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About the game:
Title: Talisman Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Miracle Castle
Publisher: Miracle Castle

Talisman Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG that borrows some features from the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW) like the looting, user interface, mini map, quest system, and much more… But the Game does offer some unique features such as the ability to upgrade gear with points accumulated while hunting. In the world of Talisman Online, there are five characters for you to choose (Wizard, Monk, Fairy, Tamer and Assassin) and you can get your magnificent mount and capture the monsters as your pet.

The game does not offer much customization and you are only able to choose face and hair style from five given templates. Quests are highlighted in green on the map and clicking on them easily enable your player to go there and start the quest. The keyboard shortcuts have made the interface ideal for gamers.

One new thing different from other MMORPGs is that in Talisman Online the player do not get any stat points when level up instead you stats automatically increases with each increase in the level. The amount of increment is different for different classes.

Explosive Features:

  • World of Warcraft features
  • Pet and Mount System
  • Lots of quests

Featured Video

[tubepress video=”gl2U0eCjrmI” uploaded=”false”]

System Requirements

Talisman Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: P3 800MHz
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 600MB of free Space
Video Card: GForce2 Graphics memory over 32MB

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  1. i can’t believe mmobombs gave this talisman online a high rating! this game WAS (past tense) amazing the day it started, back before 3D was a common sight in gaming, these games are some of the F2P without shitty need of VPN or restricted area. back those days, players that play together and win together, it was all good back then and the GM/mods were friendly and engaging. nothing like some good rivalry and good competition spirit. but it went bad eventually since management has long left the building with its upkeep.

    and as many has commented, this game has been broken for years, filled with botters and such. i would say it’s a game for mad grinders whether you’re solo or with bunch of friends. if you don’t pay real money for cash shop, you will look basic and the only way to get good stuff are to pay or grind mad. and many bosses have been proven difficult to impossible being a solo player. it’s core gaming value are only 2 things. grinding and teamwork. any excessive involves money or cheats like bots. so move along players if you aren’t interested in those terms, it’ll save you the time and heartache to invest in a broken fantasy mmorpg like this.

  2. Played this like 6 years ago, it was a great game, decent enough graphic for free mmorpg until botters raid the games. GMs are almost never online unlike the beginning of the start. Basically, it’s a heavily grinding game that requires teamwork or high level players which without one will fail to proceed much further. And most great items are cash shop based or some are grind till you bled, if you’re not a grinding type of gamer, this game isn’t for you at all. but that said, this game has been broken has many have said.

  3. Let me tell you something about this game, I was once known as Desime, leader of a guild called Destiny. I played this game a long time ago when it first came out. I did enjoy the game but botters took over the game and the GMs really did nothing about it.

    I posted pictures and videos of people botting, the GMs couldn’t see anything from youtube because they are based out of China. The moderator has no real given power except to kick people offline. They are player choosen and if you have a good one, they do more work then all the GMs combined. We did until she quit from the GMs failing to support her and then they picked a botter who I personally recorded on video (FRAPS) botting. They said that videos don’t count and it is known they are only online certain hours a day, certain days a week with of course holidays not included. So basically, a botter can bot as long as they are not botting when GMs come online that rare few hours a week.

    Lets continue with how they choose the botter to be a moderator just because he flirted with them. Most of the GMs were women and they loved men who flirted with them. So this botter was a moderator after I quit (still checked in a few times to see if things ever got better, they never did).

    It is a waste of money to play. You wil basically either be a botter or fighting botters the whole time you play. The GMs don’t own the game, the botters do!

    My videos are still on youtube if you want to see what I recorded. Just search for Desime Talisman Online botter. Also search the forum for Desime to see the GMs fail in their job. Just quit before starting, you will save yourself a lot of headaches.

  4. I started the game 2 months ago after much prodding from a player fascinated with the graphics and game play. True, it is multinational that got players converging mainly from Latin America and Asia. But such environment is likewise a challenge since eventually, the communication boils down to actions rather than chat.

    There are several servers so I suppose the experience would be unique and dependent on the dominance of teams which reflect their maturity, intelligence and leadership. If you wish, the team issue can be skipped completely by avoiding the complicated quests that got the tough boss forcing the need for help from others. The idea is to grind and kill as many mobs close to your level as possible. Then once powerful enough after earning experience to level upward, the you can try doing the more difficult quests meant for lower levels and dominate the boss and mobs which would have become weaker and easier to defeat.

  5. If you have never played this game, don’t. This game is seriously broken. I have been playing for over two years, and here’s what I can tell you – 1) the in-game economy is broken. The drop rates are completely messed up and they keep trying to tweak it, but until they address the cheating, it remains messed up. 2) the GMs are useless. They are rarely on, their first language is not English, they reward their friends, they don’t track down the scammers and cheaters. Just go to their website and check out their weekly banned list. Virtually nobody is being disciplined. 3) the game is full of cheaters and scammers. At any given moment I can sign on my character and find over 100 bots. Sometimes there are so many bots set up in one place that you cannot even finish your quest. 4) the rudeness on the world chat is appalling. This game seems to be full of racists, perverts and homophobes, and nobody is stopping them. I have reached the point that I turn off the world chat when I sign on, and only speak on my friends and guild channels. I wish I had never started playing this game. I sign on a few times a week to see if they are doing anything to fix the problems, but so far there’s no sign of hope. Find another game, this one will break you.

  6. this game sucks u hav very few skills and normal atak looks like crap , only thing good in game is the party dungeons wich are very funny


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