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About the game:
Title: Prosperous Universe
Status: Released
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Prosperous Universe
Publisher: Prosperous Universe

Make your fortune and become an outer space tycoon in browser-based free-to-play economic simulation Prosperous Universe! Choose how you want to play, whether it’s mining resources, delivering goods, or trading on the commodities market. Compete with others in a reality-based sim that is driven by player activity in a thriving marketplace where supply and demand is the driving principle.

Prosperous Universe is played through the highly customizable APEX interface, which lets you manage your funds via any compatible browser. Every action you take has a wider effect on the game’s economy, and you can play at your own pace, without the need to constantly grind to increase your profitability. If you’re skilled enough, you can even make alliances and wage trade wars to become the most prosperous soul in the universe!

Explosive Features:

  • Complex Player-Driven Economy
  • Politics And Diplomacy
  • “No Grind”

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  1. Incredible community, easy to understand interface, and amazing devs!!! The game itself is relaxing to play, and it’s fun to talk with your friends about what your plans are for your companies success!

  2. More than a game, Prosperous Universe is the imagination of a community, one that has left the shackles of a distant Earth remembered only as a comparison of the gravity and atmospheric pressure for the thousands of planets from which you can choose to start your interstellar manufacturing enterprise. A fleshed-out simulation of a complete pioneering economy (and getting more detailed all the time — the Universe is indeed expanding!) with markets and governments (run for governor!) emerging on previously desolated planets, chambers of Commerce with incentives that truly do crank the wheels of production. Do you want to feed the outer reaches as a victualler directing hundreds of pioneer farmers? Extract resources from select planets rich with ores and minerals to manufacture building prefabrications for further development, or employ teams of scientists designing high-tech cryogenic chambers? When your two space freighters supply your bases are they picking up shipping contracts as faster-than-light “space truckers?” Do you create a vertical enterprise with bases on planets in a well-populated star system with its own exchange market or expand your next base light-years away, finding scarce minerals in the less-traveled frontier?

    You don’t have to be an economist to appreciate this evolving, free-market experience. What Prosperous Universe lacks in graphics to spoonfeed the unimaginative it delivers a vivid complexity that truly exists in your mind, running in real-time as you engage your APEX portal periodically throughout the day. I have to go now — a chime indicates that my Basic Materials Plant has completed an order of work suits fused with a metal exoskeleton. Where am I going to buy or mine more aluminum? And the workers tell me they are just about out of hot caffeinated infusion…

  3. One of the few browser games that feels like it was made for a browser. Very immersive and performant with an incredibly high skill level and deep mechanics. If you want a game that takes some real thinking and strategy, this is the one.

  4. I am a huge fan. I found this game randomly from a PCGamer article and never realized that what I had been missing in my life was a space capitalism spreadsheet simulator. The community is awesome, game-play is varied and you can play passively or actively (whichever suits you better).

  5. This is such an amazing game. There is a robust player community that is second to none. The Developers are involved in the the community, and listen to player feedback and input. Pretty easy to get the hang of, and lots of fun to play.


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