About the game:
Title: Torn
Status: Released Graphics: Text
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Chedburn Networks LTD.
Publisher: Chedburn Networks LTD.

Torn is a (very) old-school kind of RPG, drawing its inspiration from the text-based adventures of old, wrapped up in a modern crime saga in the titular Torn City. As an aspiring criminal mastermind, you’ll claw your way to the top, accumulating plenty of scars along the way from your scrapes with other enterprising crime lords-to-be.

Torn offers remarkable freedom in developing your character, who starts out as the lowliest of thugs but has limitless opportunity to advance. You can own cars and guns, invest in legal and not-so-legal enterprises, set bounties on other players, gamble your earnings away, rob, race, and murder to your heart’s content. Whether you spend just a little time in the game each day or play for hours, you’ll find something to do… if you can survive.

Explosive Features:

  • Text-based Adventure
  • Incredible Freedom
  • Build Your Criminal Empire

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. I’ve been playing this game for almost a year now, daily.
    The first few levels are hard and a little boring. You learn your way about the game, do a few missions and then POOF, nothing to do.
    Find a job and do a few low nerve crimes, attack low people, and leave them for the most XP. After reaching a certain level (which is worth it to do so) you unlock daily missions and later on, you unlock the ability to travel to other countries.
    The moment you create your account your faith has started and you can create someone who you want to be. Are you someone that travels and buys stuff to sell again for a better price to buyers or are you the kind of person the travellers come to, to sell their items to you? Are you a reviver and help people out in need for a small price or for free? Do you start your own company, get rich, and share your wealth or keep it all to yourself?
    Or do you join a faction and retaliate against others?
    Of course you can choose multiple things!
    What is the first education you take?

    A good way to get money is by “slutting”. That means you attack someone and lose and they pay you a small price. Around 250-300k per attack. You can find people on the forum that want to pay you so they get a certain honor and a merit.

    This game is literally a whole different feeling than all the other games.

    I can safely say, try it out and play it. The beginning is slow but then… a new world has opened.

    This game deserves to be on page #1 and not #4!

  2. This game doesn’t seem to have any flaws whatsoever. i have been playing this game since a month. I never used the global chat. I joined a faction immediately and taking their help in doing my business. My company boss also helps me.
    The way you talk the people you choose make a bigger difference.
    This game is just like “Real life fast forwarded.” Yes, you will be hurt by people you don’t even know in the real world too.
    Once i got a daily dime lottery and some one put a bounty on me saying i am a lottery winner to everyone. I was mugged for almost half of the day. Then when i asked for help. someone claimed my bounty after hospitalizing me.
    When the day passes, a new winner came up and i am left to my work.
    If you want to play for long try to avoid contact with unnecessary people. If you have been bountied too much. just leave the game for a week or two. Nothing will happen. This game is a long term one.
    Play with compassion.

    “An average player of torn logins seven times a day, every day, for years.” this was seen in an another review, And it is true. Everyone problem disappears in due time.

  3. A bunch cry-baby rage-quitters here… I started playing over a year ago, around July 2019. I disagree with all of the complaints here.

    It is a fun, very long-term game. Not for children or cry babies. The game can accommodate ALL KINDS of play styles. passive/active, PVP Faction/Clan/or solo, buy/sell/trade, invest, training/battle stats/combat, you can be nice and helpful or mean and scummy, you can run a Company, travel to smuggle drugs and other profitable supplies (Plushies/Flowers). There’s Racing and Hunting… and all kinds of special abilities/perks you can pick and choose depending on what Company you work at, or what Education Courses you complete.

    Yes, players who have been in the game for 10+ years can dominate SOME areas of the game. But the world/universe of Torn City is large and diverse enough that everyone can enjoy THEIR OWN play style! I like growing my stats and wealth over time, who doesn’t like to look at charts showing their exponential growth?

    It is a game about Crime, players are allowed and in some ways incentivized to take advantage of others… people can put you on their Friends or Enemies List. There are SCUM players who prey on others… which is an important component of the game. You can mostly avoid SCUM by keeping to yourself, and not whining like a B*TCH.

    All the bad reviews here are from rage-quitters who gave up before they explored enough of the game. SURE, this is not for everyone!!!!!! I still love it

  4. Its an…. OK game. The first 14 levels are the hardest, as there are people that will bully, bounty and revive you from the hosp. just to kill you again. But once you find your way around that (I don’t recommend reporting them, just bribe them or escape them), it gets quite fun. I recommend this game for those who have the patience to beat the Dark Souls trilogy without raging once.

  5. Game is fine, don’t beg, don’t brag, and you’ll be fine. Been playing it for awhile and have only gotten 2 bounties in total. Game really opens up and becomes more fun once you reach lvl 15 and can fly though, so it can be a slog until you reach that part.

    My biggest advice is to not post to much on the forums until you’re lvl 15, and for sure stay out of global.

  6. PAY TO PLAY – Big time donators get away with everything, often bullying regular players, because they know torn staff will protect them. A top level player can cuss youy out and make your game play undearable, but if you complain to staff, it is more likely that you will be just told to be quiet and deal with it because they don’t want to lose the money they get from top players.


  7. Don’t bother if you want to play with people in the same home. I started playing after my S.O had been playing for a month and within a couple days now both banned in federal jail because we habe “multiple accounts ” since both are off the address because we live together. Do not recommend if you want to invite friends over to play etc. And unless you have people playing or can get into a faction that will help you out it will take a lot of time to level up at all

  8. idiot and unfair players play this game, no chanche to be higher level. moderators just do their things. Dont play with this game!

  9. Never play this game!!! i played 4 days, and i was in hospital and cant play almost 3 days!!! high level gamers attack newbies and low levels gamers…..DONT PLAY WITH THIS GAME!!!!
    and the moderators not do anything!!!!!

  10. my newphew suggested this game last weekend and I decided to give it a shot.
    He told me this beginner faction that would help me out as a new player and introduced me to a few people so I thought I was on to a good start.

    All of a sudden I am in “Federal Jail” and it says my account is marked for deletion, I have no clue why. Staff response on it also wasnt helpful:
    honesty is the best way to deal with this situation, telling lies is not-Torn City Staff

    I did hear about this game that the moderators are following their own
    rules and ban random people and are abusing their powers to also ban people that they dont like.

    So it seems that this is true. Wouldnt recommend this game to annyone. Seems like the game is run by “moderators’ making their own rules.

  11. I don’t recommend this game for anyone. The staff are lazy AF and far from being helpfull. Even when you’re donating money or subscribing, they will ban you for stupid reasons even if you follow the rules by the book and they won’t give you any reason as why they did it. There’s absolutely no support from staff.

  12. If you decide to play the game off this site and see this comment, send me a message on it @Moojon, Ill give ya some tips and help ya out anyway I could

  13. WARNING: This game could be used as an assessment of your maturity.

    This game is really social! Fighting between players and factions is a big part (same with friendships and allies :>). It’s a slow, long term “marathon”, where reaching maximum stats might take years, which means that there will always be someone stronger than you.

    You should NOT attempt to play this game if you:
    * Are rude.
    * Are immature.
    * Like feeding trolls.
    * Can not accept defeat.
    * Are lazy and insist on freebies.
    * Tend to poke bears with sticks.
    * Have a tendency to get on peoples nerve.
    * Lack in ethics or diplomacy “department”.
    * Are unable to come to realization that someone is a *beep* and “not worth your time”.
    And etc.

  14. Don’t mind the negative posts. This is a crime game and it is great, cruel but fair. Obviously if you do dealings with people that are stronger and wealthier than you, you will have your a*s handed to you sometimes. But if you are smart and keep low profile in the beginning, staying away from global chats and forums, you will have opportunity to train and level up pretty much undetected. Get wealthy, train hard, level up, join a growing faction, and maybe then show more of yourself to the world of Torn.

  15. This game is run and dominated by the majority of players who have been around for almost a decade. The mods are lazy and don’t want to upkeep it much, they won’t even consider a second server because they don’t want to do extra work – Most new players quit in the first few weeks. Do you like fighting people? Okay there’s a list of inactives you get to fight. You’ll be doing this for a few years (because of how many people quit the game after realizing the above) and then when you finally do get the opportunity to kill one of the egotistical no-lifers that bad mouthed you in general just because they could – Well, you get to kill them because they went inactive too. If you want to attack unarmed people who can’t fight back, or listen to yourself speak because of your huge ego, then this game is probably for you. If not, wait for the game to die and them to announce a second server when it will be much better.

    • True, it’s a hard long term game, that’s a bonus for some of us. Also, the same with the fact that there is only one server.

  16. I do not recommend this game. I was threatened, harassed, and sexually harassed for a long time, and then he or she put so many bounties on my head that I couldn’t play the game in peace because I was being sent to recovery the moment I was out again. The admins could not do anything about it because you’re allowed to send letters anonymously, so therefore I could not report the harasser. You can bet you bottom I wrote a very long letter to them about anonymous letters and why the people behind them can do these types of things. And also how it can traumatize people and that we play online games to get away from real life, not experience more if it. I doubt they have listened as I had eventually talked to one of the admins, who was very polite, but my report had spread like wildfire and it was obvious they rest of them were laughing at me behind my back. Please, do NOT play this game. You’ll regret it like I have, because I’ll never get that person’s words out of my head. Now every time I see this game on a recommended site, this is going to be posted.

    • Did that person telepathically force you to read it? Curious.

      I’m assuming that you just got trolled and sucked all of it. Yes, that is a part of “Crime city” game. That’s how people provoke others into you attacking them. Don’t fall for it.

    • They can trace who sent that anonymous message and anonymously (without telling you) ban them – just need to provide proofs of that and they’ll check if it really happened.

  17. do not play this. as a new player you will get bountyd for life. you will get harassed by higher lvl plaers both in chat, email and with bountys.. older players will allso lie about stuff that you ”did” so that more people will harass you.

    i played for 1 day. got threatned to get perma bounty 1 time by a lvl 49 because i asked him what he wanted to pay when he wanted to buy chocolate from me.

    second time i got threatned of getting perma bountyd by a lvl 70+ because he (without me ever talking to him or even in global) accused me of having multiple accounts. and he allso lied about it to other people and they started harasing me too… i talked to the staff but they cant do anything more than asking him to stop…

    so yea.. DO NOT i repeate DO NOT play this game if you dont have a old account that is lvl 30+.

    this is allso why so meny new players leave after only 1 – 5 days.. older players will put you in hospital permanent..

    • “as a new player you will get bountyd for life”
      True for about 10% of players. And there always is a reason why someone bounties you. You can only have 10 of those at a time, so you were somehow “special” enough to get one of those.

      “got threatned to get perma bounty 1 time by a lvl 49”
      That’s a ridiculously obvious tactic to get items cheaper in a crime game. It’s a Role Playing Game after all…
      *Thug walks over and says – gimme chocolate or I’ll hire a hitman to go after you!!1*

      *and they started harasing me too… i talked to the staff*
      There are clear rules that continuous harassment is BAN-worthy. People making assumptions on your playing style or making fun of someone’s nickname choice is not.

      *DO NOT play this game if you dont have a old account that is lvl 30+*
      That is really easy to get.

      Your comment is a sad story, but there is always reason why something went one way or another. My experience was different from yours, and I’ve seen people suffering like you did. Try spitting into someone’s face in a shady underground tunnel and see what happens. :/

      Hope you learned something, take care!


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