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About the game:
Title: Total Battle
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: Strategy Type: Browser
Developer: Scorewarrior Ltd.
Publisher: Scorewarrior Ltd.

Reforge your legacy from the ashes in Total Battle, a free-to-play browser strategy game from Scorewarrior Ltd. Betrayed by your closest adviser, you start with just a ragtag army of your most loyal troops. Reclaim your lost heritage and expand your empire to become the most feared lord in all the land!

Total Battle offers a wide array of options for conquest, both military and political. You can strike out on your own or ally with other players against opponents both human and … otherwise. Research the best technologies, including the ability to instantly teleport your troops into the midst of battle. Clear the land of hostile monsters and challenge other lords to reclaim your throne!

Explosive Features:

  • Empire Building Simulation
  • PvE and PvP Challenges
  • Instant Teleportation To Battle

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. There is cheating. A player named ‘BOP Assassin’ accessed many advantages which provided an unfair advantage. So even if you spend thousands of dollars to play this game and upgrade to the maximum, the developers allow cheaters to kill you off. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS GAME!!!!

  2. Rip off game! No amount of skill or time will overcome those who spend money! You don’t stand a chance unless you spend a lot of money regularly, even then anyone spending more can wipe you out in an instant… that is if you even get what you buy and when you don’t, their support is worthless in helping you!

  3. So many glitches and freeze ups. I have spent my entire morning trying to log on and have had no luck. What’s the point in spending money on a game you can’t play i am out!

  4. Expensive..starts with small amounts but in a few weeks you need more tot get ahead. Complicaties ROE tules. Graphics outdated. Gameplay could be interesting but not worth the money

  5. The King of the Scams! I spent $61.20 on this game, and I just felt manipulated the whole way through. The first purchase, of $6.80, got me so much neat stuff – only it said that ordinarily I’d pay $68 for that. Then it was gone. Then they had a tournament which I had to pay to get the most out of, and I thought I was spending $13.60, but then after spending that much I had to spend twice that ($27.20) to get any use out of it, then after spending that I had to spend twice that again ($54.40) to use that – on top of the original $6.80, for $61.20 total. Then I was told by the game that I had to start attacking other players, but there are so many rules about it, so I made sure to follow all rules, and lost all of my stuff as part of the attacks, wasting months of work and effectively stealing the $61.20 I had spent, and then – they changed their rules, so that my legal attack was suddenly illegal and I was made an outlaw. The only way out of it? You guessed it – spend more money – $1,000 to clear my name. That’s $1,000 of real money. Clearly, the people making the rules are the developers, though they claimed that it is player-generated. To stay competitive, you have to spend upwards of $500 per week every week. The only people who can afford that are developers – who get it all for free. So you are spending real money to try to defeat people employed by the company. This is an absolute scam.

  6. I played this game for about two months. This is my experience. Yours may vary.

    The basics of this game is that it is a castle-building game like so many out there, with the only real difference between this and every other game being slightly different names of creatures you can hire. Wow. Big deal. I found that when I did an attack that the game encouraged me to do, that everything I had died and there was no way to revive them, so I gave up, only to take a look again a week later and I discovered that they had given me gold on a daily “Free sale” that meant that I could revive them. Yay. This is not a user-friendly experience at all.

    I then found myself enjoying it to some extent, and, after the game told me to join a “Top 100 clan”, I did that, and then was talking to real people for the first time. The leader of my new clan Farstrider, Nimlotel, then told me to move my castle to a central point. To do so, I needed to pay $6.80. It didn’t seem like a lot of money, and, while I was reluctant about wasting money on this free game, I decided to go ahead with it, and the payoffs were enormous, as the game went from boring to wonderful in the blink of an eye, like a switch had been flicked.

    After a week, the benefits of that payment fell away, though I had level 2 guardians, which meant I could enjoy the game a little bit. With the help of members of the clan, I got tips and advice about how to play and, while it was slow, it was okay.

    There was then a point where they had a tournament called “Armageddon” where we had to fight an impossibly strong monster that killed all of your troops but you got 10 times as many “Valor points” as normal if you hit it, effectively trading gold for higher-level troops. One attack killed all of the gold I had saved up, but I had enough for a level 3 guardian, so I went with a second attack which killed all of my troops and all of my gold, but let me have two lots of level 3 guardians. This would mean that I couldn’t do anything for a month while I waited for everything to heal, but at least I had some troops.

    Then a member of my clan called Vojas said that he had bought the “Armageddon pack” for $27.20, and that meant that he could get all level 3 guardians including monsters, and he said it was worth it. I checked and there was a discounted version for $13.60. I decided to go ahead with it. However, Vojas had lied, and you actually needed to get 2 lots to get any benefit from it, but I didn’t know that until after I had spent the $13.60, and then I needed to get twice that much again to get a proper amount out of it, but I didn’t know that until after I had already spent $27.20. So I had to spend $54.40 just to get any benefit out of it.

    It was manipulative because I had only meant to spend $13.60 but the game lied to me and tricked me into spending $27.20 and then $54.40, by lying to me at each stage and by the time I had spent $27.20 I didn’t want to waste that by not getting the other half.

    After spending the $54.40 (on top of the $6.80 originally, so $61.20 total), I felt really manipulated, as I now had lots of valor points and could buy level 3 for everything, but I had no troops at all and had to wait a whole month before I could do anything.

    Once I had rebuilt all of my troops, I could finally start doing things and by that stage the game was telling me I needed level 2 swordsmen, which I could only get by getting conquest points, which I could only gain by attacking other players. My clan had something called a “Rules of Engagement” or ROE, that meant that I could only attack certain people and only in certain ways. There were so many rules that it was mind-boggingly complex to navigate, and I kept getting warnings about this being wrong or that being wrong. One thing was that if you sent out a march then you couldn’t cancel it, so I could be sending a march correctly but then it would appear to be incorrect through no fault of my own, and I would be punished for this. If I sent marches within another clan’s area then I wouldn’t even know it until I waited for all of the graphics to load, which could take 10 minutes or longer.

    So I checked to make sure that everything I was doing was fine and I sent out 5 marches to hit 5 valid castles. One of them put up a peace shield before I got there, so I wasn’t allowed to hit them, and another one had lots of scouts so I couldn’t safely attack as I didn’t know how strong they were, so I had 3 that I could attack. The first two went fine, and, while I lost a lot of troops, I was able to re-purchase them, but then the third one had reinforcements come in between my sending scouts and my attacking and as a result all of my troops that I had spent a month building were dead, and I would have to spend another month building them up again. This included stone gargoyles who I had to spend one-off dragon coins to get, meaning that I couldn’t buy them again as that was a part of that $61.20 worth of purchases, meaning I had to spend real-life money to buy them. So I had essentially lost real money on that one attack because someone had gotten last-minute reinforcements.

    The game works so that attacking costs gold (which is expensive and costs real money) while defending costs silver (which is cheap and rarely costs any money at all) so this person who put reinforcements in lost about 500 silver worth, which takes about 5 minutes to get, while I lost 38,000 gold, which takes about 2 months to get, plus I had lost stone gargoyles.

    I was annoyed at this but nonetheless it was within the rules and that is the risk I take when I launch an attack. I was frustrated, as the game kept telling me to spend another $50 and I could get all of my troops back immediately and I wouldn’t lose those gargoyles forever.

    I ended up deciding to revive the stone gargoyles and forfeit the other troops, meaning it’d take months and months and months to rebuild it all. The game by this stage had stopped being fun.

    Then I found out that the two castles who I had attacked without losing all of my troops had both sent in complaints that I had broken the ROE, or rules of engagement. The reason is because, in between my launching the attack and the complaint being made, the rules had changed, because they had had a tournament of thrones and they had elected a new king, who had different rules to what they had before. So my legitimate attacks were suddenly not legitimate, and the punishment was that I would either have to pay back “compensation” or else be kicked out of my clan and branded an outlaw for life (or until the king forgave me).

    The compensation was 5 billion silver each, which, unlike the 500 silver they had to pay to get the stuff back, would take literally years to get – and that was per castle. The game told me that I could get it back by making a cash purchase, which they had for just such an occasion. They called it a “ROE compensation pack” and cost $500. So, for just $1,000 of real money, I could avoid the “outlaw” tag.

    I suspected at this point that the whole “ROE” bullshit was created by the owners as a manipulative way to force people to spend extra money on the game.

    I had no desire to be an outlaw for life or to be kicked out of my clan, and I certainly didn’t want to consider paying $1,000 just to avoid the claim. It was an absurd thing on a simple game that I had already spent far too much on. Compared to games out there that cost $10 for life and have better graphics, this was an absolute rip-off.

    My clan leader Nimlotel said that we could try to negotiate and maybe I wouldn’t even have to pay all that much, but it was beyond a joke at that point. I had already spent $61.20 and had had all of the benefits of those purchases disappear, and now I needed to spend an extra $1,000 on getting stuff so I could continue to play the game – until, presumably, someone else makes up new rules to force me to pay even more money.

    To find out the rules I had to type something into private chat and then look for the new rules changes – something that nobody had told me about and wasn’t visible anywhere, but old players “just knew”.

    I asked Total Battle for compensation and they kept deleting my requests. They eventually said to “read their rules” and claimed that, as it was a player-initiated action (the king) that therefore I had no rights to a refund, so they refused to pay back my $61.20 or even to consider it.

    So my only option is to go around leaving 0-star reviews everywhere and letting people know what a total scam this game is and not to get involved, and most certainly not to spend any money on it no matter what.

    My clan leader, incidentally, said that she spent $500 per week on the game, and she wasn’t even a top player. That was just to stay relevant compared to others at a medium level.

    Presumably all of the top players are employees who get free stuff so as to manipulate people into spending huge amounts of money just to compete with them.

    This is as big a scam as Nigerian scammers saying they are a prince who is in love with you.

    Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

  7. garbage trash, adverts show intersting puzzles. game is nothing like that. Please report all ads you see for this vomit game

  8. Like all the games popping up now. It DOES take money to really advance in the game. One dead give away is advertisement that shows a puzzle. Puzzles are not part of the game, but money is.

  9. Bad Game- Glitch and expensive. In game hackers, private messages selling you game resources and then the developer bans player. As a player you don’t own your account- BAD GAME do not waste your time or money.

  10. Great game and don’t mind people bagging it saying that it is slow and you need money to play it because you do NOT! It is up to you if you want to invest money in it or not. If you do, the game will be faster-paced, yes, but no one is forcing you. You can just as well enjoy the game at a slower pace and if you don’t, then this is just not the game for you. No need to bag it.
    I am happy playing it because it is a nice way to relax and I do like the graphics.
    BTW, I have no affiliations to the game whatsoever. I just happen to like it.

  11. After your free speedups expire the time to march your Hero and Troops increases greatly> You could easily get your dinner ready,eat it then go for a nap before your characters reach their goals Then you have the return march that takes just as long. Although you do earn free rewards every 20/22 hours ( speed ups, food, ore etc it isn’t enough to compensate for the sheer boredom of waiting. As usual with these games, troops require food. Upgrading and building farms to keep you from going in the negative(which I never accomplished)will take up most of your resources gathered. I had 6 farms at level 5/6 that wasn’t enough to cover less than 200 troops at level 1. Good luck and don’t fall asleep

  12. The game is fun but very expensive, you need money to play, or it slows down to nothing, and mean a lot of money because what they give you for you money is not worth much, you want a free game this is not for you.

  13. wouldn’t call it a free to play or a strategy game as the only strategy you need to win anything in this game is to spend a lot of money or just play it to get eaten by does who do the spending…

  14. This game could be a lot of fun if you have a lot of money. Spent several dollars to realize that doesn’t last long and then the game comes to a standstill until you spend more money. DON’T get sucked into this one.

  15. You are going to need a lot of money for this game. I have heard of players spending 30 thousand pounds (and over) in one day to play this free game so unless you are rich you will always be prey for the big spenders. The game is constantly updated to encourage more spending rather than fix the many game issues it has and support is slow to react.

  16. One this is a Very nice strategic game but realize it’s not a free to play game. You going spending a lot money there! Everything is based on how to get much as possible money out your pocket. Good strategic players can’t win from bad but in money swimming ones.


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