But this was not so bad until the game nerfed loots from the boss.

    9: repairing the durability has a chance to lose their Maximum Durability, which requires you to have a “Repair Kit” of some sort to repair the Maximum durability, Cost Money (be in real or game) also possible to get this from EVENT. (or was)

    10: TL (Trade List) or Bazzar is player used “Store” (Hesitating to use the word Store but, didn’t see any that may be good) good thing about Bazzar is you can have one up for an hour or few hours and go offline and still be able to sell, but 15% tax is applied. as for Trade list, You have to be online to have the Trade list up, but since this is direct trade tax is not applied in this.

    Well, that’s all I can think about at the current time.

    Feel free to add what ever you think about this.

    Sadly, this game ended, but I do hope that this will come back out again for us to play

  6. Slowest. Combat. EVER. Jesus christ I can finish an actual fight in most MegaTen games before I finish one in this. I mean seriously, it is just so ploddingly slow. You could eat a sandwich and play this is that snail-like.

    • i know this is a year old comment but
      i tolally agree with you i use to play it i mean i wasnt the best nor was i a high leveler but i played it for awhile i stoped only cause its SUPER FREAKING SLOW!!

      not only was the battle system like battling with ur brain on Morphine but the run system that has characters run around was like watching old men run with walkers lmao

      im glad they took it down so they can update it or come out with a hole hew game since it is extremely old

  7. I’ve been playing SMT for a good while now, about 2 years. From what I personally see, the game was much better when it was in the hands of Aeria, rather than what Atlus brought to the table with it. Yes, the game has had a lot of bugs, and “Most” of the staff (GM’s and GS’es) to help report and fix it, and they’ve almost always gotten through the problems swiftly. The only problem I ever had with the game previously was just the constant grinding of the same places trillions of times to get xp or anything related (there’s a section of the game where lvl. 25 has to be reached before moving on in the story, and when I was lvl. 18 it was a horrible experience).

    Moving on, ever since the game moved to Atlus, I haven’t seen a lot of people on, due in-part to the game getting boring, migration problems, and other things. I never really interacted with any GM’s in the game, only maybe once for small talk. Now, with Atlus running the game, I have yet to see a single GM whatsoever. It kinda sucks for me, seeing as I have a lot of questions sometimes, and the forums hardly help most of the time.

    I could go into a whole other 15 paragraphs pointing out the grammar and other errors in the scripts, but that’s for some other time. Overall, I liked the game, but its migration to Atlus messed it all up for me (or Marvelous, or whatever, I never really understood). I used to play with a lot of friends, but now it’s like a barren wasteland in most places except for Home III and Shinjuku Babel.

    As a side note, for all of those people who say that “gold farming is easy and simple” and “LOL i can make 4 mils Maccas with plazma farmingz!” crap, that’s just a downright lie, I’ve tried it and it isn’t the best way of getting gold, I can tell ya that much.

    Then again, this is a personal review, and everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. I hope this helps, if any.

  8. Megaten is a very good game, yes there are pros and cons but overall it is a good game. If you like one of those games where your pet plays a big roll in your character then this is the game for you. Yes, leveling is a bit time consuming but you will grow fond of the demons you find in the game, constantly want to combine them into new ones. Overall, a great game, I play many MMOPRG’s and have found that this is one of the very good ones. People who think negatively about it should play it more, I first played it and thought it was horrible, then I decided to play it a little longer and have grown to love it.

  9. i can’t say I’ve played this as much as most of the other reviewers but i played enough to be able to say it’s a really good game, especially if you are a fan of the old megami series and persona. It’s very challenging starting out compared to most games that cater to casual gamers but it is well worth it to stick with it. Lots of unique features and game mechanics that are still fun even with it standing against games with technical splendor like Guild Wars 2 and Neverwinter. If you are a core gamer and not completely absorbed by graphics this is worth checking out.

  10. I definitely haven’t been playing as long as most of these other reviewers – only a little over a year. I only PVP when I’m really bored (or want to unlock Team chat on a new alt), so I can’t really touch that other than to say that I do avoid it mostly because of the drama it radiates. I also can’t speak about corruption in the GM/GS team, as pretty much all the GS are almost completely out of my in-game social circle and I’ve only spoken to the GMs a combined total of maybe three times.

    But for all the QQ about the game’s problems – and there definitely are some, many rooted in the relationship with Cave as Zethre already described – it can still be a whole lot of fun. For me, there are three huge draws to this game that currently overshadow the bugs and drama and keep me playing:

    -The demon system. If you’ve played any SMT game, you already (should) have a grasp of how this concept works. You contract with demons and can create better, stronger ones by fusing them together. The fusion and rebirth system in Imagine allows you to put almost any skills on any demons and force them into certain stat growths (though there are limits, I’m not gonna go into it all here) – if you end up totally loving one of the lowbie demons, because of this, you don’t have to leave them behind as you level. There are also rare demon “plugins” that you can hunt, akin to looking for rares in other MMOs. For me, the demons are the core of the SMT series, and this translated quite well to a MMO. There are even gears that boost your demon partner’s stats rather than your own, so you can completely devote yourself to becoming a demon support class while your partner – who you can directly control – does the actual combat.

    Secondly, the combat system is more involved than most other MMOs. Quite frankly, it’s ruined me for most other games now. I can’t be satisfied with all of the flavor-of-the-month games where your attacks will ALWAYS work on every single enemy and all you’re doing is bopping the enemies over and over. Imagine works in the resistance/null/weakpoints of the rest of the franchise (ie, casting ice on a Jack Frost will get it reflected right back into your face, but once you figure out his weak point of fire he’s cake) as well as adding in a system of dodges, counters, and guards that both demons and players can use. This keeps combat relatively interesting compared to other games, because you can’t just fall asleep at the wheel and hit 1,2,1,2 indiscriminately like in other games. For me, that is wonderful.

    The last point that attracts me to the game is the expertise system – technically, there are no classes in Imagine. You level the ‘expertise’ of a skill you want to unlock stronger versions of it along the line (ie, leveling Destruction Magic will unlock higher-level magic spells), and certain expertises can be linked together into “chain expertises” (the aforementioned Destruction Magic can be linked with Rush and Magic Control to unlock Demolition Dash, which is sort of a melee-flavored way of playing the mage class). Because of this freedom, you can either go with more mainstream builds, or you can play with them and make your own, completely customized build. I suggest experimenting, because sometimes you can stumble on to a “weird” build that is a whole lot of fun to play!

    Of course, it’s also worth noting that the game may be free to play but it is largely cash shop based; however, you CAN still make money by farming plasmas or runs (the often ignored Celu Tower runs all say hi) or becoming a crafter, item mixer, or synthesis class. AP spending is an easy way to get money for sure, but it’s not the only way, no matter what some people would have you believe.

    So I guess my point is, the game clearly has issues. Most MMOs do, frankly. But if you find any of the unique aspects of this game appealing, give it a shot and see for yourself if it’s for you.

    • You pretty much nailed it, the complaints in this plague 99% of all mmorpgs both free and pay to play so nitpicking only serves to discourage potential players from downloading and trying a game that possibly deserves their attention. Wish more people wrote honest reviews like yours than ass kissing or trolling just for attention.

  11. Ah Muy our SMT resident Tranny. (also account hops to harass people) (shouts obscene things for attention) :3
    Played this game since OB its had its ups and downs. We have our high patches and our low just when we think the game is dead. We had problems with some Gms and Gss being not so …… whats the word im looking for… eh they were corrupt as hell. About a month ago i took a break the game was horribly broken. Favoritism is abundant in game we call em showcase players. spends thousands in AP and are mostly untouchable. There is a lack of actual game content but a huge overflow of spend your money on shiny recolored gear with altered stats content. The Gms dont fix anything they have us blame Cave. Yes there is spaming of Ichi gold, kings, deeps vishnus, shivas and the occasional sugi / celu gold. Thank god its more Focused on PVE because PVP Val/Fate has more raging players than a bad round of C.O.D x.x The Promotions… Spend $50 to get a statless item we will be releasing for $6 next week but wait youll also get a small chance at winning another statless item.

    But all in all its a good game in itself the demon fusion,negotiation, and friendship quest are unique. LB melee seems to be the OP class when I left. Ive been here since OB somethings got to be good right? maybe its the immersible world with its memorable characters like snakeman, ogami and Azura. Maybe its the demon crystallization system maybe its the clans maybe its the community its not perfect but I dare you to point me to a game without its share of trolls. Some would think Babel chat is a summary of the community but what about those who dont make fools of themselves on the game the so to speak silent players who go along never really known. Being well known on SMT isnt always a good thing. (maybe i should stop saying maybe)

    There a review by someone whos been there longer than most…

    What we think of the Reviews

    • As a retired GS and player since Closed Beta, I would like to point out a few things. When I was a GS for Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE Online, corruption within the GS team was rather minimal, compared to what it had been in Open Beta and immediately following Open Beta, due to the “removal” of the GSes who were corrupt. I can’t exactly say that there was much in the way of GM favoritism, except with a few glaring exceptions from certain GMs (The GMs in question have all “retired” now…if you get my drift). The Current GM team is, overall, vastly improved over the old one, and the current GS team is also (mostly) good. I can state for a fact that heavy AP spenders are nowhere near untouchable (I had to report quite a few myself, as both a GS and as a normal player, for various offenses ranging from chat-spam to obscenities & harassment directed at other players via public chat channels).

      Re: The GM’s don’t fix anything.
      The contract Aeria has with CAVE is such that CAVE are the ONLY ones who are able to fix bugs/etc. Aeria can only send (sometimes strongly worded) e-mails to CAVE with a list of what has broken from the most recent patch(es), they literally are not allowed to use the developer tools due to the contract.

      Re: Prices.
      SMT:IO is, for lack of a better word, quite the money sink. There are people who get by with just farming Macca (the in-game currency), but those are quite few and far between. Amusingly, it could be worse. Checking the prices on the Japanese Version’s tradelist, one can see the sheer amount of inflation. Moreover, unlike the Japanese Version, the International version tends to flood items into the market (which, in this case is actually rather good, as it slightly reduces the gap between the Cash Shop buyers and the Non-Cash Shop buyers. Add this to a ridiculous amount of forum event, which usually give away random consumables with raffles for “the hot new (or slightly older) outfit of the month” and it actually manages to get more items out into the market. I can actually state for a fact that, despite allegations of favoritism (from what I can tell, driven by jealousy) by certain players over other players winning items in event raffles; in my experience (when I was running events as a GS) we just assigned each person a number (in the order that they posted), then use the random number generator at to find the winner(s). It worked rather well.

      Re: PvP
      PvP…Where to start here.
      As stated in one of my previous comments, SMT:IO was never designed for PvP. This is definitely reflected in how shoddy the PvP system is.
      I will repeat myself. if you want “balanced/fair” PvP? Look elsewhere.

      Re: Promotions
      The promotions have improved (surprisingly). After the previous item mall manager “retired” (you know what I mean), the more recent ones have been improving the promos drastically, along with dropping the price.

      Re: Content.
      Slow, but improving the pace. One of the more recent patches (it clocked in at 1.5 GB). To my surprise, it contained roughly 1.75 years worth of content (in various stages of readiness) from the JP Server. This one patch pretty much slashed the amount still to be recieved from CAVE (until the international server reaches JP server’s current patch) in half. Unfortunately, it is still not “implemented as such”, due to CAVE not actually activating the triggers for the zones, etc. However, the data is all there.

      I know I may get some flak from posting this (not only from players, but also the GSes and the GMs), but this is my full opinion on the matter, based on my experiences from Day 1 of Closed Beta up through November 21, 2011.

    • I would like to point out that Tifa and Babane actually aren’t GSes anymore.
      Additionally, “GS favoritism” is highly improbable, as GSes have absolutely NO power.

      GM favoritism, OTOH, is not unheard of.

      To deal with this, if you suspect it to be happening.
      Send a Contact Us (usually wise to send it via a different department, such as billing)

  12. Tifa and Babane you have to say good things about it because you two are GS’es in reality the game lacks interest, every update fails, time for fixing fail update/bugs 1-3months of broken equipment, crystals and dungeons, GM really have no use other than to ban or kill you for something that sometimes not even worth looking at, GM’s and GS’s have their favored players so if you get into something with them whether you are correct you’re getting banned….overall view games not worth playing anymore and not good idea to beginning to play now

  13. Megaten is an old-game but a relic when we say an MMORPG.

    although its not really beautiful in graphics, but it is still beautiful. It’s 3d but more like a glitch-prone characteristic. But has a good RagDoll Physics. Overall, People still love play super smash bros anyway so why rate this game’s graphics so low?.

    Gameplay, OMG this is a fantastic game.

    Its more like Final Fantasy + Pokemon + your favorite legends + your Holy Bible put all in one in a Sci-Fi Game.
    The game is set in a post-apocalyptic age so more of survivor thingy.
    Also its dungeon based so people will have to help each other.
    Few quests, YEAH MORE OF FREEDOM!!.
    Class system, you can experiment your own build or just follow what has been discovered.
    Full demon control
    And demon and Gear Customization which allows you to show your originalily and unlike other games.

    Also the relation of free player to spenders are not really far..

    Firstly, Megaten is economic based. Money is revolving based on the Non-spenders and Spenders.
    There is what they called SSSU or Synth/SI/Smith Union. Synth is a class that morely helps the community by what they called synthesis or making your demon a stone and fuse it in an item. Same with SI but smith but they are more on Gear and Weapon Customization.
    Also, the community is helpful by way of helping newly joined or low leveled players in their journey in the game..

    Rating: 5/5

    PS: The second review above are random…. He just based it on youtube.

  14. LoL Hold my panties Tifa, I’m about to die laughing and pee my pants. Here are few wise words from a long term veteran of MegaTen.

    1. This game rox your shoes off.
    2. GM’s and GS work (only few GSes I’ve never seen around for ages).
    3. Aeria GM’s fix the bugs as fast as they can.
    4. Customer service improved A LOT.
    5. More promo’s/raffles/tiered spenders that have USEFUL items.
    6. Prices on AP items has decreased A LOT.
    7. Lots of discounts and extra AP.
    8. This game has lot of content ALREADY here (CAVE just needs to unlock it in the due time)
    9. Lots of helpful players on every corner, and a lot of helpful guides on forums.

    LoL time to reply to 2nd comment I just couldn’t resist haha.

    1. Nop wrong.
    2. Nop wrong.
    3. Go play Tetris
    4. Depends if YOU can farm.
    5. LOL 1 mil is a lot for you? WOW i can farm 4 mils in 1 hour plasma farming, and with breaks.
    6. LOL if you want to have your bazaar in same spot for 4 years shure kiddo, go for it, LOL ever heard of “Changing category” to see if that category has the gear you’re looking for?
    7. LoL gunners are OP? No its just some people SPEND their time making it OP, it’s like they say “if you’re holding a gun, doesn’t mean you can shoot anything”. If a gunner doesn’t know what they’re doing then its a fail gunner, same goes for every class in EVERY GAME.
    8. LoL this one made me laugh so bad, TIFA Bring a spongey for my panties. LoL there is a thing called GEARS, they have Cool-Down-Feature, those gears also have I-N-C-A-N-T-A-T-I-O-N characteristics.
    9. LOL you need to either 1. raise talk to class 2 (max), or use a skill Whisper of temptation, its a skill that lets you catch a demon almost in 1-2 tries. If 5 casts of talk is too much for you, I’d understand why your mommy was walking behind you picking up your *bleep* all the time.
    10. Uh hellow? Do you have down syndrome of something? How is SMT has Pokemon’s? Damn where are they, I always wanted to have my own pikachu. Tifa did you know we had Pokemon’s in MT? Oh oh oh I get what he means, you mean when you form a contract with a demon you get an egg? Well if that’s a Pokemon then you’re missing a TON loads of brain cells, what are you 5? When you ACTUALLY play the game for a month or 2, come back to me and let me know what you learned.

    Disclaimer: I am definitively not a ass kisser, this is my own review, I had my differences with AGE because not every company is perfect, but AGE actually improved a TON within the last couple months. I like how it is managed now and that MT is being worked on. Thank you all the GM’s/GS’s that work in order to make us, their customers happy.

    • For what I know, a person who said “LOL” more than once in a post is either:
      1. Don’t know what “LOL” means.
      2. Downright retarded.

      And from how you make review and countering RealReviewer’s comment, you’re definitely #2.

      Example 1:
      RealReviewer: 2 – The game is primarily PvE-based, yes.
      Muy: 2. Nop wrong.
      What is wrong: It is very clear that this game is PvE-oriented. You cannot directly attack another player unless you’re in the PvP mode.

      Example 2:
      RealReviewer: 3 – There’s a serious lack of content and guidance (have your browser open to incomplete player-made wiki most of the time just to get by and understand the basics) for most things.
      Muy: 3. Go play Tetris
      What is wrong: Blatant trolling.

      Example 3:
      RealReviewer: 5 – Awesome pet system horribly marred by a lack of free ‘storage’ for excess pets? Yes.
      Muy: 5. LOL 1 mil is a lot for you? WOW i can farm 4 mils in 1 hour plasma farming, and with breaks.
      What is wrong: False information. On current state, no one can farm 4 000 000 macca in 1 hour using plasma.

      Example 4:
      Muy: 6. LOL if you want to have your bazaar in same spot for 4 years shure kiddo, go for it, LOL ever heard of “Changing category” to see if that category has the gear you’re looking for?
      What is wrong: MegaTen is yet to reach 3rd year on January 2012

      Example 5:
      RealReviewer: 10 – Pokemon before it became popular, pokemon actually ripped off Shin Megami Tensei
      Muy: 10. Uh hellow? Do you have down syndrome of something? How is SMT has Pokemon’s?…
      What is wrong: Totally uncalled for and does not relate to the statement. RealReviewer was just giving a little historical info (although not really necessary).

      Example 6:
      Muy: 3. Aeria GM’s fix the bugs as fast as they can.
      What is wrong: I suppose 5+ months is “fast” to fix Young Soul (Blue) set?

      Example 7:
      Muy: 1. This game rox your shoes off.
      What is wrong: The abundance of Reporting Bug thread tells otherwise.

      Final Example:
      Muy: I am definitively not a ass kisser,…
      What is wrong: Everything.

      • ok now why are u defending someone who obviously never even played the game. obviously u have something against muy if u even bothered to even comment on it. so whos trolling here hmm?

      • Re: Example 6.
        I suppose I should explain that a bit more fully.

        Prior to YSB (Young Soul Blue) being released on either server, Aeria requested that CAVE (the developers) “specifically modify” the item for the international server to have certain effects. After this, CAVE patched their own (different) version of the YSB outfit to JP. Unfortunately the developers actually used the exact same item for both versions, but altered the itemdata drastically between EN and JP versions of the game. This change was done ages ago. Needless to say, when YSB started to bug up, from what I can tell, it was due to CAVE accidentally overwriting part of the EN version of YSB. (Good luck getting that back)

      • Re: TitaRussel
        If LOL is annoying to you I will keep in mind to use it as much as possible, just to annoy you.

        1: You can attack players outside PvP (no I dont mean verbally)

        2: What else I should say to a player who never played this game.

        3: If you know how to do it, you can. If you can’t then that doesn’t mean everyone cant.

        4: It was a figure of speech.

        5: You said it yourself its unnecessary, would you be happy if you were compared to an elephant or a donkey? Don’t think so.

        6: *points at Zeth’s reply* Not all/some bugs in game are Aeria’s fault ( Remember were getting updates from CAVE, I think you should stop screaming at wrong people).

        7: *quotes self* “Not all/some bugs in game are Aeria’s fault.”

        Final: LOL you might want to know that most of my bans were because I was expressing my opinion. Gl with accusing me of being Aeria’s lap dog.

  15. Tisk Tisk hard to write a review if u only play it for a short while~
    the main draw i think is the unique combat system and the demons.
    honestly ur review is a joke.

  16. Neither of them have actually played the game for longer than 2 minutes, that’s obvious. Probably don’t even know about the origins of this game, and the description doesn’t even cover most of the real unique features of this game. Critizing only the management of it (hello? free2play game? doesn’t seem so different from others in that sense…) doesn’t make a well-done feedback about. It’s like saying WoW sucks but i just played it for what… 3 minutes. You don’t get to really see “anything” about the game itself.

  17. Played the game, pros and cons in a nutshell:
    1 – The item shop imbalances any semblence of PvP, yes.
    2 – The game is primarily PvE-based, yes.
    3 – There’s a serious lack of content and guidance (have your browser open to incomplete player-made wiki most of the time just to get by and understand the basics) for most things.
    4 – Repetitive dungeon-farming? Yes.
    5 – Awesome pet system horribly marred by a lack of free ‘storage’ for excess pets? Yes.
    You buy 7-day or 30-day ‘storage passes’ for either absurdly large sums (1+ mil in-game currency) from other players or directly paying for them with cash.
    6 – No Auction House, gimped ‘player shops’ with a strict time-limit, there’s a ridiculous ‘trade list’ that’s a nightmare to search and navigate for what you want, rendering it useless.
    7 – Certain builds are overpowered, especially gunners.
    8 – Cooldowns for animations are excessively long, leaving you highly vulnerable to having your ass handed to you if you can’t guess the right attack to use against an enemy.
    9 – You’ll be spamming ‘talk’ against demons/mobs for most of your early levels, takes ~5+ tries for lower level mobs and almost ~15+ mobs to go through before you can finally get one to join you. Leveling your ‘talk’ skill ironically does NOT seem to do anything to improve the chances of success or anything.
    10 – Pokemon before it became popular, pokemon actually ripped off Shin Megami Tensei since SMT came out FIRST in Japan back on home computer and consoles, years before Pokemon was ever made.

    • Re: Point 1
      Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE Online was never designed for PvP. It was implemented halfassedly by the developers roughly 2 years into the JP servers. It never really took off, so they left it that way when sending it to EN server. (Not that I mind, in fact, I sometimes wish they never implemented it in the first place)

      If you’re a “PvPer” and want to play a game with PvP, stay FAR away from SMT:IO.

      Re: Point 5
      About the only time you will EVER need more than the standard demon slots on a single character is if you are selling crystals for Macca (Ingame currency). The demon depot passes are also nice (but not required) for recording the 90 demons for the Pallas Athena/Beiji Weng/Wu Kong plugins.

      Re: Point 7
      If you dont know what you’re doing, or can’t be [censored] enough to learn the game…No matter which class you play as, you’re pretty much screwed.
      (Speaking as one of the few “OP Gunners” btw.)

      Re: Point 8
      Cooldowns for animations can be mitigated/avoided with Cooldown -% Gear, certain passive skills, or just switching to a different skill.

      Re: Point 9
      Talk skills do actually increase effectiveness by level. Utilizing the Class 1 Rank 0 and Class 1 Rank 5 skills increases success chance dramatically. Additionally, the Demonology expertise helps slightly as it is increased.

    • i cant see any “pros” there..only cons… i have myself played this years ago and im going to return back and want to see more players than years later… i think this is just driving everyone out of here
      my opinion is that everybody should try the game itself and only prepare by reading these…you will not never know what are you crashing into 😀

    • “Played the game, pros and cons in a nutshell:
      1 – The item shop imbalances any semblence of PvP, yes.
      2 – The game is primarily PvE-based, yes.
      3 – There’s a serious lack of content and guidance (have your browser open to incomplete player-made wiki most of the time just to get by and understand the basics) for most things.
      4 – Repetitive dungeon-farming? Yes.
      5 – Awesome pet system horribly marred by a lack of free ‘storage’ for excess pets? Yes.
      You buy 7-day or 30-day ‘storage passes’ for either absurdly large sums (1+ mil in-game currency) from other players or directly paying for them with cash.
      6 – No Auction House, gimped ‘player shops’ with a strict time-limit, there’s a ridiculous ‘trade list’ that’s a nightmare to search and navigate for what you want, rendering it useless.
      7 – Certain builds are overpowered, especially gunners.
      8 – Cooldowns for animations are excessively long, leaving you highly vulnerable to having your ass handed to you if you can’t guess the right attack to use against an enemy.
      9 – You’ll be spamming ‘talk’ against demons/mobs for most of your early levels, takes ~5+ tries for lower level mobs and almost ~15+ mobs to go through before you can finally get one to join you. Leveling your ‘talk’ skill ironically does NOT seem to do anything to improve the chances of success or anything.
      10 – Pokemon before it became popular, pokemon actually ripped off Shin Megami Tensei since SMT came out FIRST in Japan back on home computer and consoles, years before Pokemon was ever made.”

      How is [10] part of the pros & cons for this game? a rip-off of Pokemon? are you really going to call Pokemon a rip-off? …. Let us see.
      First, Shin Megami Tensei is a monster taming game involve with gods, devils, deities, mystical creatures, urban legends, fairy tale, and everything that is related with our imagination that we can encounter.
      Second, you build your team and raise them, fuse them, learn from them, and befriend them. Also, in some of the series, they talk to you.
      Third, it has a story, a plot, a purpose, and it can be graphical.
      fourth, the main hero(you) are killing the creatures with a “weapon” to survive and complete your progress.
      Fourth, there are spin-offs of Shin Megami Tensei and are they rip-offs? Persona, Devil Survivor, Soul Hacker, Digital Devil Saga, Demi-kids, Devil Children…. these are not related to the main series.
      Above all, the only common thing that Pokemon and Shin Megami Tensei share is that they are within the “Monster taming” genre…. but, there is a lot more that shares that like Digimon, Monster Farm, Dragon Seeds, Monster Jewel Kingdom, Monster Seeds, and Enchanted Arms, a lot more….. so, are you going to really call this a rip off and unneeded information to display? or do I need to specify my information a lot more clearer for you to understand better and for those that comes here to read a review, not a opinion.

      • I see you said “fourth” twice. lol
        I like the information you’ve given, I could also add that the difference with Pokémon(short for pocket monsters) and Shin Megami Tensei.
        is the fact that death is involved as well as pain and blood.

        through the iconic first episode of Pokémon, Pikachu at first didn’t like Ash, and for a few times he gets electrocuted(and by meaning “few” I mean that he gets electrocuted till Pikachu and Ash became best friends).
        and not only that Ash had a problem with Pikachu, but also with Charizard and those throughout the series.
        but you don’t see him dead now, do you?(though it’s rather amazing he’s still alive)

        Though I would say a certain episode of Pokémon did, in fact, had a point where a Gastly
        had made himself “fused” of two Pokémon(though ironic was just himself), Blastoise and Venusaur. but I wouldn’t really say it’s the same like fusing two demons, so by that episode, it’s a one time thing and isn’t copying MegaTen of any of it’s ideas.
        and besides those things, Pokémon is meant to be Cheerful and Heart-Warming, and the same for Shin Megami Tensei, with a little(?) gruesome feel to it…

        I can’t say anything about this game since I haven’t played yet, and I am sure that this is truly a good game due to the fact I seen quite a few games that keeps being popular.
        so ever since I’ve played(or in a sense the PSP) the game, I’ve want to see if there was anymore they’re making. which leads me to this MMO, and I’ll be glad to come back with a good feedback.

        thanks for reading~

        VividNeko –

  18. Shin Megami Tensei imagine online. = Megami for short

    Amazing free anime inspired game,Everyone has the ability too catch Demons!
    Demons are ment too help you along the way fight with you sometimes give out little side quests etc.
    So much fun thing’s too do.. Quests,Hack runs,Dungeons,Fusing demons,Catch demons,
    Explore,Level up yourself and your Demons,Make Friends,Join a clan

    So much thing’s to do.. give Megami a try!


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