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About the game:
Title: Piercing Blow
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Zepetto
Publisher: SG Interactive

Piercing Blow (also known as Project Blackout and Point Blank) is a free MMOFPS game where your skills as a gamer are put to the test. The fast paced action and precision shooting – with little to no recoil to affect gameplay – will keep you glued to the game for months.

The great graphics and camera effects place you in the middle of an all-out war for control. The maps are cleverly designed so that they offer several routes and ways to fulfill an objective. Some of the scenario is destroyable, so you can create a shortcut that your enemies weren’t expecting. Adapt your tactics to the way the maps change, something that will keep you constantly on your toes. Use the environment in the best way you can, you may even shoot a hiding enemy through barriers. Dust and smoke obscure your vision and you have to be very alert so that you’re not caught without reaction in a situation like this.

In Project Blackout the arsenal isn’t just the same dull weapons from other games. You can customize them with extensions that augment their functionality, such as dual magazines, scopes and many more. Choose your weapon and improve it in the way that it will fit your gaming style.

In addition to the available game modes, Piercing Blow is a free shooter with a twist – it offers special missions that will reward you with perks, items and see you shoot up the ranks. Besides being fun to accomplish and challenging, these missions aren’t obstructive and won’t distract you from your main goal.

Explosive Features:

  • Title System.
  • Weapon Upgrades.
  • Fast and Addictive Gameplay.

Featured Video

System Requirements

Piercing Blow Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: P4 2.4 GHZ / Athlon 2500+
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free disk space
Video Card: Geforce 5700/ Radeon9600 or equivalent

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    Piercing blow is also known as Project Blackout and Point Blank.

    Exp Rate: Medium

    Pros: Variety of guns, maps, modes, Many ranks to go through, Decent player base, Run and gun, events, tournies, skins.

    Cons: Need money for special varients of guns, Need achievements for certain gun unlocks which can take quite a long time, hackers, complainers.

    Many people compare this game to other fps, and what they’re comparing it to is just another generic fps game, so there is no point to down talk Piercing blow.

    Many say that the game is pay to win, to be honest it somewhat is since you can buy a mask or gloves for only premium currency to boost up your aim or damage but you can also buy it for free ingame currency. For weapons you can buy a AUG A3-Xmas for perm for premium currency or you can go in the achievements and unlock the AUG-A3 for getting kills. The only Difference is usually more ammo and a good look.

  2. Its a great game once u get into it. Its not entirely pay2win. U can kick ppls butts even when they paid for better equipment. It depends entirely on your skilss…
    Ofc there are some issues with the melee but who plays that? 🙂

  3. when will this game be available in NZ again I miss playing it sooooooooooooo much
    anyone got server I can hook up to so we can play in New Zealand

  4. dumb it keeps telling my nicname which is ADiiiRT is inappropriate content i suggest finding a game with a lil more brains behind the programming

  5. As stated several times in these reviews, this is one game in which it becomes essential that you pay in order to keep up with the rest weapon wise, the servers aren’t really busy & it’s pretty much like every other well known FPS game, dominated by hackers & a serious lack of support from the developers. I’ve even noticed spelling errors within the game & on the dev forum which doesn’t give it any credibility at all. In my honest opinion they’re are better alternatives out there & I’d recommend you stay away from this game. A total waste of time on your HDD/SSD.

  6. this game is actually one of the best MMOFPS out there its worth to play it and for those who says there’s lot of hackers in this game, well there’s a lot more complainers WAY lot more -__- idk why ppl always said i was a hacker when i started headshooting like 2 ppl or more with my standard SSG sniper makes me sick of those noobs, and i’ve always being a sniper on almost every FPS game i’ve got skills and they just called me hacker -__- although the game is pay to win but my advice is buy MP7 and start headshooting ppl its almost as good as the so called kriss (if you know how to use it), but then those noobs will start to call me a hacker again (happens all the time) srsly, i’ve played s4league and i know how ppl complain in s4league but this game is worst

  7. Game is fun but when you start getting better the community starts raging at you, cry hacker, or you just get kicked from room to room. sad that some people cant play a game for fun and have to act like you just ruined their life all because you killed them once. Like I said, fun game, poor community.

    • I feel the same way about every fps game I play … most of the time when I play fps games im just naturally good even as a noob but all the other pros call me a paytowin and stuff even thou I never spend money in game (like guns and armor) so now I rarely play … sad how people get so pissed VIDEO GAMES

  8. this games just full of hackers and the company dont give a damn about fixing it i guess thats cos all there community is full of hackers i laugh they make a hack war who can hack the best PRIZE hack tool

  9. Man, this game’s my BITCH! I have an Athlon 3000 CPU, and a nvidia Geforce 6200 Graphics card, 2 GB for RAM, and 1 GB for HD! Man…

  10. This game is only good if you have cash. Good luck fighting off Majors(title equipped) with cash Aug with your wimpy starter Klash. It is an arcade shooter and faced pace, but it is fun and you will spend hours on it.

  11. This is a good game, very good for a free download game. It’s cute, and cool. I love FPS multiplayer games, and like I said, for a free download, this is a very good and fun game. 8.5/10

  12. This game lacks balance between points(game currency bought with real money) and credits(game money that can be earned), the points weapons are too overpowering and most of the game is based on your weapons, which means if you have money, then you dont need skills and you can beat most of the people in the game.I suggest they balance it more, like in Combat arms, where there is always a normal gun that everyone can buy to correspond to the nx weapons and they are not so different in stats.

  13. This game is really a good game its not like combat arms or anything like it it’s just better.
    Also cause it has dino mode and thats fun to play. and the graphics looks fine to me. They have cool maps enough guns and they update fast so new things come out almost every month. I would say stop searching for any other FPS but just download this and have fun playing.

  14. It’s a GREAT game! It has good game play and doesn’t crash or anything. Also on the down side they start you off with bad guns BUT headshots are one/two hit kill. Also they give you enough points to buy a GREAT weapon upgrade or two decent weapons. Also you can only use the weapons 100 times before you need to buy again and 100 times goes a long way…

  15. thear is somthing special like dino mode you can play as a dino 😛 and you start whit noob guns in the review also try to headshot thats a 1 hit kill 😛

  16. Stfu about hackers… If u actually play and undestand the game then u would know that there are no hackers, just people who have better guns and good at aiming. In my opinion, it is the best fps out there but i havent tried AVA yet

    • what, in my country i saw a lot of guys using hacks and i saw like some dudes going through a wall and some even use an infinite health hack.

    • What i do not understood is in reilaty how you are now not really much more smartly-appreciated than you may be now. You are so intelligent. You understand thus significantly in relation to this topic, produced me personally imagine it from a lot of various angles. Its like men and women don\’t seem to be fascinated until it is something to do with Girl gaga! Your own stuffs excellent. Always care for it up!

  17. Played the game before it was changed to this game. It was in CB I think. Anyways, the gameplay was decent, the only thing I don’t like is that you MUST buy the weapon with the attachment you want. Instead of buying a weapon and switching out attachments.

    • yeah this game sucks, unrealistic,and most of the good guns are all like 30-50$(you pay it with real money) and you could only have the gun for like 1 WEEK. I rather buy an original game CD than spending money on this crap.

  18. how do i run it, i downloaded it and let it update checked ofc, now when the hackshield is done loading, it doesnt run the game :S

    • I see this comments in all the forums and the reply is always the same deactivate the antivirus because it will close hackshield(or hackshield see the antivirus and think it’s a hack)
      Don’t worry hackshield it’s the same than an antivirus they will do the same

        • Lmao. Battlefield play4 free is great too. Why does it have to be free when nobody stated that this is the best free game? Kinda ridiculous.

      • BF3 is horse shit, people like because the graphics are some of the best in the world. I’d Take COD over BF3 any day. And I’d take PB over them all.

        • Are you kidding? Battlefield is a pitch perfect war Scenerio, where as MW is at heart an arcade shooter. BF3 is pretty, yeah, but it offers a much more engrossing experience and more then a “fish in a barrel” battle style.

          • I Absolutely agree. I Look for BF3 to Have fun and play realisticly and look for MW2 for Campers and Rushing (Unrealistic)

          • I agree, BF3 is great, COD is HACKER HEAVEN too. especially the older COD games, BF3 is hacker-free and has the ability to switch from auto fire to single or semi (Depending the gun) whereas on COD they do not give you that feature. and BF3 is set in REAL PLACES. More guns, etc and gives you the ability to fly / pilot jets, helicopters and drive vehicles. I choose BF3 over COD anyday.

    • Hacker heaven. Could be a great game but no moderators and company don’t seem interested in stopping the many many hackers that take over the games. I wont spend any more of my hard earned cash until they fix that issue.


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