About the game:
Title: Torn
Status: Released Graphics: Text
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Chedburn Networks LTD.
Publisher: Chedburn Networks LTD.

Explosive Features:

  • Text-based Adventure
  • Incredible Freedom
  • Build Your Criminal Empire

Torn is a (very) old-school kind of RPG, drawing its inspiration from the text-based adventures of old, wrapped up in a modern crime saga in the titular Torn City. As an aspiring criminal mastermind, you’ll claw your way to the top, accumulating plenty of scars along the way from your scrapes with other enterprising crime lords-to-be.

Torn offers remarkable freedom in developing your character, who starts out as the lowliest of thugs but has limitless opportunity to advance. You can own cars and guns, invest in legal and not-so-legal enterprises, set bounties on other players, gamble your earnings away, rob, race, and murder to your heart’s content. Whether you spend just a little time in the game each day or play for hours, you’ll find something to do… if you can survive.

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5 User Reviews

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  1. Brett on December 31, 2016

    This game is run and dominated by the majority of players who have been around for almost a decade. The mods are lazy and don’t want to upkeep it much, they won’t even consider a second server because they don’t want to do extra work – Most new players quit in the first few weeks. Do you like fighting people? Okay there’s a list of inactives you get to fight. You’ll be doing this for a few years (because of how many people quit the game after realizing the above) and then when you finally do get the opportunity to kill one of the egotistical no-lifers that bad mouthed you in general just because they could – Well, you get to kill them because they went inactive too. If you want to attack unarmed people who can’t fight back, or listen to yourself speak because of your huge ego, then this game is probably for you. If not, wait for the game to die and them to announce a second server when it will be much better.

  2. F*ckyouTorn on August 3, 2016

    I do not recommend this game. I was threatened, harassed, and sexually harassed for a long time, and then he or she put so many bounties on my head that I couldn’t play the game in peace because I was being sent to recovery the moment I was out again. The admins could not do anything about it because you’re allowed to send letters anonymously, so therefore I could not report the harasser. You can bet you bottom I wrote a very long letter to them about anonymous letters and why the people behind them can do these types of things. And also how it can traumatize people and that we play online games to get away from real life, not experience more if it. I doubt they have listened as I had eventually talked to one of the admins, who was very polite, but my report had spread like wildfire and it was obvious they rest of them were laughing at me behind my back. Please, do NOT play this game. You’ll regret it like I have, because I’ll never get that person’s words out of my head. Now every time I see this game on a recommended site, this is going to be posted.

  3. nomnomber on July 22, 2016

    seems like a fine game to me. its fun and interesting

  4. TruthTeller on July 4, 2016

    do not play this. as a new player you will get bountyd for life. you will get harassed by higher lvl plaers both in chat, email and with bountys.. older players will allso lie about stuff that you ”did” so that more people will harass you.

    i played for 1 day. got threatned to get perma bounty 1 time by a lvl 49 because i asked him what he wanted to pay when he wanted to buy chocolate from me.

    second time i got threatned of getting perma bountyd by a lvl 70+ because he (without me ever talking to him or even in global) accused me of having multiple accounts. and he allso lied about it to other people and they started harasing me too… i talked to the staff but they cant do anything more than asking him to stop…

    so yea.. DO NOT i repeate DO NOT play this game if you dont have a old account that is lvl 30+.

    this is allso why so meny new players leave after only 1 – 5 days.. older players will put you in hospital permanent..

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