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About the game:
Title: Champions of Regnum
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: NGD Studios
Publisher: NGD Studios

Champions of Regnum is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG similar to the subscription-based MMORPG, Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC). Both games have realm versus realm action (RvR), 3 realms to choose from, and similar graphics. Regnum is an uniquely balanced game that allows for both intensely competitive PvP (Player vs Player) gaming as well as deeply engaging PvE (Player vs Environment) gaming.

The first choice a player must face is selecting one of the three realms or nations: Alsius, icy home of the empire of dwarves, Nordos and Utghars; Ignis the desert homeland of the necromancer dark elves, humans and moloks; or Syrtis, the forested peaceful lands where elves, half-elves and Alturians live. Once a nation is chosen, the player may create a character (up to 3 per account) and customize it by choosing its race, gender, hair style and color, stature, etc.

After choosing a realm and race, players go on quests and gain levels in the first two areas. After they have gained sufficient levels, they go to the third area which is called the War Zone, though a specific level is not required. In the War Zone, players can work together in clans or parties to take over enemy forts and castles or to simply hunt down their enemies.

The control of the game is closely related to the western standards of movement scheme that is W, A, S, D. clicks are only used either to target something or initiate the fight and of course starting the menu. Auto run feature is a blessing of for players, by pressing Q they are relieve from extensive walking.

It doesn’t have the prettiest graphics, but the gameplay and combat options are just superb.

Explosive Features:

  • The ability to capture forts and castles
  • Lots of quests
  • Tactical RvR/PvP

Featured Video

[tubepress video=”6Rl8SDv4ABw” uploaded=”false”]

System Requirements

Realms Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium 3 800 Mhz
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 1GB of free Space
Video Card: ATI Radeon 7500 or nVIDIA Geforce 2

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  1. Love this game. So active and so much fun, full of style and panache. Now with Squid Island update in 2020, even new players can jump straight into RvR because they are levelled up to max level power.

  2. Regnum has past it’s hay day.

    Sadly this is not due to a lack of original thought but due to the negligence of the developers. It would appear they have made their money and no longer look to please their audience – the players.

    Now, the game is all but dead. Logging in to any given realm on a server that isn’t Ra results in the sound of a snapping twig echoing across an empty realm.

    It was; quite frankly, one of the best of it’s day – the original invasion system and pre-Warmaster updates were much better than current..

    “Fashiondum” as some now refer to it has lost it’s zeal – no effort is put into developing/improving game mechanics or combat. The linux client has the same bugs that it did 10 years ago.

    Rest in Peace Regnum..

    As a note – if a company were to buy this out and update the tech, it would be an incredible game today. Sadly it’s quit unlikely..

  3. Played this game from 2007 to late 2009, then of and on since then.
    In the beginning Regnum Online was the best PVP game I have ever found, all gear was more or less equal, meaning even if you got magical (green) or epic (blue) the stats gained were minimal so it didn’t unbalance the game. There have been 2 great exoduses of players from the game, first in late 2009 and again with the launch of the “Champions of Regnum” expansion. Sadly the game no longer has any semblance of balance, the new head dev has added many instances and an ever growing parade of gear that completely unbalances the PVP in the game as well as taking people from what is supposed to be the focus of RVR PVP, resulting in a massive loss of players.
    Right now the only way to play the game if you wanted to for some reason is to play on the South American server Ra. It’s a designated Spanish server but there are some English speakers there, the North American server is completely dead and you’d be lucky to find 10 people on at any given time.

  4. If You! Yes you The Reader is gonna Take any Advice From anyone who made a Comment Here Listen to me! Ive been playing regnum since 2007 Wayyy before it became This crappy Champions Of Regnum! Lemme break it down to you how this game is

    -Realm Vs Realm Based Game
    -Lots of Cool Skills
    -Great Looking Mounts
    -Allright Classes (That being Barb,Hunter,Mage And a few more that i dont remember)
    -If your a Hunter you Can pretty much Tame Any animal in the game and Send it to attack other player factions
    -If you every wanted to take over another Factions Fort? And you like Sending a Huge @ss Dragon at the Wall gates of other Factions? This is the game for You!

    -Pay to win(Atleast now it is to my opinion)
    -Graphics are not to great
    -Not a Very Diverse bunch of Players You will Repetitively see the same players for the rest of your life in this game. And that to me is Kinda boring
    -Community Just SUCKS There so unhelpful its insane……
    -If you wanna Level up? You gotta be a Right Click Samurai Cus the Grinding in this game Is just Horrid.(Took me about 1k Kills to come from level 60 to level 61 *My God*)
    -The Missions Are All Travel here! Now Go across The map here! Now Come all the way back here Boom Mission complete 148 exp gained -_-
    -Kinda unfair Since Ignis ALWAYS Summons the Golden Dragon at gets to make the Wish(Im sure im speaking for Sytris and Alsyius when i say that)

    Great game 10/100 Would never play again

  5. The graphics are horrible, there is no game balance, lagging as shit, basically the same few people playing over and over, takes forever to grind, pay to win. It was fun for me when I first started playing it but it quickly went down hill.

  6. I played vanilla EQ and moved on from there to DAoC. After loading the game, my first view of it was nostalgic. It was like being back in vanilla EQ. But that game launched almost 15 years ago and to see those graphics in a current game was a disconnect for me. The state of the art in computer graphics is just so far beyond what this game is offering that I almost felt like I had loaded The Sims. Some posts here say that the game is not being credited for a graphical upgrade. It boggles my mind to think the graphics could have been more bland and retrograde than this. As it is, it has a clunky, awkward feel and look to it. The default controls and interface are not at all what you would expect which itself is not a big deal if the game itself excites you. But nothing about this game as I tried to play it, hit the right buttons for me, and I’ve played practically them all. It was visually a wash, it was unintuitive, and it was too empty. Where are the other players? It’s likely a good niche game, and probably always will be.

    I think the game will be popular to people who’ve already found an investment in it – they’ll always find something to like about it. New players, who’ve teethed on the current offerings in the market, will find it hard to believe that this game hopes to stand alongside Lord of the Rings or Rift and the like and be taken seriously.

  7. I’ve played Regnum for almost 2yrs now with the WM exspansion, server merge and champions of Regnum now here things have changed. Graphics went from 2 to 10 gameplay improved greatly and with new premium content added becoming OP is nothing (if you have a job) GMs are more than helpful although I miss the GC’s realm chat is always lively war is beyond epic with 6 playable classes and 3 races for each realm and a unique race makes the game even better. Game has its flaws yes with lag and that long wait to play is only because its a highly populated and extremely diverse game..

    • I am actually playing regnum, but it has changed his name to Champions of Regnum with a new modality of game and improved graphicss.
      NGD included battlezones. Besides the wars between kingdoms.
      There are new sets of armors for those that reach the champions’ range.
      I will try to attach images.

  8. This page NEEDS an update, the game has had A LOT of improvements in gameplay and graphics. That pics and video are from 8 years ago or more.

  9. I have been playing this game for a few weeks now, so I figured I have developed a good understanding on how the game operates. The game is fun and simple, there are plenty of monsters to grind, a plethora of quests to conquer, and some pretty intense RvR battles players can partake in. The graphics of this game are by no means bad, but at the same time they’re not state-of-the-art. Chatting with fellow players is always pleasant, and the GMs are always there to help you. Overall this game is very decent and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting big battles or RvR warfare.

  10. What everyone forgot to mention is that the game takes FOREVER to start up. After the auto updater did its thing, it took 5-10 minutes to get to character creation. And after that, i was stuck on a loading screen for a good 10-15 minutes downloading content, only for the client to randomly close at ~80% of the loading bar.
    If it hadn’t started the second time around, I would’ve deleted it straight away. Now I’m giving it a chance.

  11. the filesize for Regnum needs a erious update. It is no longer a 396 meg download.

    It is at least an 850meg download and the filesize on computer after installation is at least 3+ gig.

  12. My review of Regnum Online (also known as Realms Online)

    RO is currently my favourite mmo game because i only play mmos for pvp noawadays. Oh and for music by roleplaying a minstrel also (i play lotro). Hm ok RO: Simple graphics, but great and fluid pvp and RvR wars. Combat is straightforward, powers taken from DnD, there is little hacking, class abilities are pretty much balanced and the cash shop doesnt really let you buy OPness. Hm. also regular big 15+vs15+ wars. So its basically everything i could want in a F2P mmo. Maybe when GW2 comes out i could try it but it would be P2P and also GW2 will have balance issues for years. Everything in RO is solved and they are brining out new content too. I would much prefer spending my grind time levellig up a character in a smooth game like RO than a rough game like GW2.

    • Ok,..first off this game sucks ass. GW2 is NOT P2P nor has the franchise ever been such. And the balance issue, really? Its a combat based game with set weapon/combo traits and a utility bar that you the player customizes. I myself play every class in the game and all i can say is no one class is stronger then the next without some form of a tradeoff for their advantage.(example) Yea the elementalist can “nuke” areas with great dmg, but he’s wearing cloth. If he stands there while I go at him face to face with a dual axe warrior fully adrenalized, he’ll get dropped quick..or will he?! 2 taps back or to either side and he dodges/rolls away, if he’s worth half a shit at pvp he’d switch to his ice discipline freeze me for a few sec enough to heal or do some more dps..thats balance.

  13. This game was listed under Mac games, but you need Windows to play. Be nice if they could update the lists. It looks like all the games they have listed under Mac are actually for PC.

  14. your review needs to be updated. i hear there are some seriously massive RvR wars going on right now perpetually. can you update your review to find out what’s happening and perhaps analyse the combat skill system more? thanks


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