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About the game:
Title: RAN Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Min Communications
Publisher: Min Communications

RAN Online is a free to play 3D school action MMORPG which is based on a campus theme played upon school and city background. Players take on the role of students in one of three rival universities (Sacred Gate, Phoenix and Mystic Pea) and must compete with one another while surviving on campuses filled with possessed enemies. There are four classes to choose from: Swordsman, Archer, Shaman and Brawler. Each class has its very own special trait.

Ran provides the independent gameplay as a package game by isolating other players from the party or the character whom are participating in certain quests.

The quests connected to scenario provides the feeling of leading the game to the users to play the game more actively. Not only the normal game mode of hunting monsters and doing quests but also users can play the game together with other users without concerning the scenario.

Mix of skill combinations are main attacking method of this game and to execute the skills, number keys from 1 to 0 will be used when skills are assigned. Plus, Q,, W, E, A, S, D buttons are used to move and eat healing potions to maximize console like feeling of game playing.

When the character is in the motion preparing to execute a skill, it would be canceled if pushed by another player. So, the use of ‘Cancel Skill’ naturally embosses the control ability of a character.

The fact that MMORPG needs to be played for very long time, game interface has been created for the convenience of the user. The navigation function called ‘Auto Path Finding which allows character to go through a labyrinth to a destined location with just one click and ‘Auto Attack’ function which will automatically catch up to running away enemy to the end with a click of ‘Ctrl key + Click’ are the example.

Explosive Features:

  • Unique school theme
  • Pet system
  • Auto-navigation system

Featured Video

System Requirements

RAN Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Pentium III 500 MHz
Memory Ram: 128MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 400MB of free Space
Video Card: 32MB

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  1. im happy this game is still up and running , ive been a fan since 2002 and played it on a beta server with no name yet . . good graphic and cool quests . . keep it up guys

  2. This Game is completely deserted plus there is no support anymore. This company has abandon this game. (Not Recommended) Star:1/5 (Poor)

  3. I love this and i love the graphics and skills of ran ph._ i hope the player of ran ph happy and long live! make love and not war -0^_^

  4. This game isn’t something you can skim through and instantly be good at. this game is something you need to stick with for a long time to enjoy and really succeed in the game. The graphics might not be the most modern but it isn’t that bad for 675 mb. I love this game to death if anyone wants to friend my new character do so her name is Sinsloth

  5. i have play this game during 2006 after it change channel to sunjuku (i forget) (this game change server or channel many times) bad news for me during log in for 2011 i found out a new server meaning that change into new channel again so i cant log in because my database is not exist(i think i miss 2 new server) …..damn earn so hard playing for 1 year to reach lv160 for nothing… anyway this game pros for guild war is totally exited especially you are lvl high enough to kill people(that time im archer easy kill), just that of course many people play PUM powermaxup during war , con i think really hard to up lvl unless got double exp event, man i waste up more than 500USD for this game… no rossary damn hard to lvl up, believe or not this game push you to buy their online item 1) rossary 2)PUM 3)temporary item like sword and such else(i nvr buy for sure) 4)boxes contain varburr this game totally eat your money, you rich this game not a problem for you

  6. I love this game. Been playing this for 7 years. I just love the concept of this game and the graphics. 😀 The skills are awesome but some players in this game are asses so. :l

  7. se ve interesante pero le veo un defecto muy grave yo diria demasiado grave y es que no parece que ninguna de las clases pelea cuerpo a cuerpo

  8. Yow, :))
    If im going to download RAN ONLINE PH on my laptop windows 7
    should i use Internet Explorer , if im not mistaken ?? because may ran is not working right now i DL it using Chrome
    ASAP Reply :)) thank you very much

  9. my Pros in short: awesome looking skills, gears, & areas

    Party Search feature doesn’t cost money anymore

    revive on spot feature, which does cost coin

    my Cons: learning certain skills take completing certain tasks that will require a serious amount of help if you’re lucky[ & from my exp that’s in very short supply]

    obviously there aren’t a lot of ppl who speak the least amount of English

    character creation is lacking in variety

    there are real d-bags in the game[ppl will generally pk you w/o provocation, kill your mobs/lure just to show off their high lvl skills]

    it could just be me but i think there’s a general lack of variety in lvls & grinding areas, & by that i mean i got a toon to 6x & the only other lowbies i’ve seen wait around to get boosted by the extreme lvl players. I’ve consistently spammed the Party Search channel for the skating rink area & get no reply. A few yrs ago that place was crawling with parties & now it’s a practically a ghost town

    In short i’ve played enough games to know when a game is dying, & my instinct tells me such is this case with Ran. I could be wrong & i hope i am, but it doesn’t look like it. Adding the gunner class was cool imo but it looks like it’s the cause of why a good number of ppl quit judging from the amount of QQ’ng on the forum

  10. Well, there are so many MMOs played in the world right now. However, not many are played for a long time. A considerable amount of services fail to satisfy and maintain their players and would disappear without gamers noticing them. Honestly, I thought Ran Online would be one of them.

    I found out that Ran was published domestic in 2004 by a Korean developer called Min Communications. Seems like, the responses from Korean gamers were not so remarkable back then. The “World of Warcraft” was swiping Korea same year and I believe any other games could stand against WOW.

    However, Mincoms figured another way out. They went for South East Asia region when it was still not easy to download a game client in gigabytes size and started to promote their game.

    And now, Ran Online has become one of the most popular MMO games in South East Asia, especially in Philippines. Local publishers’ efforts to promote the game must have been a great reason for its success but the game itself must have certain aspect that charmed most gamers in such region to play it until now.

    As you have already noticed, the graphics of Ran Online cannot really be considered to be good when it was published in 2004. It has been upgraded here and there but it cannot be compared to any other games that are using latest game engines but over 8 years of its service, there are still millions of users who play Ran in the world. So I must say that don’t judge by the looks.

    Game Play that well suits Asian gamers.

    Ran Online is a typical Asian style MMO game. It is free-to-play and has many enjoyable items that bring in convenience to the game play, as well as purchasable costumes in cash shop for the uniqueness of a character.

    The game play system is similar with other Asian famous games. Although, there are many quests, gamers mostly hunt monsters. But there is a little difference. Ran players enjoy inducing many numbers of monsters and hunt them all at once with skills that attack certain size of area. This type of play is commonly seen in RAN online.

    It’s because each class Swordsman, Brawler, Archer, Shaman, Gunner and Extreme has skills that targets area. As such type of skill level gets higher, it’s attacking area coverage and the range gets larger and longer and therefore, players party up and induce and hunt many monsters all at once. And this has become the default playing type in high level maps of Ran. This type of play is continuously repeated but very addictive. For example, it is very similar to the party play of “Dark Age of Camelot”, using Cabalist or Ice Wizard. But, Ran offers easier team play between the party members and there is no cool time for recovery potions so it is quite easy to play.

    This method of gathering and hunting many monsters at once provides fantastic playing experience with gorgeous skill effects to the users and I believe this is one of the factors that made this game so popular in Asia in the first place.

    PvP based on Clubs

    Ran Online was not just developed as any other games which were developed in early 2000, in which players would just level up their characters and buy good items to be better and different from other players. As the 8 years of service proves, those were not the only things about this game and so many changes have been made to the game over the years.

    Ran’s background is Campus. Everyone who likes to watch anime must have been familiar with such atmosphere. As in the anime, students from three campuses created clubs and they competed with other clubs in various ways. The most representative ways of club battle would be ‘Lead Club Battle’ and ‘Club Death match’.

    Lead Club Battle is held every once a week with 1 hour duration. Each club selects an authenticator of their team and start the fight. Each club’s authenticator must authenticate opponent’s ‘Authentication Terminal’ to win and other members have to guard their terminal.

    Club Death Match is a group slugfest between the clubs. A party of eight players representing the each club, battle against each other and a club with more ‘Kill’ wins the battle.

    However, with above factors, ‘Club’ was the main focus of the PvP contents regardless of the 3 campuses which meaning has gotten blur. Students from different schools could gather at the market place all together and they could form a club no matter which campus they came from. So the players did not care about their school selections. No matter which school they choose they could pick the class which they wanted.

    In the recent updates, Ran patched new battle system called ‘Tyranny’. Not like any other previous contents, Tyranny was a battle between the schools instead of clubs. Winning Tyranny became a big thing in the Ran because it gives random buff to entire school students. However, such random buff and tyranny itself do not give any big influence to the game because only the player from level 197 or higher (max. level is 230) can participate. So it shall not be considered as Realm vs Realm. Also, the game story itself does not show any conflict between the schools so I am guessing this is just another fun battle system that has different purpose to fight but this isn’t something that will changed the battle focus from Club vs Club to Campus vs Campus.

    Low Barrier to Play

    Relatively low system requirements can be the other reason why Ran Online is so popular among gamers in Southeast Asian countries. Ran can be played using a computer that uses Pentium 3 1.2 GHz CPU and 256 MB memory. In the early stage (2004) of its launching, the size of Ran Online client was only 400MB, so people with a low internet speed could download it easily. But now such size has increased up to 1 GB because of the continued update.

    Of course, there are many inconveniences when a user tries to enter a map (Ex. Market place) with a lot of people in it, if they use computer with the low specifications but this problem can be solved if the user changes the graphic settings to the lowest or make the other characters to be invisible. In addition, Ran online seems to be optimized for low packet telecommunications, so the people with a slow internet connections could play it smoothly.

    As a developer of Ran Online, Min communications has established many ways for the user with low computer and internet connection specifications. MMO games are known to have high entry barrier which is difficult to break but with above method Min communications has crushed such rule and obtained larger user groups from the early stage of its opening.

    Never ending transformation

    8 years has passed since Ran Online started their service but they are still popular among gamers now. From the fact that there are only a handful of popular old games in the world, Ran Online has put up a good show for the past eight years.

    However, Ran Online is facing their crucial period due to the endless rival appearance and game infrastructure improvement. In order to solve this problem Min communications has announced “Ran-Rebirth” project where they are going to change the quality of the game in general. And already many changes are applied to the game.

    Ran Online recently has reincarnated NPCs and MOBs with a new look. Not to forget that they also changed the User Interface of Item, Skill and Etc. The newest and most exciting game content is called “Tyranny” where students can have a battle with the other campus students.

    The developer seems to have many more new updates ready for the near future. Such updates will include graphics quality improvement and reconstruction of each school buildings.


    Ran Online is very market friendly! Ran has many advantages such as low requirements of computer specifications and services and various language services. Also, Ran provides very unique game play experience. Players can induce and hunt many mobs at once, using the skills with a gorgeous skill effects. And this is the uniqueness of Ran Online.

    Similar to the other old games, some of the contents in Ran Online are not up-to-date and it may cause the game play to be a bit boring and confusing. But still, it would not be fair to compare Ran to the newest games because of their old user interfaces, gloomy atmosphere and rough modeling.

    Several changes made to Ran via Ran-rebirth project made me reconsider about the future of Ran. Developer’s capability will become really important in extending the lifespan of an old game like Ran. Indeed, I wonder how Ran Online will continue their popularity among the MMO gamers. I would love to see them go and I hope I will be still there and play along.

  11. Well seeing that no reviews from players were made ill make 1.

    Started playing for 3 days and its been good so fair.

    Pros N Cons?

    Pros : Good Graphics and freedom of view (reminded me of cool dungeon games i liked) Great skill
    system, has a good quest system, Good population, and good rate of exp.

    Cons: At times i Found clicking stuff a Challenge, you cant upgrade items until ur level 100 (only comes from the monsters that drop them or other players that sell them but at lvl 1-80 its a pipe dream unless u dont buy potions.) Buying items with gold(such as potions etc.) are over priced along side with tax rate. Skills are limited to right clicking and u switch between them with 1-9. lastly for a newbie took me awhile to figure out controls and how the combat system works and also make sure u have google warmed and ready.

    Well even though it has its cons its still a interesting game and i still play it from time to time.


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