About the game:
Title: SD Gundam
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: Strategy
Developer: JoyFun
Publisher: JoyFun

Explosive Features:

  • Collect 100 different gundams
  • Recruit Customizable Pilots
  • Compete in PvP Arenas

SD Gundam is a free to play 2D browser based strategy game set in the Gundam SEED universe. In SD Gundam your goal as a player is to collect Gundams and use them in special turn-based fights against enemy mobile suits. While Gundams can be upgraded through completing missions, players must also recruit and train pilots for each suit. Through combat, individual pilots may acquire more gear and can increase their battle attributes by learning new talents. The more rare a pilot is, the more talents they may learn.

Across the variety of PvE dungeons and PvP Arenas found in SD Gundam, players will need to determine the optimal positioning for their units as units in the front recieve damage before units in the rear. Thus, Gundams which can soak damage should be placed towards the front, while heavy damage dealers which are more susceptible to damage will need to be situated towards the rear.

Dungeons come in both normal and hero difficulties, with each hero dungeon offering a significantly more challenging fight, but with much greater rewards. Similarly, players who signup for SD Gundam’s Arena battles may face off against players in order to earn a higher military rank and are rewarded with special bonuses to their Gundams stats.

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