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About the game:
Title: Tanki Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Shooter Type: Browser
Developer: Tanki Online LLC
Publisher: Tanki Online LLC

Tanki Online is a free to play 3D browser based tank game built on Flash technology. Players fight each other online in fully 3D arena, earning money and advancing their careers, with their tank!

The gameplay is close to real physics so tanks can get stuck in deep pits, overturn or fall down from the bridge. Players can fight in the Deathmatch, form teams in the Team Deathmatch or hunt down the Flag in the Capture the Flag mode. Get experience points destroying enemies, healing allies, capturing flags and doing other involving things. The more points you get, the higher your rank will be.

There are many armors, weapons and bonuses available. Higher ranks unlock new coats, turrets, armor and supplies. All of these can be bought in the Garage for special game currency — crystals. You can gain them in a battle, buy them or get them as a gift for inviting your friends in the game.

Explosive Features:

  • Military career from Recruit to Marshall.
  • Various game modes
  • Intuitive control – W, A, S, D or arrows. Use Space to shoot.

Featured Video

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. I have not touched this game for 5 years now but when I finally touched it after 5 years, I was disappointed for what I witnessed. In 2009, Tanki Online was named as the best game of the year and it continued dominating up to 2015. After that, I quit because I moved to different country. Now I touched it in 2020 and holy crap the game is trash. 1st of all I lost my progress after so long but whatever. That is not my concern. My concern is how people actually exploit in the game and the staff do nothing. They also like getting all that money people are spending on this game. I was a moderator of this game and I was lucky to work with great colleagues. Now all of them are gone and are replaced by some corrupt idiots. I am convinced to not return to this game because of this despite of me having great memories about this game.

  2. Let’ s be real guys; ratio, rewards and ranking are related to the money you spend,
    anyone who have spend more money than you will have a better ratio, reward & rank.
    Plus if you are not a buyer at all, but still play this game, whatever you are good and skilled, you will be always from the last ones and the 1st ones are those who pay.
    But if you managed with your skills to be better than those who pay, they (TO dev) will ‘cheat’ and setup your account so you wont be better anymore : less power of destruction, less armor, less rewards etc
    absolutly insane, unfaire, corrupt, disgusting.

    They (TO devs) forget that this game could not began without the help of ‘free players’. now they just cheat af with them and prevent them to be better than ‘pay players’.

    Tanki Online has no ethic, and it is a shame for the game industry.

  3. Tanki was fine between 2009 & 2015 I only played in 2012-2014 before taking pretty lengthy break. I came back around the end of 16 and into 17 to check things out only to find the game was reduced to trash and getting worse. I remember the days when skill was actually present and games were chill to moderate in battle, but still fun to play. Now days everyone rolls around Godmode activated playing every game type like there freedoms on the line if they don’t kill everything in sight.

    At least they limited the “number pad” and removed the [SHIFT] key aka the”deus ex machina key” because it defeats the purpose of supply drops completely they literally serve little to no purpose in game play anymore. Its obvious the creators are grasping every which way they can to make this the ultimate pay to win game while handing out crutches to appease players who other wise would be trash at the game.

  4. About Tankionline My experience has been if one does not pay it is hard to advance in tiers or even when paying it has many issues. First It is not a free game as claimed the word free implies no payment of any sort free to play. Tankionline claims that certain item bought make your tank stronger however you need to buy their supplies and upgrades. Considering the game crashes every time I play like hardly 6 minute game, They state you can change armor etc while playing but whenever I change it crashes and asks to renter the game . This is not a user computer error but a game error on their part. For a game made on adobe Flash it is not able to handle sometimes my screen freezes without reason and have to close game and renter losing time while everything else on my computer works. I use a ryzen and 8 gig Geoforce nvidia one of the best cards. Tankionline does not even have require graphics that do intensive rendering or overclocking requirements like call of duty etc. The developer is unable to provide basic support issues after having emailed them received no response. I have played 1.5 year and there are more errors in game when playing then before. I have paid and did not expect no reply or hint to my questions of errors received during game play. I hope they fix it as many games have much better graphics features now even the older existed like red alert blizzard etc and so on prior to them we had some lag but not errors and being kicked out every 5 minutes for paying is not acceptable.

  5. Don’t bother with this game at all. All they want is money. corrupt and cheating. Worst is not the cheating players and hackers. It’s the administration.
    I know because I am one of them and tired of not being able to live with myself. Check my profile on tankionline.com

    • about time you went clean you frauded many people and you should be in jail and sued you are just as guily as the rest of these russian and Gb frauds frauding kids Russians are lost in the world all they can do is lie cheat and steal, guess that what you get when you are born in a cheat country and weak

    • I like it and it works good on my laptop. What other games are better and would play as well on my laptop which is not a gaming laptop? Suggestions please.

  6. That’s it. I am done. Just started playing this game with a corporal rank and I can see how crooked it is.
    Goodbye Tanki, you cheating corrupt noob developers. get a life

  7. I am a moderator too and there is a movement to get out of Tanki as they are cheats and are corrupt.
    They offer me incentives to cheat and somehow get them more money
    It’s all about money at any cost
    I can’t take this any more I do have some pride

  8. Tanki used to be good like 4 years ago but now the game has become completely garbage. Updates like drones and matchmaking are f*cking dumb and make the game worse. There has also been an influx in the number of buyers. There’s also too much lag, terrible graphics, a toxic chat system, and paints are way too expensive. Also, the shop is extremely unfair and is the new place for players to automatically win.

  9. I love the game. I don’t really care if they are corrupt and cheating like hell. I love to have it broken off where the sun don’t shine
    I will stay with Tanki until my proctologist says I have had enough

    • You’re obviously either a troll or very ignorant. You’re literally supporting a game that wants to steal your money. Bro get a clue on what’s going on in Tanki. If you don’t care that Tanki is corrupt and cheating a lot, you are no better than a piece of sh*t.

  10. Tanki cheats and I will report them to the proper people soon. As a moderator, I know what they are doing.
    Hopefully, they will be punished.

  11. Awful game. completely corrupt but I love it. Love cheating the other players and the moderators are completely useless and let us get away with it.

  12. I’m moderator and I now know how corrupt Tanki is. They offer us incentives to ban, hack and drug during battles.

    Sorry , everyone.

    This game is corrupt and the admin is a fraud

  13. I’m a moderator and this game is crooked. The developers offer me incentives to ban players and otherwise cheat in these games.
    I believe I must quit because it is starting to get to me in my sense of fair play.
    I regret getting involved and apologize to all that I have offended.

    • u Fraud me rommel have many screen shots of this and thousands of others plus videos going to sue tanki in court and let the world put these clowns in jail Comming for ya Low life russian scammers

  14. What the **** happened to this game?? I have the rank of Generalissimo and have been with this game for five years spending money.
    Now the game has gone entirely into the toilet.
    Someone explain please!!!!

  15. Legend rank but they are corrupt complete waste of time and money. Won’t play anymore. Nothing like they used to be. explains the Olympics pretty well World of Tanks, here I come.

  16. smokipro_master is my tank and I know they are cheat as much as they can. Entertainment for me. I don’t care if they cheat I’m just wasting time but there really shouldn’t be any new players and if you want to gain anything from a video game, this is not the one. Better off if the admin either played fair or just quit altogether.

  17. Tanki is all fraud and really needs to go out of business. I have a Legend rank and this game is nothing but awful any more. Used to be fun but the developers are so money hungry they cheat the players all the time.

  18. ATD is right. Tanki is nothing but a Russian scam designed to make them money regardless of how.
    Stay away Stay away Stay away!!

  19. Killer is right. I just got banned for asking about this website and whether the comments were true.
    I was banned for what they called “Provocation”. For asking a question?

  20. Biggest scam on the net today. Developers are corrupt. When you get banned from the chatroom for asking a question, they depower your tank and rob you of weapon effectiveness even if you gave them real money. you just become cannon fodder for the fakes and hackers which are abundant. REAL thieves. Avoid Avoid Avoid

  21. too many good games on line to play this one that is truly corrupt. Look at the comments from 5-6 years ago and look at the last year.
    They have changed the game and not for the better.
    They used to have 150,000 players in 2013, now they have barely 30,000 worldwide.
    Enough said-avoid like the flu

  22. Worst game and developers on the Net today. Moderators are not interested in you just your money. If you complain you get banned. better off playing a completely different tank game than this one. Avoid at all costs

  23. Look at the comments from 2013-14 and the comments today and tell me something isn’t drastically wrong with Tanki. They cheat, pure and simple. Avoid at all costs.

    • If you love the game say why instead of garbage buttlicking comments. Give a real review of the game. If you play the game you should know it’s added very controversial stuff lately that have made it more PaytoWin. Powerful Drones and expensive batteries to power those Drones, powerful kits sold to buyers 2 or more ranks before non-buyers can get them. USed to be that lower ranks was great fun, nice to even start new accounts just for the fun, now it’s complete unbalanced in all ranks. Matchmaking system is simply trash, a monkey could make better matchmaking than this. Lags & bugs are huge at peak russian times. Alterations where u have to pay more crystals to turn trash equipment u payed loads for already into OP killingmachine. Used to be a great game, now ruined. Pro battles are only thing good in Tanki now.


  25. This game has been gradually molded to accommodate players who were previously bad at the game and now have the crutches to combat against good players because other wise they couldn’t. The implications of the number pad have made supply drops pointless and just a waste of program and frames considering every player has enough stashed from overtime. If the devs wanted to add the shift key feature what’s the point of individual supplys at all just have one or the other. Also not sure why they nerfed the abilities of Isida, though it probably has something to with “supplys” as figured. The game function just fine before they started trying trendy bandwagon tricks like every other game now days to get money which is pathetic and sad. I understand their are plenty more issues now and I dont mean to sound selfish, but for me these are the only two problems that really bother me and actually have effected my gameplay enough tha it feels almost pointless to play. At this point there’s nothing competitive about the game anymore every match is feels with desperate and noob players.

  26. Worst game ever. For those of you who haven’t played it, don’t even think about playing it. It’s a terrible game. The only people that play it these days are people with no lives

  27. Tanki can be fun at times. But makes it not fun is the fact that hacker and druggers just play to rank up and not have fun. BAck in the day is was fun. Not anymore. When it comes to gold boxes…MY GOD. They drug so hard tanki lags for me. I would not recommend playing it. If you want to be a no-life and waste your money on drugging…Be my guest. I would give tanki a 4.5 out of 10.

  28. Completely pay-to-win. The moderators are immature and the community is toxic. Overall, unless you have already spent money on this game, avoid Tanki Online.

    • So true. All they ever do is drug and it’s not fun anymore. People just play to drug and not play to have fun. AVOID tanki at all cost if you don’t wanna pay real money.

  29. Cheats players and constant Hacks plus Fake names are everywhere making your team worthless due to the amount of fake names Cheaters that abound this game.
    Can you imagine seeing a team with half the players just sitting there not playing knowingly doing so Just to get a score and cheat you, well its all the time
    U Have to be stupid to miss this scam, Rules state they ( Battle Moderators) will Rush to the rescue to stop cheats but the game was set up to run with cheaters and they barely if ever show up
    So as the cheaters take your money using the disguise of spies and/or saboteurs Mults Tanki does nothing , as it states in the rules,
    Russian players are given low cost crystals versus American or British players Hence Russia’s worthless currency at about 50 or 60 to one US dollar

    Pay for a item and then see it disappear or not perform in battle, just to name just a few of the deceptions going on here
    Hundreds of screen shots of this and the above mention scams

    But in reality the Moderators do nothing to uphold the honor of this games rules as it states in their own Rules

    In fact hundreds if not thousands are scammed this way daily
    And when the entire system of tanki is hacked and not working due to Poor programmers they Just keep it going to make cash from all the misled rules, hackers fake Names , bad programming and lame moderators
    My Vote it’s a complete scam, unfair biased game

    • as of today tanki up to the same ole scam HAcks cheats saboteurs and are constant everywhere in every game
      Its a cheat game of rigged scores and ratings
      Owner – scammer – tanki the scam online no doubt set up game to deceive you and scam you

      don’t trust with your card or in the game of not held to rules, just lies

    • As of Today The scam continues Russian broke developers praying on your kids The Game is a Complete scam

      Changing your purchased and earned items being conveniently changed as you are in the game The half ass game of scam By broke Desperate Russian Scammers who’s money is worth 1 penny to the US dollar

      The game is Completely Tilted to the lame Russian players who in FACT cheat you with there fake names, to funny

      So you Russians that can read If any
      Your show to the Rest of the World just again How you not to be trusted with really anything Lies and scams are a way of life and very funny to be so Broke and scandals as you show to us all just how you scammers roll from you anti virus scam to your Olympic scam to tanki the scam online Name does Fit you folks well

      Keep Cheating lil scammers You only fool yourselfs

  30. Tanki is quite a good game if you play it when the Russians aren’t around (Russian timezone when they’re all in bed). Nothing against those Russians, but in this game they have a ridiculously unfair advantage of being able to buy equipments for half the price that Europeans or Americans have to pay. This is probably to push non-Russians into buying more and more using the currency of their country (which is more valuable to Tanki than RussianRoubles) to catch-up with the Russian majority. It’s quite clever business ploy when you think about it, but it’s a huge money sink that you’d have to be monumentally stupid to fall for. Again, as mentioned by loads of others, nothing against those Russians, but they sure love cheating. The game is full of cheats and the game does nothing about it, apart from the usual BS platitudes and lies from the forum admins.

      • Bruh he isn’t contradicting himself. He is just saying that tanki is a good game when no Russians are around. Its a bad game when they are since most of them just hack or spend a ridiculous amount of money. This game isn’t good due to the fact that so many noobs are spending their money on it. I recommend you not to play it. There are much better games out there where skill matters and not money.

        • First of all yes the game is terrible but that doesnt give you any reason to be racist. I’ve seen plenty mexicans and indians that would use absurd amounts of money or hack at this game

      • Real simple, this game is for scamming cash
        not about a good game or fair play,
        Broke Russian players trying to feel good

        Like a bowling handicap they start with an advantage

        They (Russian Clans) have no skill so they need an advantage, as the refs look the other way to mass cheats and rule violations Daily and constantly, never ending

        Rommel tank a tanki mod – one of many
        A mod (referee same same)
        sees the (saboteurs and Cheats) and violates the rules agreements By not enforcing the game rules

        basically breaking the agreement that you have paid for.

        In fact there not in Russia they are in Malta.

        Tanki needs to wake up and stop the cheats
        Everyone there that plays knows the moderators are worthless
        SO really if you pay for something and the company whom sells you this service then breaks your agreement and doesn’t enforce obvious agreed to rules you agree and pay for
        That company basically violates it own rules and in doing so can be a breach of agreement

      • Still playing Tanki and forgot about my review above. All that review still true. This clown named Seriously is a perfect example of my new problem with Tank. Its community is Toxic and full of thicko fools that are incapable of listening or reading and still act like smart-asses even when they’re dumb AF.

    • As of Today The Endless Russian Cowards still doing there cheat play Sabature is the way of life forthe Bears clan

      Russia’s First real Game and it all about cheating each other to make cash for yet another cheat the owner
      Right There Alex Boy Lol Get a look at that clown on U tube just look up Alex tanki inter view and get a goodlook at this Boy

      No wonder he loves to make money’s cheating others for cash
      couldn’t beat his way outta a wet paper bag
      Endless and constant Rule violations on cheat play Tanki doesn’t not enforce the rules and lie to get your cash
      Referee’s are the mods and they don’t enforce rules to make fraud cash by deception

      Oh just like the Olympics of what a surprise
      Want to get Cheated lied to and then hunted by cheater Russians Then this is the game for you

    • Wow!!…Tanki mods are going up in the world because they must have upgraded their accommodation, I always thought they lived in the toilet.

  31. Tanki sucks. I was just trolling to get some entertainment, but yeah. Tanki is a horrible game. I hate it. Its such a useless and dumb game since all you do is random crap like shooting tanks.

  32. Please ignore my praise for Tanki. I’m only doing it to troll you guys. I’m so tarded it hurts. For example, I dreamed I was in Willy-Wonka’s chocolate river last night and I woke up this fine morning with stained brown bedsheets, it certainly didn’t taste like chocolate and smelled funny. I also love to eat yellow snow.

      • corruption you’re a what rank ? Come show us your name ill scammer corruption 14 = 5 hours total game play corruption13 even worse Lil wacky case is brainwashed nut case there is no doubt and you sure are quiet about the scammed Olympics in Sochi
        That is very interesting since I looked it up
        Russians should have to repay the money people paid to go there and paid back to the people they scammed
        Tanki is yet another extension of the robbery
        you all should be ashamed but that is just how it goes for your peeps


    • Thousands are leaving because of the cheating mults. The problem is that the poor unsuspecting noobs that are still playing are now more likely to face mults. Because as the genuine players leave, the ratio of cheaters compared to genuine players increases. Since the intro of clans the cheating is out of control, game’s not worth playing anymore.

      • Owner started this game of fraud crap Lil skinny CEO Alex couldn’t beat his way out of paper bag , cheat games is all that clown knows The mods where four years playing since there wasn’t really anyone else
        Right there Alex The scam.

        Get a real job instead of defrauding people out of there monies lil runt boy Funny how these lil runts are always the thief’s

    • Please do. It is a waste of time unless you have real money. The mods abuse their powers way too much. They banned for 1 week for telling my friend about an account i used to have bust lost.

  33. Don’t play this game. Its a horrible game. Its completely unfair and dumb. Corruption13 if your reading this, get a life and stop supporting tanki. Unless your one of the retarded mods that runs this game, stop praising this bs game.

  34. Me love Tanki. Ish the best game ever .I play it everyday. Me also love roblox. Play all of them. Go tanki. I hope tanki become a coolest game in the whole wide galaxy. Me want to go to the sun and play. Hooway

    • Stop I love Tanki. Its the best game ever. Your probably just a noob at it 😛 You probably don’t even know what supplies are in the game. Get some skills you noob.

      • The greatest browser game in the universe but there are many haters because they noooooobs. I have fun playing it , there are new updates week by week and that makes it awesome.

  35. I mean Roblox is pretty trash, but Tanki is just downright stupid. Like what is this. Hackers, spending money, going through trees, horrible graphics, retarded contests. These mods have no clue about whats going on. All they want is money. Man I hate the mods and the people that waste their time and money on tanki

  36. I mean Roblox is pretty trash, but Tanki is just downright stupid. Like what is this. Hackers, spending money, going through trees, horrible graphics, retarded contests. These mods have no clue about whats going on. All they want is money. Man I hate the mods and the people that waste their time and money on tanki

  37. Don’t listen to all these bad reviews. People who write those reviews are just jealous of the game. Keep playing Tanki and show your support for the game. Also, don’t listen to those racist fools that don’t support Russian games

      • you retard being anti-Russian is racist. How would you know stuff. You have no friends or no life. Russians are a race. Get your facts right future “hobo”

        • FFs, No they’re not. Russia is a country of people of many ethnic backgrounds that I can’t be bothered to explain to a dimwitted clown on a crappy review site for an obscure Russki game. Look up the meaning of xenophobia and enlighten your peanut-sized brain.

    • 5 hours of game play You Have LMAO
      your a good joke legends have thousands of hours your a want to be troll get a life Boy, go lie to your sister lil one
      Russian isn’t the point cheats are the Point cant you understand or you need more school ?

  38. To be totally honest, this game is a mess. Battles where you can use power-ups are buyer battles. Battles where you cannot use supplies are dominated by cheats, usually russian cheat clans. The game is 7+ years old now and still the developers do nothing about these fundamental problems.

    It used to be a good game, now it is a huge waste of time playing it. AVOID.

    • Russian tanki the scan online = Cheat Scum Of the Earth Now Time So SUe the LAme azzes

      Complete Fraud and avoiding US sanctions

      This game is the Most Fraud I have Ever seen in a game and its constant saboteur to deceive you
      Played twenty three games today and each and every game was a Complete Fraud with Fake name and saboteurs
      These folks should have been taken to the courts Long ago for fraud

      The use of the Legal remedy of long shoe can reach out and take resolve on these scums to task in court
      there is no doubt that its a complete Russian fraud

    • It is waste of time playing Tanki. Aim of any game is to have fun and advance in the game. There’s no reason to advance your garage equipment in Tanki because the legend battles are usually decided by mults and useless noobs. Does not matter how powerful and pro you are its almost impossible to save a sabotaged team from defeat. It’s only XpBp that appeals to me now, but there’s tons of sabotaging there too. The game just is NOT fun anymore. It’s a shame but the game has been totally ruined by cheats in legend battles. Also played on my low-rank acc the other day, stupid amounts of druggers in them battles which I’m assuming is putting newbie’s off staying with the game.

      • More drugging than the Russian Olympic team in the low ranks. And in the later ranks there seems to be more cheating than the……Uuum!……Russian Olympic team.

  39. To be totally honest, this game is a mess. Battles where you can use power-ups are buyer battles. Battles where you cannot use supplies are dominated by cheats, usually russian cheat clans. The game is 7+ years old now and still the developers do nothing about the fundamental problems.

    It used to be a good game, now it is a huge waste of time playing it. AVOID.

  40. Tanki is the most awesomest game ever. It provides hours of fun, no downloaded requires, and there are many cool things in tanki online. I definitely reccomendded you too play this very good game.

    • Many not-so-cool things in Tanki too. This could be a great popular game if development fixed a few of Tanki’s problems, but they don’t so the game is in decline. Excessive supplies-use, cheating, lags and moderation are some of my issues with this game.

    • Corruption13 has played Tanki for a total of 2.5 hours
      That’s two and a half hours and you a expert huh you trying to fool people? Your rank in Tanki is complete joke and here you are telling people about it

      As explained below by many others
      Fake names =fraud
      Lame mods = no rules
      6th grade graphics
      Hackers everywhere
      Don’t risk your computer to play a hacked game
      , cheaters are all over this game and the Lame moderators that are supposed to stop that kind of thing are Completely useless and involved with the fake name game why you ask are they useless well that how it works they say (tanki) they have rules but it just more lies to get your cash.

      Here how it rolls, each team has lets say 8 players on each side, Well the other tame has fake name players and puts three fake names on your team, and those player don’t participate in the game, so its really 8 on other team and 5 on your team, this scam is the way tanki got started and started making cash from it
      The game has hit the cheat classic of the world, this fake name scam is a constant every game now thing and for you Corruption your name says it all
      And your English is very bad

    • Ahh more Cheat Russians
      The following lows life’s saboteur your games
      and lame mods are the buddies of these Russian scammers

      Main clan Scammers are Russians Clans
      The Bears and the Russian Clan the WPR habitual Cheats with fake name players
      Cheating is
      #1 mark knoffelr of Russia
      other names sabotaging games and cheating are
      Number one cheat Mark-Knopfler
      and thousands more mom playing fake name tocheat you out of your game on a habitual and constant daily scam

    • LOL, this dude’s either trolling or one of the many head-in-the-clouds naive people this game has. Tanki has some big flaws which is costing them 1000’s of players.

    • TANKI is the best game on browser. haters are noobs because they dont know how to play but in the starting it might be a bit boring at first and after ranking up it will be much more cool. watch ghost animator youtube channel you will find it good.

  41. So easy to cheat this game. Power-leveled my account up to 10xM4 equipment pieces so far. Dumbass devs have no idea how to stop cheaters, I cheat their game every day and so does loads of others. Clans have friends lists of alternative accounts and naive starstruck “mult” butt-lickers willing to sabotage enemy teams. Clans just love to use mults and laugh at the devs and all other stupid players playing fair then moaning about cheaters. Just cheat on this game fools, everyone else does it and if devs cared about this they’d do something about it.

    • You are exactly Correct The Russian Scammers At it again
      Sick Folks Very Sick lil cheats
      Developers make cash from Being Cheats
      Half the Scum Mods are the Mults that make cash
      ToTAl Scam

  42. Developers need to wake the heck up to the multi account cheaters in this game. Played through all the ranks to get to the highest rank, only to be faced with cheaters in most battles. This must cost the game owners tons of cash which they then get the honest player base to pay for with some of the ridiculous money hungry updates the game’s had lately. There will be an “anti-cheat” matchmaking battle system soon, but this only deals with cheats in the battles where u can use power-up supplies. Development does nothing about cheats in PRO battles, which is where most of the cheating is anyway, so dumb.

    It’s a shame because the game is a decent one when you have a few equipment combinations to pick from. Complaints about poor graphics? who cares, Lag is annoying though.

    • Agreeded There is No Doubt People See Corruption is a complete liar and a tanki BS troll

      The game has went south due to greed and cheaters Fake accounts are Constant and the lag and servers are the biggest joke on the internet go in and watch for your self watch this clown Mark kophluer of the clan the Bears Habitual cheater as is the rest of the clowns from this cheat clan But that’s all they know and how they roll and mods just look the other way and Don’t do their jobs

      • I know that clan well, huge cheaters and if you see them in the enemy in Polygon CP maps you might as well leave, because they wouldn’t be there unless they got a saboteur dog in your team. I cheat on this game so much too, I’ve had an alt account reported on forum twice for cheating and nothing happened. Mods, battle mods and /vote anti-cheat thing are so bad that I carry on cheating this game because they deserve to be ripped off for being so lazy and incompetent.(and russki)

  43. Game is full of cheats. Genuine players are being driven from the game by the huge amounts of pathetic obsessed tools desperately trying to win battles through cheating, just to make their garages powerful, bit pointless having good garages when the game dies you dumbasses. Multi account cheats pretty much own the battles by dumping duds or noob friends in the enemy to play badly, and you’re a passenger in those battles just hoping that your team isn’t the one that the battle is rigged against. Battles where you can use armor, damage, Nitro and Repair kit supplies are a mess now and are Pay to win if you want to play only in this format because the only supplies of value are only buy-able with real money. The chats are full of idiots and arguing clan members throwing abuse at eachother. Chat and Battle moderation is useless. Development is hilariously bad with some hated recent updates leading to a huge drops in user numbers.

  44. When you first enter the game, you’ll notice that the chat has a lot of swearing. Tankers even get banned for no reason. Unfortunately Tanki is a pay 2 win game. You either became a pro on the battlefield by buying, or your a noob that doesn’t buy. There is no in between. Then when you enter the battle, you’ll see that the graphics are horrible. It seems like they were made by a 4 year old. There is no challenges in the game since all you do is shoot tanks which gets very boring after a while. Then theres the useless and retarded updates that happen often. Tanki also has some useless items in garage such as cool looking paints which is pointless to buy. Overall this is a horrible and boring game that you shouldn’t waste your time on. There are much better things to do than to spend money for this bad game.

  45. Horrible game
    Heres why:

    1. Bad updates.
    2. Way too simple controls.
    3. Hackers that hack the game.
    4. Noobs on your team that ruin your gameplay.
    5. Druggers that merely just press numbers.
    6. Buyers that just spend money to be good.
    7. Bad graphics.
    8. The game favors Russians over other cultures.
    9. Useless and retarded game in general. (Nothing to do except shooting tanks which is boring af.)

  46. What is with all of these bad updates. Like I wonder why tanki doesn’ t understand that there updates are making more and more people quit. Its like they want tankers to quit the game.

    • Tanki online is a straight up fraud period
      Hackers and a broken game a complete waste of time
      In fact they will bully your children with gangs of cheaters namely the Bears a Russian group of cheats that continually hack your games and steal your cash Yes Its free But that’s just a lure to cheat you out of everything you invest Russian players have names Like the last of the USA and death to USA
      The game is a complete fraud to any real players involved In Fact Tanki Runs this scam game even when it is hacked past control and this type of management should be revoked from playing or making any games that are exported out of the Cheat country and used by young children Its a game of scam players and people Cheat Country is Russia Look up Sochi Olympic for example complete fraud to the world Sochi Olympic Games look it up the fraud that was done to the entire world peoples
      Hundreds if not thousands of screen shots of cheaters and tanki loves it in fact they make cash by scamming you And players make many Fake names and put them on the other team to cheat you This is not a game it’s a scam Tens of thousands of Fake names and a scam game
      MY vote Stay Far away from this Russian hack game
      Get a life Russians scammers Don’t you think you scammers have scammed the world enough just by Frauding us all at the Olympics

  47. Don’t be tricked by all the bad reviews. Tanki is an awesome game that requires 99% skill. It is definetely recomended. Keep playing tanki and have fun.

    • Funny how you forgot to mention the 2-day Matchmaking update (MM) that was tested from 8th-10th August.
      Long waits for a battle, put into random battles with no option to choose maps, weapons, friends or rank.
      Teams of Legends SLAUGHTERING teams of recruits. No Daily Missions.
      Over 110 pages of complaints here, but it’s being implemented PERMANENTLY in a month anyway.
      Tanki as you know it is officially DEAD.


    • Funny you forgot to mention the Matchmaking update (MM) that was tested from 2am UTC 8th to 2am UTC 10th Aug. LONG waits for battles, you are placed in random battles. NO CHOICE of battle, map, weapon, clan or tank. Totally random.
      There was teams of Legends vs Recruits. Crazy.
      It was a disaster.
      It got over 2,000 complaints, but Tanki will be making it PERMANENT anyway in a month.

      But good luck if you think Tanki is “so good,” You try it in September then, I guarantee you will HATE it just like so many have just found out how BAD the MM update will make it.

    • The Trickster is You Lil Russian Troll Just Stop lying corruption Fraud saboteurs and Cheats = Tanki the scam Online
      Tanki is lying to people The Truth is not any where close to what this clown states corruption states,
      Tanki is a saboteur game, people have more than one name in fact some have 100s of fake names, they use these Fake names to fraud other players in the game, Even The moderators have cheated in these Games,
      The updates are a joke, The Owners of this game Run the Game when it is Broken and Knowingly Keep it going stealing peoples monies as they go. This game mimics the Sochi Olympics Look up The scan They did there see the cheats that went on they are trying to badly to hide the truth of the saboteur cheat even in the Olympics’ they put on
      Tanki owners and moderator make a game that is easily cheated By clan (gang)s) of Bullies called the BEars Clan
      Constant planed cheaters that have infected the game so badly that its now a complete fraud and waste of time
      Fraud unfair play Bullying bad updates and Constantly hacked game The poor game of crap Tanki the scam online
      Graphics are weak and the game is constantly losing your sign in once you are in the game Rated on a scale of 1 to 10 tanki = a 2 maybe with its childish graphic and lagged Game play Not to mention the saboteur frauds that are Constantly there

      • Bruh stop using multiple different names to criticize tanki and tanki lovers. Just because you hate tanki, doesn’t mean you have to post a bunch of bad reviews about it. Maybe your just a big fat noob at tanki, but there are people that actually know how to play and are skilled at the game. Get a life “Tanki the scam online” or should I say ” Tanki online update scam”. Your both the same people

        • Troll Russian Punk Go lie to someone else
          Sochi Olympic Hmm Cheat and scam Tell the people here about you so smart Sochi Fraud and now more Fraud coming from same people
          Tankionline same country more saboteur s and lame Russian Mods
          Get A life Troll Kid corruption your name says it all lil freak so go have a Russian pill and wakeup lil scammer
          Game is HAcked & Daily Saboteurs are constan
          t cheats and fraud are Constant so shut your mouth and get a reality pill Kiddie

    • only trick is coming out of your mouth troll Boy Russian
      game is full of fake names and saboteur’s punks
      Hacked constantly if you say any different you are lying to everyone period game is a 6+th game level hacked mess of cheat players and that’s the facts

    • Pure Punk Troll Shhh lil Russian Scammer Boy Brainwashed communist Punk no doubt corruption you so used to lying that its your normal daily events

  48. Best game ever. Cool turrets, cool paints, cool hulls, a money system in the game (crystals), finishing missions to earn prizes, awesome maps, a friend system, earning experience and even your own garage. Plus there is even a chat system!!!! There is no hacking in the game and spending money doesn’t really help. Earning experience is so fun when your shooting other tanks and capturing other flags. The graphics are also so good like bridges, trees, buildings, and places where you can self destruct. This is the best tank game ever. I hope this game becomes more popular and more people enjoy it as time passes on.

    • No hacking? Spending money doesn’t really help?…What the?, what planet u on?…Even the moderators on the game will tell you that there are jump hackers, invincible hackers and aim hackers on Tanki….Jeez man! what game you been playing or are you blind?..The game is hugely buyer-orientated and buying gains a huge advantage in any rank under the last rank(legend)

      • What are you taking about. Theres no hacks in the game. If you hack you get banned. Tanki is an amazing game. Stop insulting it just because your a noob at it. I bet your only a recruit so you shouldn’t be talking noob

  49. There are many reasons why I hate Tanki:
    1. The graphics are really bad.
    2. The controls are horrible and are way to straightforward.
    3. This game requires no skill or luck since buying is pretty much the only way to be good. (It just requires you to be rich.)
    4. The only thing you do pretty much is shoot tanks, capture flags, and get points which is super boring.
    5. The chat system is filled with people that swear and people that talk about inappropriate stuff.
    6. Its very hard to earn crystals if you don’t spend money.
    7. There may be a few hackers that will ruin a good match.
    8. Useless items that have ridicilous prices. Like golden star is pretty much a useless paint because theres nothing that good about it other than the fact that it looks cool and it has such a high price.
    There is nothing good about Tanki.
    9. Druggers that use supplies just by pressing numbers. Something even a 2 year old can do.
    This game is a waste of time and doesn’t help you in any way. Don’t play it.

  50. Tanki is the worst game ever made, due to following reasons:
    1.You cannot do anything to enemies besides shooting them.
    2.The game’s graphics and physics are so bad that even the GTA:SA has much better graphics and is 5 years older, you can fall from any height and you won’t get hurt and when you lie upside down, your turret just passes through the ground like a deadman.
    3.NO 18+ people play this game, Claudiu likely stopped recording it randomly once he hit 18.
    4.Hackers, cheaters and no-skill people ruin it
    5.Most other real games have an aim, in Tanki you have it only on certain hulls
    6.It’s very lazily built, just like minecraft, however, no terrain is destructible and you can pass through trees (wtf).
    7.You don’t need any skill to play it
    8.Let’s take a look at World of Tanks artillery and Tanki’s Magnum turret, WoT arty is very legit and you have an aim, you have an alternative aim too, however, on the other hand, Magnum can just shoot and hope it will hit, but the hit ratio is about 1/25
    So it’s basically a no-brainer that I alone could make a better game of.
    Hope you understood me!

    • Agreed. Tanki is a bad game. There are much better strategy games that actually require some brain power and skill. Tanki is just about spending money and shooting tanks. The challenges are useless and the chat system is filled with people that swear.

      • Also, Railgun and Hornet used to be a popular combination. It isn’t that popular anymore as not many people use it.

    • That question is asked way too often. For the last time, there is no best turret and hull. Everyone is different so there isn’t one best turret and hull. Some people are good with Railgun while they are others that might not be good with it.

    • Best turret for this game is not to participate in the Russian game of saboteur and fraud It could be a good game if it wasn’t operated by the Russian scammers that own it Complete fraud and saboteurs

  51. I don’t understand why you guys hate Tanki. There is a solution to every problem in this game.
    1. If you guys hate lag, just refresh the page or close the tab.
    2. If its druggers you hate, buy the pro battle pass and play in the pro battle mode where supplies usually can’t be used. Maybe even buy supplies or complete missions so that you can also have supplies if you don’t want to play in the pro battle mode or can’t afford the pass.
    3. If its hackers you hate, leave the match or report the hacker.
    4. If its buyers you hate, go to more easier battles or just use your own tactics.
    Those are probably the only problems in the game. If you think there are more problems, comment and tell me and I will find a solution for them.
    Now to be good at Tanki, try to stick to only one turret and hull. First experiment to see which one suits you and then use that weapon and hull. Upgrade the weapon and hull and know all the strategies there are for the combination. Complete daily missions, enter contests, and save up for more crystals. Try researching your weapon online if you want. Never spend money for tanki. It is a waste of money and will not be worth it. Money should be used for better things.
    This game actually isn’t as bad as everyone says it is. Just follow these tips and use your own skills.
    Good luck in the game and if you have any questions, then ask them. Also sorry for my incorrect grammar and spelling. I’m kind of in a rush to go to a concert.

    • Ok. I don’t think there are any other problems. However, you said try researching about the weapon. You should have also included hull.

    • Mod are Useless Frauds and participate in the saboteur games Fool that’s why get a wake up call troll
      maybe even buy you are a complete troll Boy so go be a commey fool brainwashed idiot
      Get the Clue pay to play = fraud game = Tanki online
      Useless moderator crook for a owner and trolls like your self completely lying online Is a hacked
      Broken Game and a complete fraud Of everyone and any one who is stupid enough to play this Russian scam game

    • Really lil troll Pro battle that’s funny because every game I have played has been full of saboteurs scum and mostly all are Russian Clan the Bears complete cheat saboteur players in the Pro pass games You lil Troll are a complete liar.
      You say Those are probably the only problems in the game. If you think there are more problems, comment and tell me and I will find a solution for them Now Hmm lil Bs troll how you going to do that Tanki mod troll Keep trying to learn English
      solution to a good tanki game is real simple get rid of the Owners the are frauds

      Report hack The Joke of the Day Useless lame Moderators don’t do there job nor do they even stop hackers AND are daily and constant As far as Tanki goes I have seen them run that scam for days when the ENTIRE game Was Hacked and Flat robbing people of the crystals paid for or not Any Company with the slightest bit of Honor would have shut it down and fixed it But Not tanki the scam online they just kept Going not saying a word Complete Deception to all that play this scam of a game Just like the Olympic scam they pulled on the Entire World Read upon it sochi Olympic game Russian doping scam Everyone who went there got cheated out of their monies same stuff goes on here At tanki the scam online its like a sickness for this country has Very sick weak cheaters is what tanki online is and will always be

      • No. They’ve just finished a 20day trial of the Matchmaking (MM) update – you can’t choose maps, weapons, ranks or clans. Long waits to get into a battle. Teams of Legends up against teams of recruits, it’s SLAUGHTER.
        It got over 110 pages of complaints, but like every other update, they will bring it in in a month’s time regardless as a PERMANENT update. Tanki will be gone by October, guarantee it.

      • Tanki Will be sued and shut down soon Watch
        There are thousands that will attest that Tanki online is a Fraud people deliberately for cash
        Thousand’s of screen shots and videos of the scams and cheats

  52. Tanki keeps getting worser and worser.
    What could happen:
    1. Everyone will quit Tanki and the game will be dead over time.
    2. There may be a revival if Tanki makes the game more fair and makes it easier for skilled players to win.
    3. Tanki will remain like this for a long amount of time.
    4. Anything could happen. :O

    • It’s become much, much worse.
      Today they brought in an update which means EVERYONE now has drugs, except they’re calling it “Overdrive.”
      And they’ve totally killed Repair Kit.

      It’s now a case of Spawn-Die-Spawn-Die. You get murdered the second you spawn.
      I give it less than a month till Tanki goes under, with the number of players that are leaving.

      • In fact it’s a good update for those who play for free, without spending money on “drugs”. So the noobs with too much mommy’s money are having a hard time.
        Now we can compete more fairly with big spenders (that still have great advantages if they waste a lot of money).

        • Everyone spends money for tanki these days or at least more people. I hate noobs that spend money for tanki. Its unfair since they have no skill and there just using money to help themselves win.

        • It’s NOT a good update. Here’s why. You have Isida, which only fires for five seconds and then needs ten seconds to reload. So, you blast your opponent with your Isida, and your opponent hits you repeatedly, running down your life-bar. When your Isida stops to reload, your opponent hits Overdrive – giving him instant 100% life – and kills you.
          It’s not a fair update at all.

        • Really how about the 3 mult saboteurs on your team Hmm you forget that are not playing and just sitting there it is constant to this day Tanki is Bs and a cheat game of fraud Russian and Iranians Scammers There is NO Doubt Cheat Clan number # 1 The Bears complete frauds and cheats

    • Scam saboteur game of cheats is what tanki online is
      If your not being bullied and chased around by clan s that saboteur your games with there hundreds of fake names in your game on your team not playing to cheat you in your games,
      If you like scam fraud and saboteurs and like to get ripped off just like the Sochi Olympics where Russia cheated every one out of their monies Then this is the game of scam for you. There is no game just a fraud scam for money It would be a great game is it wasn’t in Russia there is no doubt the backwards owners change things you buy after you by them
      The hackers are daily and every where, even when the game doesn’t work right Most reputable companies would stop the game But Not tanki they will run it hacked broken and saboteur and keep on making cash because that what’s it all about the cash and any scam that gets the cash Works just fine for Tanki the scam online So don’t be fooled by the hundreds of tanki trolls you see writing good reviews on this game it is a scam Death to America is a allowed name in this game as well as many other names directed at the USA and other countries Could go on and on with thousand of screen shots and other unfair tactics of these clowns at tanki online.

  53. The most unfair game I have ever played. This game literally requires no skill. You just need to be wealthy which is hard for the poor people around the world. Something needs to be done about this game because its turning into chaos. Now people at General can play with Warrant Officer 5’s. The updates are horrible such as the need of a pro battle pass to create a battle and most of the good items have been moved to shop so that tanki can get more money. All of the people that spent money for tanki will regret it later in there lives once they realize how bad of a game tanki is.

    • I somehow agree, people who pay and drug a lot are ruining the game for all. The new updates make their life a bit harder, but still they have a great advantage, expecially at higher levels.
      At the beginning, with lower ranks, buyers are less frequent and if you have skills you can easily be first in many battles.
      BTW, the game is fun and it does not require you to play all days.

  54. In short: Tanki is a horrible game, don’t bother playing it. Waste of your time.

    When introduced to the game, it was fun admittedly. I found that a game based on tanks fighting one another in an arena very humorous (probably due to the fact that this was a Russian game). But the more you play it, the more you realize how unbalanced it is, on higher ranks it becomes a druggy free for all, with all the spoils going to the players who spent the most cash in this game. You could hardly call is a free to play game with such rigged game play features. there is hardly any skill involved at all.

    When playing this game, I found that for you to ever succeed in the game, you had to spend all your crystals upgrading one turret and hull, in order to be effective in the game, encouraging people not to try other tactics or skills in the game. And since you could only earn a significant amount of crystals by winning the game. You are encouraged to quit a round if you are losing, as you would hardly gain any crystals from that game. I find that the worst thing about this game is that you gain exp no matter the outcome, and the higher your rank, the more people with better gear you encounter (or spent money on the game). Resulting in you being butchered in every round the more you lose. This really forces you to either restart on a fresh account, or (as the developers intended) spend money on the game, just so you can fight with more people with better gear as the game goes on, until you finally quit after emptying your entire wallet in this sinkhole of a game.

    I do understand that they do need to find money to fund this game, but to encourage people to spend money on the game to level the playing field is plain wrong and should not be supported. I have seen much better games which could thrive off the free to play model without having to pander to the whales of the gaming community. (e.g TF2, selling cosmetics to fund their game, no boosts or any advantages given, therefore a fair playing field for everyone)

  55. Honestly, as ridiculously Pay To Win this game is, I can’t help but enjoy it. I find the idea of an in-browser mmo shooter that requires no download pretty cool, and I really do enjoy the gameplay. I can’t boast a particularly high rank, but a good way to combat all the buyers is to make an account where all you buy are 1-2 turrets and hulls. I think tanki has the potential to be an amazing and popular game. It just could use a lot of work.

  56. This game is so unfair. There are some tankers that work so hard to get crystals while there are just some idiots that merely buy from the shop without working hard. Its not fair and the game is so unbalanced. Its a waste of time and a waste of money. The people who play it are either buyers themselves, hackers, or innocent people that don’t see anything wrong with the game.

  57. Organized crime it what tanki online is
    Buy something they will change it without notice
    it is run like the doping scam that went on in the Russian country and town of sochi for the Olympics cheat and be cheated the way of life for this game and it s owners
    it shows clearly even when the game doesn’t work and is constantly hacked or broken

    Tanki online just acts as if nothing is wrong and keeps taken people monies Without notice to the people
    that the game is hacked and broken
    Also when you join a set of agreements are made with Tanki online which saboteuring games is prohibited
    The Real truth is they don’t enforce that rule.Saboteur people to increase the flow of cash by way of frustration of players in the game by non playing gamers on your team saboteur your game and it is almost constant
    see Tanki make Big bucks from cheating you it
    1. very flawed servers and
    2.Very very poor moderators with there world views its okay u to have a name Like Death to America But not okay to have a name Like I love Pork
    3. Moderators and Owners No show to hundred if not 100’s of thousands of saboteur games in violation of there own rules,

    • Already too old for Tanki Online. This game is now for 14 years old kids wasting all money they can find around. And money will get them to Legend level without actually learning any skill at all.

  58. OK at the lowest levels, but higher ranks is more like “to the buyers go the spoils”. Administrators removed the ability to create your own battle unless you spend crystals on a temporary pro-pass, so non-buyers are stuck in the drug-riddled battles filled with foul-mouthed prepubescents. Helps to buy kits, but still no match for the middle school kid with mom’s credit card. That’s exactly what the admin’s wanted, more spending, but it will be the downfall of the game as more people leave for MMO games that focus on fairness of play first.

  59. Professor Hawking would call this game a waste of time and space.

    Seems to be run by moronic admins who act like kids. They suspended my account with no warning for having a mildly inappropriate comedic username and subsequently lost all of my progress.

    Also agree this is just another lame money game for people with no skill to buy the best weapons and shielding in games. Get a grip.

    • Can I ask what your username is/was? It’s just the same thing happened to me. Kim_Jong_Un. It’s political apparently, yet “Trumpgood” (and yes, there is someone there with that name) isn’t

  60. This is not a good game.When gold box comes my heart start beating which results in weak heart and also this game is full of tensions.the game gives more sadness and tension rather than happiness.And they should not keep the money system to buy crystals.I collected 2000 crystals to buy protection but my rank reached up,and it changed from 2000 to 5000.there are many faults in this game.More hard work and less credit.they should do lot of changes to this game.

  61. Tanki would be a really good game if:
    1. There was no hacks for tanki online.
    2. You couldn’t spend money for tanki, and there is no shop
    3. Better graphics.
    4. More play and less chat.
    5. More challenges that help you earn more crystals and supplies.

    • it woud be even better to get rid of the owner s which are the problems of the scam watch their videos of these lil high school kids calling them selfs a business lol what a joke

      here tanki develop Ill drop a US dollars on the ground to watch you dive and fight for it

  62. Tanki online would be a great game if:
    1. There was no hacks for tanki online.
    2. You couldn’t spend money for this game and there is no shop in the game.
    3. Players would play more and chat less.
    4. Better graphics.
    5. More challenges that will help give you more crystals and more supplies.

  63. After carefully considering tanki, I have found some things. This game is really unfair, because most tankers just have an advantage of spending money and buying from shop. Anyone can just become pro by merely spending money for this game. There’s no challenge anymore. It is a useless game.





  64. I used to like this game a lot and play it quite often, but not that much anymore. Tanki online used to be very fun, but now there is too many hackers, buyers, noobs, and swearing in the chat. The game also disconnects too much. Even though tanki is getting a little worser, the updates are really good such as the daily mission update, new weapons, and new paints in shop.

    • I agree with you Chris. Tanki used to be fun, but not anymore. It’s not a game of skill or luck. It’s just a game where you spend money. Even if you don’t spend money and save up, it takes way too long. The people who play tanki are either buyers, or innocent people who don’t see anything wrong about the game. The updates however are getting worser

      • Don’t play tanki. It’s a waste of time if you don’t spend money on it. If you do spend money on tanki, your wasting money that can be used for other things. Spending money for a game is stupid and is useless.

    • Russian troll are BSing the internet with there straight Up Fraud game of thief’s straight from the scum who made any Good review on this game is a lie
      Russian scum trolls moderator are useless lil fraud that make nothing per day and are easily Bought the scum society they live in more Broke desperate Russians any for a us penny Disgusting Fraud there is NO Doubt

    I’ve just discovered that I was fraud for 500 euro using may paypal by tanki online. attention!!!! I coud expected russian game gives the russian behaviours!!!!!
    I bought twice the crystals and the tanki equipment using paypal and then they picked up 50 transactions using my stolen account for 500 euro. I contacted paypal and they answered me that they’ve checked and they have not discovered the starnge movements by the third persons (tanki). They are a big fauders stilling the money. I will not let this like this.

  66. Moderators participate in Fraud and are instigating saboteurs if they aren’t one to make money In fact many mods cheat in games knowingly just to steal money for owners from you
    I have A very High rank few have and there is no doubt its is organized crime without a doubt
    Beware if you want your children Bullied Frauded and cheated out of their money go to Tanki online the Fraud scum cheat game of the internet This is a low life game of Russian cheats there is no doubt graphics are childish and the Blunt fraud is just like the Olympics that Russia robbed millions at the Olympic games they frauded Stay away if you know what’s best

  67. Happy to see so many already reported what Tanki Online really is. A real nice game totally spoiled by so many (99% of players) young kids spending a fortune to win. You may become the best player ever, but if you do not spend money and play together with other money wasters, you will just ruin your liver. On the other side, even the noobest kid just starting can win simply using a credit card. The most unfair game I ever played. STAY AWAY !!!

  68. Tanki is a bad game. It is filled with hackers, buyers, and cheaters who are just noobs. I bet tanki will soon have no followers in 1 about an 4-6 years.


  69. Tanki Online was a joke in 2015 and a complete one in 2016. Player’s are leeving in packs for a variety of reasons but mainly because it’s to difficult to win without spending big money and even then non-russians are penalized because russians get special treatment and are able to buy much because they get big discounts. Developers never do anything players want but keep bringing out naff updates that reck months of your hard work and every update looks like their just about the money. Gameplay was there in 2014 but not now because cheats are all over the place and there is no way to kick out noob players who are there to mess about and spoil your game. The forum is a joke to because they only want to hear good things and players who complain are just negative whiners who are told to stay patient. Tanki x is soon coming and that just seems to be tanki online 2 with better graphics which spoils it. Tanki onlines simplicity was the appeal and now its all about money money money. Yes it’s free to play but I think it’s pay to win but only when nobody spoils your games! Avoid for your sanity.

  70. Have played Tanki for a long time,But now it has become a joke.No customer service, Mods refuse to do there job, And 2 of the 3 founders have been convicted of drug trafficking ( #3 on trial ) PPl show them problems and they refuse to fix them or just ignore there customers.Would have to say 2 years ago great game, but don’t waste your time these days.

  71. Tanki online is a cheat game of Russian FraudsbMods say that they will Rush to recue to stop fraud players But don not at all its a lie like usual

    a fraud Russian game Avoid at all cost This is why they are Banned from world Olympics for cheating and the same goes in this game false advertising and fraud is whats its All about useless cheats mods and trolls deception and foul play by mods and others constant false advertising and cheats = tanki online

  72. Tanki on;line is a cheat game of Russian cheats Mods say that they will Rush to recue to stop fraud players But do Not do at all It s a fraud Russian game AVoid at all cost This iss why they are Banned from world Olympics for cheating and the same goes in this game false advertising and fraud is whats its All about

  73. Game’s concept is good(if ur into that sort of thing) but the games so expensive, it can cost ridiculous amounts of real money to get 1 or 2 good tanks. In-game moderation is almost non-existent. Far too many cheats allowed to get away with almost everything, if they get punished they get chat ban for 1 day. lol. The updates the game has from time to time seem to be an exercise in annoying as many paying customers as possible. Lag in game is unbelievable at times.

  74. This game sucks and is full of cheaters. Anyone that lets their young kids play it turn chat off cos theres so much swearing and abuse in most battles and in lobby chat. Youd think a game with loads of tanks going around wrecking eachother would be great fun, and it is at times. But the game has some major problems that dont ever seem to be fixed, just pointless update after pointless update while games main problems stay.

  75. Like Tankman says//Poorly run game where admin spend more time on pointless forum competitions than correcting the problems with cheaters. A few forum users have offered ideas on the ideas section of the forum that seem to be quite good, but they just get ignored. Loads of updates in the last year have driven people away from the game. It now costs a fortune to get a fully upgraded Tank to compete with high ranks. Middle and low ranks is completely about using supplies to win.

  76. This game would be good if it didn’t have so many mults in it(when players put alternative accounts or friends in enemy teams to play badly to make it easier to win). It’s made the game a laughing stock amongst many of it’s customers (a lot of which seem to have left) and it does absolutely nothing about it. The funny thing is that a lot of the ones that use mults seem to be unbelievably dumb idiots when you speak to them, so these clowns are outsmarting developers that are supposed to be clever. Not to mention the fact the they’re so pathetic that they have to cheat on an online game to win, where’s the challenge in that? just shows their mentality.

    Almost every battle is now decided by which team uses mults, anyone that’s bright enough to notice what’s happening in battles will eventually get to the stage where they think “what the hell am I playing this garbage for?”…sadly, a lot of the game’s remaining players are too dimwitted or naive to notice any wrongdoing, which is probably why the game does nothing to solve the issue.

    The higher ranks are pretty much about supply use, but you can get plenty of supplies as a free-player, so no problem there IMO, although the supplies cause major hate amongst many players as they’re so overpowered. It’s an ok game to play as a free-player, but I wouldn’t pay into it as it’s developers don’t seem interested in solving it’s issues, anyway why bother?just use mults 😉

    Could be a great game, but sadly it’s quite average. The newer version (TankiX) is on the way apparently, but it’ll probably have similar flaws.

    • Tanki online = Fraud

      a agreement is agreed to when starting game one of the rules 2.1.5 is saboteurs which are nonplaying cheaters
      The The Owner a Russian cheat himself AlternativaPlatform Heres the lies Clicking “Accept” at the registration form means that you are acquainted and … the laws of Malta on the 22nd March, 2013 bearing registration number C 59774, …… honour, dignity and business reputation arising in connection to the Game

      They cant even Spell Honour is there rules because there isn’t any Honor
      2.1.5. Sabotage — Any acts or omissions aimed at creating obstructions for the team where the User is a member, including in CTF, TDM and CP modes, fighting against the team of which you are a member (intentional selection of weak equipment, frequent pauses, inactivity or intentional failure to comply with map’s or game mode’s requirements, imitation of issues with internet connection), damaging/destroying an ally’s tank, fighting in the interest of the opponent’s team

      Banned From Olympics for cheating as well Tanki show s the World once again the Russians like to cheat as a planned not only State sponsored ways but in all ways lie cheat and deceive the Russian way BY tanki not adhering to there own rules there are committing fraud against players again and there kids they are not to be trusted with there twisted rating system that congratulates fraudsters as the only people tanki online is fooling is them selfs

  77. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this game. The game has some pretty great gameplay and is definitely worth a shot, however after you reach the top ranks it clearly becomes pay-to-win. So unless you’re planning to spend $600 on virtual tank equipment, you’re better off quitting.

    I’d advise you to play until Major, and then start a new account (which is free). That way you can get the best gameplay for the longest time, and avoid all the nasty supply spammers at the top rank.

  78. +Nora Heeman……This game is safe and the only reason they put out Ranks and (kills) is because thats normally how older Gamer’s associate this Score as…SO don’t worry this game is safe and is protected by moderators and #Rules.

      • No unless you buy packs like a noob …. Tanki is for Tankers…i’m a FPS troll more like…but ur 12 so i’ll take ur opinion as a grain of salt

        • 12 my but lil man Troll bs er only salt yu get is a good kick in the teeth Russian troll
          the truth is its a cheat game with nothing but cheats in it agree to rules called rush to rescue when a player is a saboteur moderator supposed to come they are no shows they lie to get you to play and them they don’t do as they say it a scam

    • Bs troll u are — the game is a cheat scam useless cheat mods and a constant cheat game of frauds, tanki write rules but does not follow them in order to capture cash, they are cheating yr children , also banned world wide from Olympics for Fraud and cheats so troll on useless bs er cause what yu say is not the truth lil troll punk

    • yr full of bs troll Mods are no shows rules as bs and yr a troll game is made by a sixth grader and lags every turn broke desperate cheats mut saboteur games what this clown is saying come waste yr time Where Russian we all ready got banned from world Olympic games for cheating come to tanki where they will cheat yu some more

  79. WOW,I got banned for 700 hours,and its actually ma fault….So don’t blame them this game takes literately HOURS to make and BTW they have been doing this since 2009.They work hard and don’t get paid much…..they just want to make a really cool game that everyone can play and enjoy…WITHOUT hackers,or lag,or jerks,or…or……………Well, that is all i have to say but.. One point is right,It takes approximately: 50,000 hours to get from RECRUIT to WARRANT OFFICER 4 (lvl 14) sooo u r right ’bout that..but don’t be hatn’ just cause ur crap…….*Sherman527*

  80. Tanki is a fun and entertaining game for my boys. However, as a parent, I am not comfortable with the way they rate. The words kills and deaths should not be part of the game. It is desensitizing
    people. That is my only concern otherwise there is no blood or gore.

    • +Nora Heeman……This game is safe and the only reason they put out Ranks and (kills) is because thats normally how older Gamer’s associate this Score as…SO don’t worry this game is safe and is protected by moderators and #Rules.

    • Shut up. Tanki is not fun or entertaining and no one gives a **** about the words kills and deaths. Its merely a game where you spend money and win.

    • Not the best game to give to let your sons play, the game is free, but constantly encourages players to buy to get advantages. The game is unbalanced and panders to the people that pay large amounts of money to the game. They would not get any enjoyment from playing this game.

      I would also like to say that k/d ratios have been in games for a long time and that this does not desensitize the act of killing, it is just a scoring system. As long as your kids are educated that real life violence and killings is exponentially different from games it will be fine. Such is the same with blood and gore. Movies and books as well as video games have been criticized for desensitizing sensitive topics such as death and sex, but I do believe that as long as there is suitable parental guidance and education for kids on the difference between real life and movies/books/games, there is no need to fear future psychopaths roaming the school hallways.

  81. Tanki online is a GAme Of Russian Fraud, Rules are bull mods don’t comply and are liars and thief’s ———–anyone who gives these people money is a Straight up fool complete fraud GAme OStrica is the Leader of the frauds and stated he don’t make the rules BUT HIS scam owner does TANKI Online is a fraud HE a fraud against Kids and should be banned from the web just as they fraud the Olympics they fraud you and everyone else for a Dollar

    • I agree with you 100%. I was chatting and playing and a MOD wrote me in Russian when I am English and banned me. Chat is part of the game that’s why its there. Only reason I knew I was banned was when I attempted to chat again. My bf has paid over $200.00 on this noob game and for valentines day he got me a $60.00 prepaid card to buy crystals on Tanki but due to the ban by a chidl MOD I spent the money at a clothing store. Russians are corrupt, just look at Putan. Power tripping country

  82. This game is not bad (I would give it a 6.5/10). Some good things are: its a fun game, cool turrets, wide variety of paints, sales happening often, constant updates, and a lot of players in the game. Some bad things are : it is very hard to rank up and it takes far too long, crystals are hard to earn, you kinda have to pay to get good equipment, crystals are over priced,the game lags sometimes, the game might lose connection, and there are power-ups in the game that make it very annoying. I encourage you to try it, but you may or may not like it,

  83. Tanki is a great game, and there was an update in 2015 that introduced Daily Missions. These are tasks (such as earning EXP on a certain map) that you can complete to earn supplies (Repair kits, double armor, etc.) or crystals. These are pretty great, and I enjoy this game immensely. Definitely recommended.

  84. Game is full of cheats and hackers, tankionline states that their moderators rush to the rescue and it is a just a bold faced lie they hardly show up and it is full of hackers and fraud Sabotage players , fraudsters and the owners of tankionline encourage this type of play to make money off it.
    Beware don’t spend a dime on this game its a total Russian scam game Director of fraud– mod director is -> this clown Ostrica is known to know about all these problems and chooses to look the other way as incompetent moderators that over see this activity in the games
    Be smart don’t spend a dime on this game is is Fulll of fraud players and Fraud orchestrator s

  85. Addictive game but tanki are to greedy. Expensive items to buy which they change far to often. Sabotage and cheats are everywhere and nothing gets done so your purchases are wasted. Good game could be epic if they wanted but no desire from owners – just money mad.

  86. are you going to update this video or what guys? becaus it hast changes a lot you have now a shortgun name: Hammer and a minigun name: Vulcan and more like dust and shadow this is a video from a year of 2013/2

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  88. If you have Facebook then look up on facebook>>>TANKI-Online-Complaints <<<I started it today . This is for all the people to be able to talk about problems in tanki .With out any one who works for tanki being about to stop us like they do on there site. We need as many people to stand up to get the changes we want in the game .If they wont listen we will raise more people till they do ./So please go check it out and like the page .

  89. I love the game but I have had no assitance over lost crystals which I bought!
    This has caused me to really be disappointed in the staff and those behind the game!

  90. I paid 20$ for Tanki on a 3x sale. However, I never got the crystals. I have tried everyway, but the email takes so slow, and Tanki doesn’t respond to you with actual people. This shows that Tanki can’t be trusted when it comes to spending money. Buyer beware, don’t get scammed like I did. Also, you can get banned for various reasons, if you did them or you didn’t.

  91. Hi. I cant get into my account and i have not been using any programs that would get me banned. Plz help. I’d like to know why i cant get into it so please unblock my pass word

  92. Why are people ever complaining about this game? with the new smart cool-downs update, I who have never bought a single Chrystal can now do well in the games! I have been playing for about six months, and I am having an awesome time! highly recommended to anybody. I already have an m-2 gun and and m-1 hull, so it is not hard to do well without buying. I am not that devoted to the game, but I still can kick butt whenever I get on.

  93. you need to update this video tanki is improved i play this too but you need a good computer for the FPS ( Frames Per Second) the railgun will by improved soon it is not a lazer and the twins have not any more big sparks

  94. Game was nice, now it has gone to drugged and hacks! Complained but with no video they cannot do anything. Played game only to have spawn killers sit and kill you. Others target spawn points and kill you aas you spawn. Got to Warrant 5 rank, each time longer and longer to get to rank. Don’t waste your time with the game unless you really like being beaten by a low rank drugged person who takes out 10 of your guys before getting killed! Game has gone to the hackers! Sad to see Tanki not do anything in house to stop it. Good game but piss poor company!

    • There was a developers update THERE ARE NO MORE HACKERS ON THIS GAME get that in you little hater heads (all reading this) LEAVE THE MATCH IF THERE IS A HACKER IN IT, dont go and give this game a bad review if you can figure out how to leave one of the games… enough said

      • Your full of crap the daily hacks and code run the cheats other 95 percent or more games are either fraud sutures or cheats

      • really huh noob I have hundreds of screen shoots and videos, And 5 mill in points and the Highest rank there isoints fool youre just another lil scam troll funny how you brain washed troll s think huh lil troll maybe you should cut back on your BS

      • lil Troll don’t lie its full of cheats and the mods are useless and don’t go by the rules so stop lying about the game

  95. haha so am i and it’s not funny i have an account you can try if you want it’s called 1212343255 and the pass is zombic

  96. to be honest i like this game but its just the graphics there so bad that when ever my dad sees me playing this game he tells me its bad and closes it.plz fix this games graphics.

  97. To be honest, This is a great game. Once you get past the first few newbie lvls, u unlock all the cool gun, get the epic looking upgrades..bla bla bla. Of course, i Have to agree that u cannot get anyware without buying, tru, but i have many friends on it who have several m1s, even some m2s, without buying. You can become just as good as other buyers even without buying. Also, several upgrades have made it even better

  98. Corruption13 Who is making comments on every ones post .Has to work for tanki .It shows how the mods on there work to .They act just like him .

    • lol no he doesn’t
      i don’t work for tanki too but i like tanki so i promote em by bullying bitches that write bad comments about tanki xD


  99. You gotta give credit to the devs for creating this type of game on the web. Sure, customer service isn’t great , but it’s nice to pal when you’re bored.

  100. tanki has a lot of glitches and hackers and is totaly not fair once i was using the most protective tank in the game and someone who was 3 ranks lower than me one hit K.O me.

  101. I dont even understand why you are complaining about this game, I played this game when I was 10 years old, everyone played it, and thats the exactly place for this game, young children. I now play world of tanks, its is so much much much more realistic then this shit. they dont care about their game, they only want you to buy diamonds with real money. my statement, delete your account en play world of tanks or warthunder ground forces because I just get angry when I see this game on somebody his screen. stfu tankionline

  102. you should try the game now with people constantly using the drugs as people on there call them (extras like more speed,extra firepower,restore health and more armour) you can actually spend reall money to buy crystals to buy these upgrades but these days you can reallhy play the game properly because of idiots on there.

    If i was you I would go play world of tanks its a much better game.

    tanki is the worst game I ever seen its just a way to make loads of money they dont care a dam about the players.

  103. i have played many games, but tanki is my all time fav, this is the best to play with friends. i bet every one should try it, find a combo that suits you, and rule.. it.

  104. Tanki Online is not a bad game, guys. Just keep AWAY from the chat, NEVER buy anything, and KNOW how to manage your meager supply of crystals (in-game money).

    Playing Advice (In case anyone wants to know):

    -Focus on one set of hull and gun. Learn all the tricks there is about it.
    -Know everything about the maps. It can help you make decisions faster.
    -Less talking, more playing.

    Follow these three guidelines, and you might have a chance against that a-hole that keeps drugging every 2 minutes or so.

    See you on the battlefield!

  105. I read alot of comments on here and went looking for other places to see if they are saying the same thing .I found a page that looks like it was just started on facebook .Its called tankionline complains Tanki sure is making people made all the sudden But i agree with about every thing im seeing on this site and this facebook page two.Tanki is robbing people .and they dont care what you think .I stoped playing when they did that redo thing they did. But her is the link to that facebok page .And good luck if your spending your money on tanki.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tankionline-complaints/395044573960927

  106. I see a lot of comments .And i will say that tanki has gone to crap.It use to be a earn your way up.Its now a pay to win game. And every thing has gone up in cost.So what happens is kids with no money get there butts kicked only because the kids with money can by all the super powers .And i see people calling tanki a drug dealers .Boy they hit the nail on the head with that. They give you a few free powers that are gone very fast .So you get hooked on them just like drugs in real life .And boom you are now a tanki drug addict paying out or this world prices for some thing that has ZERO worth in the real world. And i have seen with my own eyes that tanki will take the side of a russian over any one else if there is a problem .Also seen with my own eyes two diffrent people break the same rule and the Russian player gets a 5 min ban And the other some times a week or more .So i also agree with a few post on here calling Corruption13 a worker of tanki .He has to be .So im waiting on this new tank game to get out of beta called TANK ACE .soon as its up im done with tanki .Besides i dont play tanki much at all any more .The higher up in ranks you get the more it costs you to play to keep up .So save your self alot of money dont go on tanki unless you are rich and can blow money.

  107. I 100% agree with ben above me .They are drug dealers for sure. And they did the same thing to me when they did the game re balance .They took every thing from us ,Jacked up the prices and we couldnt get back what they stole from us .How can you take some thing from some one how payed for it .And then make them not only pay for it again but pay more to get the same thing you already had and payed for.I agree with ben again dont get on this game .Save your self from the future ass screwing theyy will find .They will find new ways to get more from you .

  108. Ow by the way ( Corruption13 ) Works for tanki .Its so clear he does. And no tanki has got alot worse since they do nothing but find new ways to take your money.Thats why im not on it any more .I hope i can save as many people as i can from getting robbed on there site . Tanki is nothing but video drug dealers .AND I MEAN THAT IN EVERY WAY. They make it so you cant play with out buying there over priced crap to keep up. .And then you also have to pay so other people cant use drugs in the game .Its called a no supply’s match. So you pay or you pay .Either way you pay .Please unless you have alot of money and can just thro it away AND FAST TWO.Then dont even get on this site .

  109. Ok so tanki screwed every one on that Re-balance they did.I couldnt get back the stuff i payed for with real money .So they robbed me or what i payed for .Then they jacked up the prices up on every thing .And to get the same things back i would have to pay for them again.This is a site that will and has robbed people .It is not a site to be trusted at all. If you send tanki a email about any thing they have done they will ask for you to send your user name in the game and a screen shot so they can delete your account dont do it .I have been in contact with over 400 people so far about this and we are building a case on this site. this site is evil .Please check out WORLD OF TANKS .Me and my 2 sons are now on there site and have not had any problems with it .Also we have many complaint or Russian account getting better treatment then American accounts .Also they have people who work for tanki in the chat windows who will ban you if you bring up any thing about what tanki is doing to people in there site.We have over 1500 emails .over 3500 screen shots ,And over 2100 people who have signed a petition to the BBB. Me or either of my sons play it any longer .But i still have a account that i go in there and talk to players and get more to join the BBB paper work .As a grown man i can not believe what they are doing to the people who they have flat out robbed in there site. You can not take some thing from some one after they payed for it and then demand them to pay more to get it back .

    • I Have file with credit card companies nad filing to FTC over the scoundrels and submitted fraud so they can see what these scums are doing to kids credit card system uyour card company can stick there foot up the scammer asress Internet fraud and scams = tanki the scam online

  110. Be aware everyone here who says how great the game is is a shiller from the company.
    It’s a terrible Russian pay to win game. The people behind the game are complete retards.

  111. This game is crap.

    Here is why I think so:
    1. Change to rules every now and then. I bought (with real money) some tank and weapon upgrades, together with a paint. In one of updates the game sold all of those (crystals remain on my account), but I was unable to re-buy them because the ranks needed to have them changed.
    Now I need over 280 000 XP to be able to mount them back (an estimated 20-30 days of uninterrupted play at a decent level).
    2. Pay-to-win. Some may not see this as an issue, but I do. Take a look at World of Tanks on how to combine freemium model without P2W. Here it’s simple: everything could be bought – tanks, consumables, weapons and experience (rank). They removed the XP for crystals at least.
    3. Bugs. Clipping issues, viewport, game hacking, disconnects and mysterious freezes.
    4. Controls – arrows, space, z, x, c, PgUp, PgDn. It’s 2013, not 1992, why then? No mouse, no key mapping. View is constrained, not possible to aim precisely, especially with lags/rendering jitter.
    5. Game modes and maps – would not be so bad if the match making was working (you select the game). Together with AFKers, hackers and crystal thiefs (they join battle in uber tanks shortly before the big reward airdrop is about to happen only to leave after it is taken – often by themselves).
    6. Graphics and sound – flash game, what would you expect?

    All in all, it’s just a waste of time at least. You have been warned.

  112. Horrible, horrible, horrible!!

    Sh!tty updates like Rebalance, micro updates, drifting jne…

    Admins won’t give a phuck what players think new updates. All they want is MONEY!

    Also new weapons as ”missile” and tanks like ”hoovertanks”

    Absolutely bullshit!

  113. I love this game and I’ve been playin this game for a long long time m, about a year, and its fun but after a while u’ll get bored, but now im waiting for tanki v2.0 to come out…I think it will be great…over all I think Tanki online is a great way to spend time when bored By the Way can someone tell me more games like this one….please…please…. If no one has tried this game called’Contract-Wars’ then u should really try it. Its awesome!!! Please tell me more games like this.

  114. this game is too cool no need to download with high graphics the pic u see is too old the game has better graphics now and the areas in it very good u should try it it loads slow at first time but it will load fast after that u better try it there is many server with many players very fun when u play it

  115. The rebalance was a good thing as it made it so that you can play with the first tank you get for the whole game ( although not recommended) and makes leveling up easier. Like, it used to be that tier 1 tanks would become trash when they go against tier 2s. Put, now, instead of the Hornet being stronger and faster than the Wasp, it is only stronger, giving the Wasp the ability of being faster than the hornet.

    The bad news is the economic update. Here are the pros and cons.

    (+)pros: You now get 10x the amount of crystals than before the update.(1=10,100=1000)

    It is now MUCH easier to get new M0 stuff as the mammoth cost only 400 crystals( 40 in relative terms.)

    (-)Cons: It is almost impossible to get M1-M3 stuff w/o paying, as now,the worth of crystals goes down by 50%!

    Even if you do pay, a M2 isida would cost almost $90 in real money to buy.

    As you can’t get new stuff as easy, the game loses appeal much faster now.

    • Well, the thing is, we can earn faster, if we ‘WIN” the games, and focus on longer battles [45 minutes] rather than short, 10 minute battles.

      But it is kinda

    • Well, the thing is, we can earn faster, if we ‘WIN” the games, and focus on longer battles [45 minutes] rather than short, 10 minute battles.

      But it is kinda hard to get M3, which I agree with you, but that is not fully bad since the m2 upgrades, which are just a tad bit weaker, not too weak, can be won easily..

    • saad one of the worst offenders in the sabotage game Saad your not only a cheater but your a troll and lie U have sabotaged many games and I even have several screen shots of you doing so your just like you buddy corruption

  116. I see you all are talking of old times. A brand new update called ‘Rebalance’ was launched in december 2012.
    A lot of things have since then.These are as follows:
    1) When a newbie starts out as a recruit( rank 1) that person only battles with other players of equal or next rank. This is to avoid pros from bullying low ranks.
    2)If a player enters his/her account everyday they can get bonus gifts such as double armour,double power, first aid and most valuable of all(for me), crystals.There is an increase in crystal gift you can recieve now. I am a staff seargeant and I am eligible to receive 60 crystals as bonus. Players are randomly chosen to receive crystals so this depends on luck.
    3)Because of rebalance advanced weapons and hulls that can be only unlocked at higher ranks are available to newbies at relatively low prices.
    There are many more things that I changed but I don’t have enough time as of right now.
    Follow the website mentioned above for further info.
    Tanki is currently the most engaging, addictive and best RPGMMO game on the internet.
    viewers, If you want to play its free. Before playing its advisable to increase your computer’s cache memory to 200MB for peek performance.

  117. Update the review, there was a massive update which changed a lot of the game, so i think there should be a new review, this one misleads people.

    • I think this guy corruption works for tanki…..he is blindly vouching for tanki even though i suspect he knows the gr8 flaws that r their in it. I hav been playing tanki for an year now, initially the game was cool but as i started ranking up i had to battle with players( high ranked and sometimes even my juniors) who had better guns and hulls than me. That sucks!! bcz u get killed every time u come before them… and tell u what i’mm really gud and skilled and i hav collected a lot of crystals but u can hardly match players who r using credit card to buy crystals….here is where i think tanki is not cool…..It is all about money!!!! :((

  118. It is waste of time, after playing the stupid anti-cheat system block you if you open another flash game at the same time, and they said you use a third-party software

    That means if you want to play tanki, you must leave all other games you play or they will block you

  119. Waste of time. Too many cheaters using the supplies Tanki sells. Constant lag and disconnects, losing gems which are hard to collect unless you pay. Tanki is all about $$$, and nothing about fair play.

    • No nub go play it now it’s all fair,u just suck at the game that’s why u write bad revieuw about it ok
      hackerz don’t exist anymore
      servers are alot more stable then 2 years ago
      u can’t lose gems nub,unless u buy something with it
      not about money ok,about making a fair and good game
      nub nub nub nub nub nub nub xD
      Yea I write nub like that,any problems? nub

  120. Okay the top review is utter rubbish, first of all, using the mouse to aim leads to a lot of problems and can often cause you to click off the page and stick your game, secondly as it says in tanki’s website it is a game for players who dont have the best pc specs therefore has low system requirements, and big players cannot play with smaller players as the game will not allow it, small players along with big players can only play in games with fellow players four ranks above and 3 below them. And youre clearly an idiot who just wants to shit on the game because everyone knows if you flip u press del and you self destruct and respawn.
    Tanki online is an awesome game for devoted players.

  121. I am an avid Mmo’er and in my opinion Tanki online is a game that is good but compared to other games you start on levl 15, so it takes a long time to level up and I think that that puts some people off. When you start you level about once a day, and becaue every time you level you unlock a totally different tank and gun. However, I being the top level, Have gone through all stages of the game ; Beginning; The main problem is you suck, And takes a lot of skill + luck to level up to2; at which pont things get better. When you reach level 10, It fells like you are grinding , however, this picks up at level 15 because with each level ou unlock about 20 things. UNfortunately, getting from level 10 to 15 takes aproxxemetely a month if you play 2 hours a day(about 3 games) IF you rock and win every game. If you suck it is virtually impossible. Luckily for me I am so experienced at all games, I won 9/10 1v1s and 60% pf teams so it took me 5 weeks. One major pro is that it is ALMOST f2p, With all items in diamonds, which you can earn. However, Some items are up to 12000 diamonds; It takes about an hour to earn 8-10 Diamonds. It is 1 diamond per cent – so Paying MASIIVELY speeds things up – Therefore – If youwant to kepp playing, you either have to do someMASSIVE grinding, absolutely ROCK, or pay money. Seeing as most of us dont rock, I would class this game as a P2P trying to be F2P But not quite making it

  122. Tanki is one of those first come first master games meaning all the peoople from day 1 or beta have like the best tanks and all the new people suck just because they dont have the good stuff. It requires some skill but also having the upgrades and crap.

  123. my p/c is so weak, that i cannot play World of Tanks on it, and believe me.. i’ve tried!! So i play the next best thing: Reign Of Steel !!! Awesome 3D tank game and doesnt require any downloading!! Tanki is “ok” i guess.. seems to get too boring too quickly.

    • World of Tanks is an ok game, but matching sucks ass. Tanki online is simpler, though gems are hard to earn if you aren’t #1 every other game. WoT sucks in the sense that you only make money in the middle and lose it at the top. Tanki’s better because you only need the most points to have more gems, which in turn sucks, because kill stealing’s one of the biggest problems. Also, it sucks when you’re starting out (both games really) because you’ll fight higher ranked people with better tanks, and there’s not such a great selection of battles where you are one of the stronger. After about 12,000XP, then Tanki will become better, though it gets boring as hell fast.

  124. guys,its a great game
    we can have weapons,armor,paint,etc
    its not easy
    we want to earn some cristels to buy some stuff
    tanki 2.0 is coming with super stuffs!
    wait for it

    • BS Troll Im min 20 plus the highest rank lil man fraud is fraud tanki = fraud and liars the owner and developers are taking advantage of players and are useless to say the least and do not honor the Rules of the game unless they can make some fraud monies from it mults hacker and many many other frauds go on here there moderator are even fraud mults in some game as well get a life troll stop lying

  125. Hey guys nice day btw guys does any body know any very cool game that talks about ppl vs ppl not pc missions like villains and heroes this type plz tell me no tanki online plz i need help REPLY thank you

  126. oh hey guys i play it and rly in the first like day i didn’t rly know how to aim but now im matered and u its so fun when u drectly aim on someone and shoot and it hits so u can get xpsthe pretty adnd the thing i like is that theres so many classes and cant get it very fast but it needs so much time in addition so much paints colors maps and these things and turets the game is pretty when u learn it 🙂 thats all

  127. icedrake stop sayng bad things about games, just cuz u can’t play or suck at u probably suck dont mean u have to insult it.

  128. Well, first of all, i see why you guys don’t like it. But simply put, you are being superficial. How long have you played? I am not accusing you of anything nor am i trying to insult you. I just want to say that the game itself has much more to it. It brings quiet a lot of gratification when you master the aiming technique, let alone ranks, that take forever to increase. I’ve played the game on both, Russian and English servers and participated in some (i might say) epic battles: 17 to 20 people on each team. Be it team flag capture, team death match or free for all, the game can become extremely engaging and even addictive. I do have to agree on the graphics though. I do await 2.02 version in which developers promised better…….well, everything. Plus its free.
    All that’s left is to wait…

  129. Looks good on the outside, not so good on the inside. The aiming is terrible, you have to use the space bar to shoot (why not use your mouse, that way its easier to aim). You have to move your turret with the Z and X keys, also inconvenient. On “new player-friendly” servers, there are pros farming off of the newbies. Simply put: This game is no good. The graphics are mediocre at best. And the game play is also pretty boring. One annoying thing is not being able to get back up once you’ve rolled over. Then, you’re just a sitting duck, waiting for someone to kill you.

    • Try out the game now, its much better with another game mode called “Control Points” and new graphics update, and you probably didnt read the “Play Manuel” as it says you can distroy your tank yourself by pressing “delate”.

      And the aiming? of course almost everything we humuns try is hard, for example, did you walk easily,cycled easily etc when you were small? NO. you practised it and made it perfect right?

      Same way if you were to spent more than 10 minutes, you would have made it easier sooner or later….

      • Nowadays, the game is even worst since the initial post of Icedrake.

        The game is invested with hackers, bugs and severe lags and disconnections.
        The developers aren’t able to implement a proper update without introducing new bugs. The game is a accumulation of bugs!

        When you are a starter, you have to deal with multiple hackers who steal the fund, for which you often have played hours, in a matter of minutes. There are barely safeguards and cheaters have all the freedom to rip you from your earnings.

        If you have an advanced account and you are a buyer of crystals, you have to be aware for your items that you have bought during the past months/years. It happens that your crystals, consumables and other items disappear due to the poor updates or bugs of the game.

        The lag and disconnections are frequently and are a commonly complaint for many players. Even the final of the Tanki World Cup had to be rescheduled due to the severe lag and the date of the final is after 3 months still not set yet. I myself, can’t play a battle with more than 7 players per team without having severe lag (lag in which all the other players in your battle keep spinning and will continue unless you press the refresh button). Since the latest update a week ago, I am even bound to battles with less than 7 players per team.

        You can play for hours and suddenly when the last flag is captured you can see a message “Foul play detected” and your share of the funds is gone! A frequently appearing message which falsely accuses you of cheating.
        You even can lose your account for no reason.

        • They have have made the servers more stable, and the developers do care for its players. They have improved a lot after your message was posted, so I’m not telling you got it wrong, the game just got better..

          no more hackers, at last!

          Friends list, micro upgrades [m0.5, m4, m1.5..] are coming soon, and the fiture looks awesome

          and for your last “loose account for no reason”, no one has ever lost accounts for no reason, never, none of my friends, no one, not even our clan members.

          • listen troll get a clue tanki doesn not enforce rules and lies there is no rush to the rescue and its a fraud statement just like yu troll

      • I know, i bet u didn’t even try. The game’s aiming is very easy, u guys are just trying to take the easy way out and don’t want a challenge

      • Moderators participate in Fraud and are instigating saboteurs if they aren’t one to make money In fact many mods cheat in games knowingly just to steal money for owners from you
        I have A very High rank few have and there is no doubt its is organized crime without a doubt
        Beware if you want your children Bullied Frauded and cheated out of their money go to Tanki online the Fraud scum cheat game of the internet This is a low life game of Russian cheats there is no doubt graphics are childish and the Blunt fraud is just like the Olympics that Russia robbed millions at the Olympic games they frauded Stay away if you know what’s best

    • I agree. Their stupid moderation system is jacked up, too. I got banned because my name was BlahBlahBlahBlahHaaa. They apparently think that the name is inappropriate. Their weapons suck too. You can barely shoot up. Yet if someone is right below you, you can shoot them easily! And there are so many hackers! The moderators are retarded. I was emailing them about my ban and they sent me a reply that made no sense at all! Another reply containing lots of incorrect grammar. Tanki Online sucks really bad. You are also frequently disconnected from the game/server/whatever! They have server updates every single second! Plus, their weapons suck.

      • [1] Each weapons have their limit on how high and low they can shoot, but that does not really make much of an impact since you can just use some tricks like, say just drive backwards then press the throttle, and your tank will tilt a bit to the back, allowing you to shoot up to an extend, and I see no reason why this reason, and only this reason makes the game bad game play wise..

        Seriously, a person who could only come up with that kind of a name, needs no reply.

        A more serious moderation circle is a lot better than a profinity battle ground, and you don’t really get banned unless you do something stupid/bad/downright stupid.

        Weapons suck?? explain that a bit more..

        Emailing someone of you ban, probably one of the above, is just stupid, and i believe the ban only lasted 5 minutes, prove me wrong.

        Bad grammar, where you referring to me, or the review, or the email?

        If your getting disconnected, its most probably your internet/computer/whatever [XD] fault.
        Yes, yes, they used to disconnect you regularly, but checking the date you posed, that reason is way outdated, the servers are stable now..


    • man its really esy to play this game cuz its kool and really easy plus u press DELETE when ur fliped over to selfdistrack…. soo its not hard at all

    • well i kind of object with where you said about the rolling over thing, because you can just press DELETE to kill yourself. (I am a player in TO)

      • You sure are a noob at tanki. Your kills to deaths ratio is 0.77 which sucks. My kills to deaths ratio is 1.84 at generalisimo.

        • your ratio is directly related to the money you spend.
          You can have more skills than an other player, but if this player pay more than you, you are done and he will have a better ratio & rewards than you,
          what ever skills you have

      • lol Mut punk your the problem with the game lil scammer name changing fool change your phatic rank name to Mut punk it fits u well


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