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About the game:
Title: Scarlet Blade
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Liveplex
Publisher: Aeria Games

Explosive Features:

  • Interesting Classes
  • Large Scale PvP
  • Mech Suit Transformation

Scarlet Blade is a 3D Mature themed sci-fi MMORPG that features an all female cast of playable characters. In Scarlet Blade players assume control over scantily clad supersoldiers who posses a wide array of abilities along with the opportunity to fuse with a custom mech suit. There are 6 classes in total for players to choose from and while some of them fill the traditional roles of damage/heal/tank, there are some classes such as the Whipper who offer more niche roles and gameplay styles.

Questing takes the form of standard kill/collect style and unfortunately does not deviate from this much as you progress. A nice feature is the fact that players will receive a large portion of their quests in the field without needing to return to a specific individual to pick up new quests or return completed ones. Players can participate in large scale PvP battles which pit up to 80 vs. 80 in a single match. For those more interested in what PvE content SB has to offer, there are also both solo and group dungeons to complete.

Players will have access to special pets which can be slotted with new abilities and provide passive buffs to players while out. At level 17 players will gain a special class specific mech which gives players a whole new set of abilities along with increased damage as well as increased HP and armor. These mechs rely on a special resource that depletes while users are fused and must replenished through normal combat.

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System Requirements

Scarlet Blade Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP (32 Bit Only)*, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ or INTEL Core2 Duo E6750
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
Video Card: NVDIA Geforce 6600GT or equivalent

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  1. Alright, Year 2016 and it’s time to tell something about this game, as i played it nearly for 2 years now.

    You all may know all this sh*t about this game, like P2W, “nudity” game, blah,blah,blah ….

    Alright, none of us who playing this game can deny theres lots of bazongas. But hey, which game think that way? Okay, before certain patch, everyone just ran everywhere naked (almost), bt now (thanks to Aeria) you need buy item “Lingerie Unsealer” which unlock your lngerie and tadaa, you can show-off your boobs too. Thanks to age restriction, theres really a few “under 18’s” which, as we say “fuck the police”. Comunnity is really friendly and player base isn’t worst too.
    If you wanna play game with Attractive girls and Playboy Barbie Ken, this one is definitelly for you.

    Pros: Lot of Quests (i mean LOT)
    Quest (Interface) text is writtenwith great sence of humor, but Aeria please, change Cyberblade’s Text’s (Even he’s male, he is still going with female texts, which is sometimes extremelly hilarious)
    Loli … do i need say something else?

    Cons: Okay, let’s be honest, if you don’t wanna spend your lifetime getting gear or some stuff, you just had to pay, but i will NOT say this game is COMPLETELLY Pay to Win, you can get good enough even without paying.
    Cyberblade: Male class, im not completelly dislike him, but he kinda ruins meaning of “All-female game”
    Kinda low level-cap compared to EXP gain.
    Grind, Grind, Grind
    Sometimes you find a little kiddo begging for Quest help (But theyre EASY!)
    Quests are all the same: Kill,Find,Talk,Kill,Kill,Find

    Completelly out of 10 points this game have 8.5 from me. Scarlet Blade is in general very good game for someone who get used to it, which mean, you had po play this game for a while.

  2. Just wanted you folks at game reviews to know that Ive only been playing scarlet blade a little over a month now, and so far I’m thoroughly unimpressed with the game developers ability to balance out our game time with their frequent unscheduled downtime for maintenance. I was prior to this a avid gamer at Inno games, and never while playing over there did they just dump unscheduled maintenance dumps on us like they do at Aeria Games. I love playing scarlet blade, but unless they do a better job at scheduling their maintenance so we can actually accomplish things like the pvp arenas without interruption constantly, I’m gonna switch their Goddamn account off, and never go near it again. Just in the last 24 hours, as an example, they’ve had over 4-6 unscheduled maintenance dumps. How the hell can anyone play a game with this many unscheduled game maintenance dumps? You almost get the impression that they could care less if you play their game at all. Likewise, I’ve sent them two complaints about this, and neither of them have even been opened to read my critique of their disrespectful performance. Thirdly, when you click on their customer survey in their launcher, they have never since Ive been playing had their survey active so you could tell them what a terrible job they are doing in keeping their customers happy. FYI, I’d avoid Aeria Games unless you want to be a victim like I’ve become!

  3. well, this is a good game with very very very a lot of quests and doesn’t need very very high system requirement.

    just throw away your kids, this is only for mature gamer. if you not see the rating by ESRB. it’s your fault, not this game. this is not awesome MMORPG, there’s too many point need to be develop. and hi, there is a lot of point at the other game too (that’s the reason why they have a sequel, patch, and expansion packs).

    Low Exp drop? talks to Idel at Enocia, she will give you Exp Booster. so u will get 10x Exp drop.

    Low Item drop? believe me, the other MMO will do the same except they open beta.

    Free to Play ? why we must pay for fun if we can get fun the game for free.

    Pay to Win? Why not, if u want to be powerful and win the game ASAP, u should buy item rather than u hunt them. most of Google Play’ game are pay to win too. buy a coin, buy this or that. why this game should not?

    Nudeness or nakedness? Hey bro tell me, do u see the ESRB give mature rating for this shit at login window. but tell me, which game at this age not show cleavage, boobs, and bums. GTA? Final Fantasy? Marvel vs Capcom? Witcher? Mario Bros? Sonic? DOA? Ragnarok? the minus of SB is just they don’t sell blood scene.

    I play it for almost 1 year at my spare time. so from 1-10. I gave 7 points. few lag, low system requirement, low space usage (if u compare it with Need For Speed Most Wanted, GTA or Bioshock Infinite), long duration to play, pretty much quest, and also Boobies LOL.

  4. This is not a wanking game…lol you guys need to get out more ..yes it’s adult which I am thankful for brats around to bug you to help ya level up…sorry if that sounds bad , but It happens on games where kids are allowed to play…and how the hell do you learn your spells it doesn’t say..confused on that matter

  5. I dont need to say much about SB the SCFI-PLAYBOY-BOOBS games, i just hope more games follow his path! xD
    Oh yeah kinda farmer game, a little PW2, but hey you will be entertained with your character the whole gameplay…lol

  6. this game is completely Pay to win and it lack update and many other problem.
    Cons: -low drop -Exp low rate. -Unbalance pvp faction. -Pay to win.
    do not play this game (Stay away)

  7. For me, and those of common sense,
    i agree with what “Renttherose” says(can’t remember everything cause i just read everything in one go. but if there is a problem with how you feel, the progress is with exp, there are always networks out there that, make their own ver, one i currently played had a 10 exp and 30 drop, just to name 2 ( the only down side would be hardly any people for PVP, if any its 1v1, avoid going in as higher level, cause youll end up annihilated, unless your end game, on a alt character that has gear groomed by the 1st character, so progress through exp boost, or progress through pvp)
    wish you all who care enough to read this old thing on an old topic, a wonderful day, and gaming experience ^-^
    [Side: what i think the game is based on characters is/are: Typical of anything youd see on a beach in the world its not otherworldly(unless you intentionally place new files in there, thats another story)
    Play: on a laptop, fun, always something to do(specially if boosted) but within a gap, always easier with a mouse
    Plot: simple gets complicated a lil, but then again, we humans are complicated ^-^
    Classes: they all have a chance of getting away, or getting to your face, its seems to me at least, about who gets the drop on who at “The Right Time” if equal on nearly everything(Specially on networks, endgamer’s advantage)
    of course this is how i see it(though was not clear enough as i could be, and there is more but, don’t have time, or think enough in a C.C.)
    (GTK/HLK][Console/PC][Hate BS][ Use Common Sense, Plz if you don’t ^-^)

  8. It’s funny how people claim this is a sex game and is close to hentai. I am a very active hentai and sex game expert (at the age of 18 i might add!) and i have to say, even a little 10 year old could play this game .-. You people don’t know the what a true sex game is at all. Just look up Monster Girl Quest or Conquering the queen. THOSE are sex games, where you actually have sex. This, like any other online MMO, has scantily clad women running amok on a large battlefield killing monsters. This automatically makes it hentai? I beg to differ! I have played this game before and no way in hell is this anywhere near SEX or HENTAI! You people over react to every little bit of stimulation .-. Get your head out your ass and actually play the damn thing. It might be a p2w game, a grind-fest, and somewhat of let down compared to games like Tera or League, but it’s fun, has a nice player base, and is relatively harmless to anything. Also, it’s been god knows how long since this game came out, and people are still calling this game ‘a sex game’… Also, i am not biased in this review .-. i will point out that it is not the best, nor does it really stand out, i’m just here to tell everyone that it is nowhere near hentai and sex, also to help people like Ren who enjoy the game. PEACE!

  9. Actually this game has updated since I last played. They now have a male character to play. You should play him for the lols. So funny. They didn’t give him his own in game dialog. They just kept the females. Too funny.

    As for my review Plain and simple: At first I was like oh god, another reason for guys to stayed glued to their computers[They still do that minus this game]. Anyway, Yes, at first I thought it was a glorified Sci-Fi Playboy-esque type game, well kinda is, but once you actually play it, it’s actually quite fun. All-in-all, I like it. It has it’s charms.

  10. ok to hopefully put an end to this .. i would rather look at a womens ass while playing this game .. yes they are scantily dressed .. but that is too keep guys intrests ( i think this game is aiemd more towards guys sorry ladies but IM NOT a sexist ) i have yet to play it ( will add another post afterwards ) but seriously if you are disliking this game JUST cuase of character models … get out of your basments please

  11. I’ve played this game for 10-12 hours. I’ve given it my un-biased review. It’s just another lackluster MMO with nothing making it stand out except objectifying women and large high level PvP battles.

  12. Guys its an interesting game for me and I completely agree with Justin. WHO THE F**K CARES IF YOU DONT LIKE IT? Don’t play it. Stop writing your uhm ”reviews” and get out of here.

  13. LMAO. You people call this a sex game? LOL, didn’t know half naked, like a swim suit, meant there was sex? WTF, sorry to say but this game is fun as hell and there is a lot of different build which is rare in these type of games. I would say this game is better than half the others like it bc most of those are just copy-paste type games with a new story. BTW you dont like the game then who gives two sh**s, dont play it if you dont like it, And you dont have to give your crappy review about a game you played for 5 mins.

  14. Really, the only reason this game’s being shunned is not because of its “judge the book by its cover”. It’s hard for most guys to keep their hands out of their pants when playing this. Nuff said. Literally, you can’t play with one hand. Just my 2 cents.

  15. “Published by Aeria Games”

    Umm no ty. Going to be a P2W game for sure, like all AGE games. AGE is known for taking great games and making them P2W.

  16. PoE(open Beta) playing as Graceful(scion) lvl 54, LoL playing as Mrenemyguy lvl 30, SF2 playing as Mrenemyguy rank i forget lol, Aion playing as ConbatantShiina Gunslinger lvl60, BlackShot as Mrenemyguy rank Master Srg, AuditionSEA playing as Mrenemyguy, lvl 25, MSTAR as Mrenemyguy too, lvl 31.Fiesta Online as Mrenemyguy (can’t rmb since i am a quitter for it), even more games i got to say……. Was thinking of trying this game plus a couple of games out there too bad Tera wasn’t available for my country if not i would try that too, yup I tried lots of game out there and i am always trying. 😛 if possible find me through those game. P.S. i was always looking for new games and since this is one of them too, i am looking for a “protip” to start.

  17. Heard from my friends that this game was a bit too “mature”. was on 50% – 50% whether to download or not to and I was already playing this bunch of games right now.

  18. I am a HUGE gamer. Have been since(and I’m giving my age away) the days of Super Nintendo and other game consoles. I started playing SB when it was in closed beta, didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing, but I knew that this was a MMORPG I was going to enjoy. And DAMN, I was not wrong. This game ROCKS!! I agree with RenTheRose, to those who feel like this is a perverted style base game with nothing but nudity, maybe you should make sure that your teenage kids don’t get hip to this game, for it is not for young kids. You definitely have to be a certain mental age to enjoy this game without thinking in a perverted way.

  19. I just had to try it out… 5 first minutes was like, awesome, pixelporn and I get to kill stuff. Then I started grinding and forgot all about the big boobs.
    I played for a few days, got to lvl 25 and bought a new weapon for 45gold (I never paid with real money). Dirt poor, a brand new weapon (+5 stat on it) I enter a new area just to realize that I’m no mightier than I was before, I need to kill 10 of X mob, 10 of Y mob and 10 of Z mob. Most of the time, I could kill 2-3 of them and then I need to rest. Tedious, boring and as people already stated, pay2win.
    The only “cool” thing is the nature of the game being adult, I could actually speak my mind in the chat without someone crying “I’m going to report you” just because I use curse words, a lot 😉

    • I mostly agree. The BUBS, no matter how big they are can’t mask forever how shallow the gameplay is. I only had the patience to play for a few hours before uninstalling it and dying of boredom.
      The quests and the combat are bottom-of-the-barrel generic , and even the exploration has a “lazy mode” : Just click somewhere on the map and your character will go there automaticly. And don’t worry about the mobs, cause none will try to even harm you unless you attack first.
      The only thing positive I can say is that I like how your character talks to you in a meta way, and can even be witty at times.
      I still have the wallpapers of the game though ^^

  20. Guys if you want scantily clad women, just watch ecchi anime or go look at’ll cost you less for the bandwidth and you’ll get just as much enjoyment without the mindless grinding or standard point and click “gameplay”.

    Save money, just go get some hentai.

  21. From all the buzz I see floating on the net about this (which is barely any) it’s safe to say I totally called it being a mediocre piece of trash. I was right, too. General concensus is that it’s pay to win, bland as all get out. Gee..sounds an awful lot like the whole OMG TEH NUUDZ thing was exactly that; equivalent to someone waving in your face to distract you from seeing what’s behind their hands. In this case..a piece of garbage.

  22. After 3-4 months play i can say was ok but enough.

    good graphics

    pay to win (upgrade system on items 0-10. after +7 have no chance only with real money. +7 above have the big different on the gears this mean you don’t have chance to win on enemy who used real money in game)
    Always setup the dropping and upgrading rate (only the number 1 guild know when need go in dungeon and need upgrade the gears)
    Very short game
    Lv34 level cap and this year will Lv39. the new cap.
    Expensive item shops with changeable “lucky box” what lucky only to the company if have idiot who buy it.
    gambling and expensive casino. different here 1 million percent you’ll never win real money only just a small picture in your bag on the monitor.

    try it only just for fun but don’t use real money and you’ll never be disappointed.

    i don’t say sorry my English… learn my original language, home from books and let’s see what about your grammar (only to the crying smartass) 🙂
    Thank you guys good this website number one on my top list 😉

    someone from Hungary

  23. I dont like any comments here. Thats clear.

    Usa dont need young people, that is cheap. Usa was build by men in uniforms. Found by Europeans.

    And class comes from me.

    Words like “dude” ore “man” isnt a way to talk to another, person.

    Girls and boys are the same, just different build, sexualy, and in appearance. They are both, going to pay, and dissapear, because its a order. Everybody dies.

    Im gonna try…..this game, and il report, anybody, i Fred, i see, that i dont like.

    This gruesome message, is a symbol of what the world is to me, everybody lose, everybody is human, nobody is gong to do something….” – Nothing.

    🙂 I Fred, respect girls, many boys, ore “men” may think sexualy, as they try this game, but thats only for a small while, and they will leave the game with silence.

    This game is also, “anime” based circus….. “japanese” people dont have much class, they are a “sell and create” country. hah…. The more you argue, the more i take of myself, and others nearby.

    Im a little revolutionary philosoph, i hit, the one that tease ore talk loud.

    Youre not so tuff, remember that.

    Remember that.

  24. Now go fap fap fap and make ur keyboard sticky n stinks while playing this, it’ll increased your immunities system from having a brain cancer.

  25. The game is actually pretty good, and it is marked as mature, so don’t get your eggs in a twist. I’m lvl 17 and the game is actually pretty good. The arcana system if interesting, also you can make a pretty unique character, randomizing it with diffrent looks and skills.
    All the classes are enjoyable, altho ofc, paying members get an advantage.

  26. this game is just porn, nothing else:D auto-traveling dafuq? and the quests are so boring, the fight is boring, okay its looks good, and the boobies are fantastic, but noting else, the settings are laking and everything is so outdated

  27. lol you guys are funny. A free game that doesn’t live up to WoW standards ? ZOMG boobies ???

    Nothing wrong with playing female chars as a guy. I’m a guy, played WoW for 4 years as class leader in a progression guild, which translated into 8 hours per day in raiding, farming consumables, training peeps and such. I’ll be damned if I do that staring at the back of some hairy dude if it could be a sexy chick instead.

  28. terrible game, 1/10 very poorly done graphics, no content,bugs, glitches,P2W,too easy to reach the level cap and then after reaching the level cap there is nothing to do.
    The first thing I noticed was the extremely poor graphics, the characters look like they have been very amatuerishly cut out and super imposed over the can even see white lines around the edge of the characters where they have been cut out using photoshop and superimposed onto the background.The characters don`t even look even 3D they look like 2D cut outs superimposed over a background.
    ten years ago this game might have seemed impressive but in todays game market and with todays gaming technology, this game is a joke.
    I would elaborate on the game content but there is none.
    This looks like it was a quickly and poorly made cash cow just to fill the developers bank account.
    Don`t even waste your time trying this game.

    • The graphics are actually pretty nice, not so bad as it could be. The level cap is being rased, just like in any other mmorpg. So quit wining.

  29. dose it amaze any one ealse that this game started sutch a huge flame war i mean omg only after 3 big games releases has the forums calmed down

  30. You might have a hard time enjoying this game if you’re older than 14 years old and not a straight male. Cool sci fi stuff, cool setting, cool mechs. That’s about it. Generic MMO with softcore porn plastered on top of it. Just play something good instead.

    • This is the same thing I thought as well its not even good for a so called Softcore porn. But thats it I suppose and the graphics are a 4/10 nothing new there.

  31. This game is pure p.orn why would you play it i mean there are por.nhub brazzers i can’t understand u guys

  32. I think this game is okay its not bad feels like alot of other games I have played though Graphics where not to bad. The nude ascpect of the game it self which was suppose to be its shining gem though is not as good as you think seen alot of the preverted games out there with more bounce then this game.

    But it may show us more types of these games may be coming sooner than later.

    • Let me quote you: “feels like alot of other games”. Past the porn-tube sh*t, that’s the main reason why I don’t play this “porn warriors”.

  33. its more off a communication issue between them and game developers MAYN 12sky2 eventually became a year’s worth off patches infront off aeria by the time they ended things, aeria did not implement a gameguard and allowed hacks too destroy the ingame economy which eventually led too
    them closeing the game, it was certainly not through lack of interest they could have done things differently most certainly their decisions led too the downfall of 12sky2. other versions off 12sky2 never had communication problems with the devs like this company did,

  34. let me tell you a little something about the gamehost Aeria Games, recently a game called 12sky2 announced it was shuting down, which would be fine because mmo’s shut down all the time but for the month before they announced this they squeezed as much money out off its community through constant tiers and raffles which some people spent alot on. and when they announced the shutting down off 12sky2 they said they wont be refunding any off it only what is spent after they announced it,
    most game refund what was spent in the last 1-3 months and when they’re thinking about closeing a game they dont bring out content that people will spend hundreds off dollars on. some alot more.

    all in all they are theives and lost serveral hundred loyal gamers, as a result,and one thing for those thinking off playing their games. they are free 2 play yes but they are pay too win, and the difference between free players and paying players is massive in all off their games.

    • btw i had played this game for over 4 years and spent over 3000 dollars on it so i got my fill off fun but too bring out content that people will spend 100’s if not 1000’s off dollars on one month then announce shutdown the next month and not refund the gamecash everyone spent on it in the last 1-3 months is just wrong and very sly. aeriagames started too go downhill after 2010 and began too only worry about the profit margin rather than constumer satisfaction and when i say they lost hundreds off loyal gamers thats just the AP buyers.. this game had serveral thousand active players. and was earning them alot off money the only reason is was shutdown is because they would not buy a gameguard for the game too keep the hacks away and eventually they gave up even trying too patch the problems.

      • There’s a few games that you may choose to spend money on, but everything is sellable. So not every game is pay to win from them. Dream of mirror really wasn’t. Eden Eternal is another. True those may not be your types of games though. Eden Eternal has excellent pvp if thats what you enjoy.

        I do agree with them only caring about money, however, them not patching something isn’t really their fault, they can only do what the developer lets them do.

  35. PROS:
    – Has good visuals
    – Good Faction vs Faction war
    – Easy to understand interface
    – Bewbs?

    – Typical MMORPG Formula, Nothing sets it apart from the pack
    – Srsly, Why use Female as the concept and selling point of a game
    – Patterned Quests ( Kill Mob > Move on > Kill Mob > Find Item > Move on )
    – Those ridiculous Puzzles

    – If you can bare playing it with people watching you then go ahead and enjoy!

  36. I’ve played many MMORPGs over the years, and I have to say this one is mediocre. The thing that sets this one apart is that the support/service is the WORST of any I’ve ever experienced !
    Do yourself a favor and steer clear of Aeria Games… this one in particular.

  37. Wow..It was in fact the first thing that slipped out my mouth when I seen the ad. I can’t knock the game for others but this is not my type of game. The opening ad was completely flirtatious and was a huge disappointment for me because of how society labels women as huge sex symbols. However, I women up because everyone knows sex sells. As a gamer, I decided to give it a try. With the different customization, classes, and fighting styles, I grew quite fond of it. I only played it for 3 hours and literally was confused. Other games have decent story-lines to help you follow through with the game, but this one started off with the “kill 5 or 3 creatures then continue with the next quest,” attitude. After reaching level 12, I grew completely bored of the constant killing of the damn creatures. Again, not my type of game but if I was to rate it, I would give it a 6 out of 10. Love the detail in the worlds, clothing and very bright colors. Catches the eyes and makes you want to explore. Maybe the ones who played it longer can tell a person otherwise but for one thing I know, no matter who the audience is, it rates women as sex symbols.

  38. Its a Great Game
    but in my opinion..
    SB lacks something for it to stand out among other games..
    I like the transformations and PVP(80 vs 80) is epic..
    but when you compare this to other games like:
    DC universe
    Age of wushu
    Champions Online
    (i know not all of you like the games above but what im pointing is SB lacks contents)
    I hope the developer do somethings about this..
    Its a new sure they will upgrade it..

    • I haven’t played this game yet, but I don’t play any game. I usually look up videos, reviews, etc on the game I’m looking at. I’m a strict MMO type of person and I’m female. Yes, while this game may be appealing more towards the male gender I think every now and then a woman likes to let out her inner devil. I find nothing about this game offending and while others say it’s a grindfest I’ve seen many great reviews. As soon as I’m able to I’m playing this game. It’s a new game guys.. Hasn’t even been out for a year, correct? It’s going to be dull at first, for some, I’m sure they’ll enhance this game further.

      • yeah..its a new game..and im still waiting for some updates and patches of the game that will add “something” diff from other MMO out there..its still in my laptop so hope the SB team/developers come out for something new…

  39. Some of you guys are just mad for only a post ? (unless rentherose , who`s right) ; then why the hell you post every single part of the game , or why don`t you go and blink on your space with milk ? It`s only a madness you start to talk and to haggle like this only for ‘A GAME’ ?
    Then i am gonna make a troll level on happy wheels to see about your troll !

  40. So I played WoW for 5 years, been out of it for about two. I’m a female gamer and looking for a game to play- OMG people… So what if they are impossibly shaped women? I’m downloading this game as I type and can’t wait to play it. Maybe I’m strange but I appreciate a nice form, male or female. Although I personally would fall into the “curvy” section of women – Not skinny but not obese – there’s something to be said about watching a nice derrière run around.

    • I am female as well, but still… having actually played this game, I can honestly say.. It isn’t worth the time, for now. “A nice derriere” As you put it is all that this game has to really offer, especially if you are riding around on your motorcycle. :X Maybe future content will make it worth while, who is to say? But for now… Its a crap game, like so many before it.

      I guess if you are into PVP you’ll find it okay.. until you see that it is really all about clusterbombs in the battlegrounds that you can BARELY if ever get into. World pvp is pretty much strictly gear based, as an enchanted max char with decent rolls on the gear.. will pretty much wipe many many people before/if they ever go down. Defender especially. x.x

      If you want to try it that is fine. :3 But I’m just warning its not a very great game, AT the moment. The level cap is only 29. xD

      • That’s disheartening. I didn’t get a chance to play it as I was stuck at work for 12 hours only to go home sleep and return. Any suggestions? My boyfriend an I loved WoW – heck that’s how we met. The one thing we hated wa how time consuming it HAD to be. I’ve heard they made that better- shorter raids and dungeons. We’re in our 30’s and have a life outside gaming. We miss it but don’t want to HAVE to spend a minimum of two hours on just to get to the darn boss and then take another hour attempting to get it down. Any suggestions? And no the PvP aspect of wow was my least favorite. I enjoyed the grind actually…. Just not the time it took.

        • Eden Eternal is a great game. If you are just looking for things to do, at level 50+ you have trials that really don’t take 2 hours. It is a cutesey anime game however, if you can look past that, it is wonderful, and not pay to win at all. You are not limited to one class per character, but you may be all of them on one if you wish and change whenever. That has my vote for one of the better games out at this time. The wait.. for phantasy star online 2.. ensues. xD

  41. Its interesting seeing people call this a grindfest, since you only gain experience from quests…

    • You have not really played this game then. You start running out of quests to get experience from nearing level 18-20ish. Beside a grind doesn’t only pertain to getting experience. It is a grind for gear, a grind for enchanting said gear as well.

  42. wow ren can u fit that big head a little further up aerias azz? This game is good but you make it seem like it the greatest thing since sliced bread. But what to expect, look at SB forum and it full of narrow minded GM and GS like this (which she might be since they add a bunch of arrogant SOBs lately). Game was great in beta and as I heard alpha, but as I read SB forum it look like it time for change for the top down.

    • lol i am no gm sadly i cant put that much time in the game i don’t know how i made it look but umm sliced bread was topped a long time ago lol any ways i agree with the forum gms but you will be glad to know that that they were fired the game gms are really nice i hang out with them allot the game is not the best out their but it was fun for me so i expressed that and why i found it fun if people liked my review then they might like the game if they didn’t like in your post then maybe its not for you but the forums are not the best way to see what the game is like. their will not be any changes so far and aerias is going to be putting allot of effort in to this game this being their biggest launch to date for the company tho that could be good or bad.

  43. I hope they add one male mech to this sometime, just for the fact as I like to play as my gender I don’t know if it’s just me but I never got the guy playing as girls in mmos outside of pure aesthetic purposes.

  44. This game… is just another grindfest. There is nothing really new here. You can only get to level 29 atm, and while it is lacking content, I’m not sure the game could be made any better. It is pretty, as far as the environment goes.. but the characters are just… the selling point of this game to the male audience. It is to bad the women look like plastic Dolls. Sad pixels are sad pixels, imo.

    The upgrade system isn’t bad, and the materials are pretty plentiful. The dungeons are fun sort of, but requires and item or 3 to even enter them.

    The costumes are.. class based, so good luck with the lucky boxes on even getting something, let alone one for your chosen class.

    All in all, this game is a generic grindfest. I can’t even say that the selling point of this is sex, because the characters… while they may look well done as far as shape goes, they look like plastic. And idk about you but that just doesn’t do it for me. WTB A pretty male to look at while i play. 😮 I don’t foresee this lasting to long because.. people these days just want things handed to them, and the grind is pretty long once you run out of quests. I’d find another mmo to play. 2/5.

  45. Tried this game yesterday and while it offers nothing unique to the MMORPG universe, it is not a BAD game as some people make out to be. Sure, if you can tolerate the massive amount of skimpy clothes on the girls, you will find that the game can be quite amusing with its humorous (and sometimes sexual) dialogue. There are plenty of quests to do as far as I know so you will never need to grind…yet. They done a good job with skills, you have to invest points in tier 1 skills to unlock tier 2 and so on. Overall, try this game first because by level 20ish or so, you will get a badass mech that makes the game sooo much cooler and fun.

  46. have not tried the game, but just due to the female characters being a bit outlandish in there clothes and appearance does not make it all that bad of a game…. and to be honest… almost anything right now would beat World of Warcraft after playing it for 10 years…. and the game only getting worse over the years….

  47. Another generic MMO that’s a waste of hard drive space. ONLY THIS ONE HAS BOOBS!

    That’s about all you need to know about this game. There’s plenty of better games out there, this one isn’t even worth a try.

  48. Wow…just wow…you seem to REALLY think this game was made to make women look more like they could kick ass…wow…wait sorry, stupidness overload I need a little break…

    Okay alright, first of all, this game was made for our growing 12 year olds to satisfy their need for: 1. Boobs 2. Ass 3. Games, you can try to tell me something different till your face turns blue and you suddenly learn to spell “REALLY” but yet still I won’t believe you because if this game was made for our female gamers (which I support 120 percently) they WOULDN’T put females with atleast breast size triple D and nudeness level OVERNINETHOUSAND.

    Maybe you’ll understand what I mean when you compare a game that WOMEN ACTUALY PLAY with this game full of BOOBS, ASS and BOOBS (I don’t have anything against boobs and ass, but I don’t like games who are mainly made out of BOOBS N’ ASS)


    • hahahahahaaaa give me a second lol okay okay 1. i didn’t think it was made for women i said that it made a notch for the market of female gamers. 2. R.E.A.L.L.Y spelled it! lol. 3 smallest breast size is 21A so umm your wrong about every thing you jest posted lol. the fact is this was probably made for kids ends up their not that many kids playing it but yet their are allot of girls playing it if your as smart as you think you are you can put two and two together you get your answer. now you can hate the game as much as you want but if you support the female gaming community as much as you say then you would know that this has become a topic in it so i am not sure what point you trying to get off but all i got is you think the games is for kids and you want to troll spelling

  49. I kind of like the game. Sure, I thought it was a sex game at first, but then I clicked to the main web site, and noticed the classes, and weapons, and MECHS! So I played it, and I enjoy it!

    Beside the above things the others have posted, there’s still a few more things:
    -You can practically upgrade everything(except for starter equipment): Weapons, Armor, even you Ride!
    -Six classes. All sexy, all powerful. Each with its advantages and disadvantages.
    -Two factions. Not much difference between each other.
    -MECHS. Makes you stronger, but lasts for only a short while, and you have to wait for it to recharge.
    -You’d have to grind a bit if there’s no quests available at the moment, and it takes a while; the mobs drop little experience.

    Good luck!

  50. Before I start my review, let me make this clear: when I first saw the announcement, as well as footage, of Scarlet Blade, I was absolutely disgusted. I detest the sexualization of women in video games, and the inhuman boobs+thighs combo on these Arkana made me feel ill. It wasn’t just that they were made to be sexually appealing, it’s that they were so sexualized that their bodies were literally anatomically impossible. They were mangled for someone’s pleasure.

    Nevertheless, I was intrigued by the concept of the game and had been desperately searching for a new sci-fi game to play after many months of the fantasy genre. I got mixed reviews of SB, predictably, but a surprising amount of people said they liked it. So, my curiosity got the better of me, and I gave it a go.

    Scarlet Blade (or Queen’s Blade) is a porn game. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, because they’re wrong (just look at the Queen’s Blade anime and tell me it’s not hentai). Is that a bad thing? No. There are plenty of porn games out there that aren’t nearly as tame. Porn comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, but SB satisfies the lust for boobs as well as the desire for mech/sci-fi combat. It’s a very marketable idea, and is a moderate success in this case.

    The environment is wonderful on the eye and the textures are fantastic. I particularly like the way the game loads textures, starting blurry and having the detail phase in. It makes it easier on my computer to handle distant terrain. Everything is glowy and bright, and exploring new areas is fun and pleasing to the eye.

    The combat is similar. The animations are quick and smooth, and I got absolutely no lag while playing my medic. Popping your mech makes you absurdly powerful, which is definitely handy during grindy quests or facing the opposite faction in the battleground. You get your mech at 17, for anyone wondering. I very much enjoyed the battlegrounds, where I switched between healing my allies (usually the mechs) or casting AoE attacks upon my foes. The pvp is one big free-for-all, it seems, and is hindered at some points by the lack of auto-balance on the servers. Nevertheless, the experience is fun and having a disadvantage at times makes your victories much sweeter.

    Most of the cons, I believe lies in the voice acting. Some of it is just fine, others make me want to mute the game while I play. I don’t mind my medic’s little grunts when she heals, but the sounds a defender makes as she attacks is nearly unbearable. I’m extremely wary of creating another character, mostly because I’m afraid I won’t be able to tolerate how she sounds.

    All in all, and so far, I give Scarlet Blade a 6/10. I’m taking liberties on my judging of this game because of the mature nature of it. It’s rather generic and grindy, but not necessarily bad if you can get past the frequent killing of 15 mobs. The community seems friendly enough now, which is making me afraid for the future. I don’t know how it’ll go once it’s released out of beta.

    Here are some little tid-bits of info about the game I didn’t know about until I actually played:
    -You are the Commander, instructing your Arkana (PC) around. She will talk to you directly, often.
    -There are guys.
    -Your pet is really annoying, but their dialogue can be turned off in the options.
    -The quests run together nicely, taking you from area to area. There won’t be a ton of senseless running around as you play.
    -The puzzles have outright nudity for you to unlock as you level.
    -There’s also a club and a nude beach. Have fun.

    • Queen´s Blade is NOT hentai as there is no actual sex shown on screen.Queen´s Blade is Ecchi anime as in anime that depics females in revealing outfits,being groped or in sexualized situations without ever actualy showing sex.There is a diference

  51. to the trolls and the haters time to set things straight i jest sat down with this game for 8 hours you heard me right 8 hours i am now lvl 19 and i can tell you what the game rilly is like unlike half the comments above me any one who says this is a sex game gtfo now don’t come back to mmobomb ever again plzz and thank you every one says this is a bad game go back to you call of duty and grind your way to p2w weapons now lets get this straight. this is mt 3rd language so deal with my typing if you don’t like it don’t read and leave you computer off because you clearly cant read any post in existence.

    this game is well a surprise the story is great character are all different it is rare to see 2 characters the same and even rarer to see 2 of the same with same class so the character creation is not half bad okay then classes well their are 6 classes all are different in how they fight and how they work to gather they each have about 3 ways you can go in a skill tree and will play different then other characters with different skills now the combat well it look nice and is easy to get a hold of but their is plenty of room for strategy if needed. now story and graphic the story is wow that has to be the best part if you read about the game and read each quest you find all the npc have their own spin and looks, backgrounds and all of them are cool in their own way they give out allot of funny one liners to the graphics their very nice though on best quality as i play it the ground textures could use some work but every thing is very tera like graphics. okay so i covered the basics now let me tell you what makes this game shine to me and why i logged 8 hrs in to it. i came in thinking this was going to be another spin off for little kids i did but man was i surprised the first 4 lvls in that skimpy outfit was like wow i saw this coming then i got my armor(i was a healer atm and still am) and i was like this is not to bad. so i Begin to play then i started to find out wow healers are not good at fighting go figure lol so i found a party and wow 6 hours and i went from lvl 6 to lvl 17 and got ahold of my mech this mech you see in the backgrounds of the game yaa you get them and their well op they destroy most monsters in 2 hits and my healer mech can basically keep 8 people alive with ease well after my party died down i had to find more people well that was rilly not so hard maybe 10 mins of spamming chat to find some one played with her for a while and quest grinded my way to lvl 19 i did this all with a healer and never fired 1 shot scenes lvl 6 as a healer i can keep any one alive from most monsters that don’t 1 hit thought i cant take many hits with a skill i got at lvl 16 i can teloporty around the map away from monsters if needed to i can not be attacked this is basically what i did most of the game and yet i did not fall asleep and i was some how having fun this whole time. that is my day on Scarlet Blade. well so far i am still playing.

    so all in all the game is nothing like most people here say it is though still in cbt i have to say i love the game more then any thang out their atm the lore and funny npc and awesome story is keeping me playing its 4 in the morning and after this post i am signing off i jest want to let people know this game is rilly rillly good if you can jest be mature about it you will find your self having a great time. so plzz don’t over look this game it rilly is great in its own way people that jest wright it off are jerks trollers an immature kids that cant get over the fact that hot girls can kick some ass to. this is ren the rose saying don’t judge a book bye its cover. good luck have fun see you later.

    • The first part telling people to “gtfo” made me brand you as a nother biased person. It will always be just another pitiful attempt to gain money through microtransactions, drawing horny teenagers in by appealing to the male libido.

        • No matter what you’re selling, sex sells. It doesn’t matter if it’s a soda commercial, an ad for some new shaving razor, or, say, a Youtube video for an online game. Even when none of those things has anything to do with sex, hourglass-shaped women in bikinis and fit, sweaty men get people’s attention. When things get your attention, you’re a bit more likely to buy into them.

          That’s pretty much what he said, and that’s how I would put it. Mr Question just wanted to sound like he’s high and mighty. Pinch his cheek and baby talk him.

          • I haven’t played Scarlet Blade yet and its free and Im a HUGE open world MMORPG fan… the sex shits the game up

          • And with immature twentysomething boys, er, men, big guns and gory violence sells games. So, what’s your point? I’ll take a sexy, foxy lady over a BFG anyday.

        • And P.s.- Dim Sum

          If you’re worried about insults, sometimes a diet is the best defense. One word: sleeves.

    • What the heck? I’m positive that while learning what ever the hell your mother tongue is, they taught you punctuation. I read all of this crap and can’t even give a summary. You and your idiocy can fly oneself off of this site.

          • If playing a game with half nude female characters is kinda a problem what say about Dead and Alive or Lollipop Chainsaw for consoles?
            They have some stereotype gimmicks but all of them looks like fun to play!

      • @havingfuninGUAM from the pro to you; idiocy is basically behavior which is not meditated, however, ignorance is a correct formulation being that it implies portraying a facade with incomprehensible knowledge… such as you ^_^ with that said if you people are so taken by the idea of an adult mmo then why the hell are you on here? if you blame 20 somethings for being pathetic or implying that they don’t have lives, are immature, and need a reality check; what the crap are you doing? go home, throw a foot ball with your kids or something for gods sake all of you are hypocrites. who cares about reviews! play the game, if you don’t like it then uninstall it and move on.

        PRO OUT!

    • hey… uhm how to make the password i didnt get the mean by 1 upper, 1 lower and 1 number… can you show me some of pasword using it?

    • Hmmm.. nah. I don’t really have any interest in the game or what so ever, but I do enjoy reading reviews. Honestly everything that you described in this game, is already implemented in any other games that actually give you more sense of freedom and choice (I’m talking about being able to play as a Male gender), however I can see why you may enjoy this game for 8 hours, but compared that 8 hours of game play, to an actual game where it would just consume your time by ridiculous making hours felt like minutes, now that’s a game (My experiences with WoW, Guild wars 2 and Aion)..

      I can see that you are a female, what I don’t get is that, how can you be so comfortable to play a game where your character is half naked. You said “Hot girls can kick some ass” quite alot, that term is in any mmo there is, so what if a female character beat a male character, and vice versa, unless you are a strong feminist.

      But long story short, you should open your mind and try to play other mmo (you can try Tera or Aion both have wonderful graphic) and try to see why most people dislike this title (Personally, it is because its too advertised everywhere, I mean it’s just not appropriate).

      I’ve seen the features and I’m not gonna lie it’s pretty good, but like I said, I like to make my own choices specially when it comes to my character’s gender. But honestly I strongly recommend you to try Aion or Tera and see the difference.

      • (warning no spellcheck read at your own risk lol)i play both Aion a little less than tera. i with more people would coment like you 😛 as far as the game gose i like it for what it is a point and click with some updateing graphics and si-fi theme mainly that commet was made in sutch a pushy way because their was alot of hate going on the game so i put some stronger comments in their. as far as games i play that make time fly it seems like planet side 2 dose then to me also dragons prophet dose that to thought as far as the “hot girls can kick ass to” is because that this game has a female only character select jest make is refreshing compare to other point and click were female all seem to play supporting roles even in some of their clases that are the same as guys. though i gess thats jest the feminist in me 😛 any way great comment thanks for it ^^ (ps i hate their advertiseing to)

    • Thank you 🙂 Some of the people below are being smart asses about your review but I like it. When someone likes a game this much it obviously drives people to play it. I haven’t found a game so far (after downloading game after game) that I have enjoyed for more than an hour.
      Although I’m a girl it doesn’t bother me at all that the characters look the way they do. Although, I do judge games by the way they look only because if its not visually stimulating I know I won’t enjoy it. Haha, but that has nothing to do with my judgment on people of course.
      Thank you again for your review, I will definitely check it out.

    • nice post, i agree with you on many points.

      i play SB i have some char 23-25 (4hrs total playtime each O.o) my lowest is 18 and 1hrs playtime … naaah im not a no-life 😉

      • Im a grown up man. Be careful. Do you know…. what i, do?

        I create, stories, and many of them, contain scary girls, and these girls are the same as you see in religious movies ore drama.

        Nobody, is going anywhere, today.

        Only some, girls are big. And they, are created by me.

    • I think everyone interested in this game needs to forget a little bit about the sex appeal thing(i know it´s hard but just saying) and if you can play a adult game like GTA V or San Andreas or Vice City i think this one maybe won´t be a problem!
      I will try this one and if i feel the controls and the whole gameplay fun and nice like Age of Wushu i think i will agree with RentheRose!
      My only fear however is if i will be sucessfull to put a gameplay series of this in Youtube cause i don´t if i will need to censor anything.
      Otherwise the game looks like fun!
      And too great to know i can run this game in my laptop with minimum configurations!

    • Having English as your third language is no excuse for your spelling errors and such. Honestly your post was too long for me to read, but I read the first paragraph… If you’d like to write a review on a game, bring your opinion in a polite way, and those that bitch about your spelling you can just ignore… And if you put your pros and cons in bullets and dashes, it’ll make your review allot more visually clear to anyone who’s reading. Or you could always just keep it short =]

    • “this is mt 3rd language so deal with my typing if you don’t like it don’t read and leave you computer off because you clearly cant read any post in existence.”

      Would spell check kill you?

    • hey guys i downloaded the game and i instaled scarlet blade and aria games bu i cant figure out how to actuely enter the game soo pls help me???

    • hey guys i downloaded the game and i instaled scarlet blade and aria games bu i cant figure out how to actuely enter the game soo pls help me????

    • doesnt matter what you think or what kind of perverted crap you like…one picture of the characters is enough to see, that this is a perverted crap game…


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