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About the game:
Title: Nine to Five
Status: Beta
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Redhill Games
Publisher: Redhill Games

Make a killing in Nine to Five, a three-way free-to-play competitive shooter from Redhill Games. In the near future, you’re part of an elite strike team that competes with other mercenary squads to fulfill contracts from your clients. Strive to be the best and bring home the biggest payday!

Each match is split into three phases, with each phase determining the setup for the next. With rapidly changing objectives, you’ll need to be able to adapt to take on whatever the job demands of you. Matches can be played in just 15 minutes, so you can progress no matter how much, or how little, time you have!

Explosive Features:

  • Three-team Skirmishes
  • Changing Objectives
  • 15-minute Matches

News and Updates

Free-To-Play 3v3v3 Shooter Nine To Five Demo Available As Part Of Steam’s Next Fest

Competitive FPS fans can get an early look at Redhill Games' 3v3v3 team shooter Nine to Five thanks to Steam's Next Fest event. As...

Three-way Shooter Nine to Five Gets Free Steam Demo Next Week

Redhill Games' tactical shooter Nine to Five is in a limited-time beta right now, but you can check it out for yourself next week...

Nine To Five Running Another Open Beta Weekend

Redhill Games' multi-team shooter Nine to Five is having another open beta weekend, and it's going on from now until Monday, May 24. You...

Former Wargaming Devs Announce Beta For Company’s First Shooter Game “Nine To Five”

Redhill Games, a company based in Helsinki and headed by veteran game developers with ties to Wargaming and Remedy (among others), announced the launch...

Tactical 3v3v3 Shooter Nine To Five Starts Alpha Next Week

Redhill Games' free-to-play tactical shooter Nine To Five has an alpha coming up soon, and today the studio revealed footage of the game to...

Redhill Games Announces Nine To Five, A Tactical Three-Way Shooter

When Redhill Games was formed, its stated goal was to develop "free-to-play tactical shooters and ongoing games-as-a-service titles." At last night's Game Awards, we...

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System Requirements

Nine to Five Minimum System Requirements:
To be announced

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