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About the game:
Title: Steps Evolution
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Casual
Developer: Perfect World
Publisher: Cubinet

Steps Evolution is a free game based on the latest fashion, hip hop and energy that is beyond players’ expectations with the virtual reality background, fancy dance move, luxurious fashion wardrobe and fun character customization.

The tradition breaking make-up system in Steps allows you to avoid the awkward “Identical Look” situation where you can show us your make up skill by putting on eyeliners, eye shadows, lip gloss and the trendiest color lenses. Creating an envious character while you move on the dance floor.

To make it fun and challenging, the developer of Steps has added some icing on the cake by putting in Showtime and Prank Mode. Showtime creates special effects when players are dancing, it can be a turning point for them to win the game; whereas prank mode instill more fun while you are dancing, it allows you to do some naughty prank on other dancers.

Explosive Features:

  • Large Soundtrack
  • Pet System
  • Customization Options

Featured Video

System Requirements

Steps Evolution Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SPack 3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Celeron 800 MHz or equivalent
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2.5GB of free Space
Video Card: 32MB Card

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  1. I love this game its so realistic. my imvu stopped working so I wanted a game just like it I found this it was about dance and that is one of my favourite parts of imvu so it was perfect! there is a few problems however with the game, if you could get some sort of pet or even better clothes as for me the clothes glitched a lot so I was nude for half the time. even the chat could have been better perhaps different colours could be introduced to this game. I would defo recommend this game for teens or any age between 11-15. 4 stars and 5 with the suggestions I made!!!

  2. hello,how i want to download this game ?? Sudah try download but webpage not available ….. please help me how .. thank you ….

  3. i love this game so much but it is just that every game i am trying to sign up on it is saying it is not registered so i hope this one is


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