About the game:
Title: Odin Quest
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: YouJoy
Publisher: YouJoy

Explosive Features:

  • Extensive Upgrading System.
  • Unique Class Mounts.
  • PvP System.

Odin Quest is a free Action RPG from YouJoy set in the world of Norse mythology. The game includes five different classes, Warrior, Mage, Priest, Hunter, and Assassin, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In addition to the abilities unique to each class, the classes all have obtainable mounts specific to the class.

Odin Quest also features an extensive upgrading system for all the gear you acquire battling hundreds of monsters across multiple regions. If the quests aren’t enough, the game also includes dungeons and a PvP system, to test your skills in new ways.

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9 User Reviews

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  1. Johan on June 10, 2015

    anyone knows what happened to the sever? they were going to shut down 11/06/15 but are offline for a week now. anyone knows about the merge with others like gamebox?

  2. karan agarwa on March 13, 2015

    game is shit, players gang up on and bullies players they dont like in hopes of getting them to quit, ther game masters do nothing if those players are coiners and spend money u are allowed to harass abd bully players because its a pvp game this game isnot worth the paper i wipe the ass on the developers are stupid they cant pull off a descent maintenance if ur on the chinese version its a paradise

    • Frank on September 30, 2017

      Why do you blame the game, when the problem is with the players?

    • Goddess Shadow on January 8, 2019

      yeah definetly NOT worth playing. o.o

  3. james on September 19, 2014

    This game is trash, if you decide to join now you have no hope of excelling in the game unless you have a spare 20-30 thousand real dollars to almost catch up to everyone else, theres no new servers you have to start playing with all established players and most who have stayed to play since they stopped making new servers are bullys and have spent thousands in game for a game that is very repetitious and boring, if you are thinking about playing this, i advise you to look elsewhere this game is dead and no support at all 🙁 very sad as i was one of the original players

  4. Jordan on February 23, 2014

    I played this game for a while, and found it fun in the beginning. However, they merge servers like every two months because players always just go to the newest servers, leaving the old ones empty. Because of this, the few players who do stay in the old ones tower over the new players after the merge. Also, the game is very repetitive and boring. If you do not buy and Goldleaf, the real money currency, you cannot possibly win. They have all sorts of cool things that are goldleaf only. The skins you can buy are also goldleaf only for the 8%, and coupons for the 3%. The game shows extreme favoritism to whoever spends some money. Also, if you do spend money, you have to spend a lot of it. Some people have spent thousands of dollars into this game, kinda sad. The VIP at the highest level is not only temporary, but also 100 dollars in real cash. Players who buy it get a pretty high increase in exp among other things. Also, the characters are to generic. You cannot customize your character or skins. Overall, it kinda sucks.

  5. John on January 13, 2014

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME.. It is nothing but money spending bullies that make real life threats to others. The Game support at dealing with this, is extremely poor. They reply saying ingame issues need to be sorted my players themselves. Not for kids to play as they will be introduced to extreme vulgar language and cyber bullying.

  6. airbender2012 on June 20, 2013

    One of the exciting games i ever got in to.. There’s alot of free in game stuffs like the newbie card which you can claim through an NPC … very easy to level up… lots of rewards…come and try odins quest browser game its free… See yah.. IGN: Praise2Thee

  7. Spocksarek on June 5, 2013


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