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About the game:
Title: Vigor Roads
Status: Alpha Graphics: 3D
Developer: NeuronHaze
Publisher: NeuronHaze

Explosive Features:

  • Customize Your Vehicle
  • PvP Battles And Races
  • Dangerous PvE Monsters

Rev up your engines and get ready for full-throttle action with Vigor Roads, a free-to-play vehicular combat MMO with a wide variety of game modes. Outfit your car with your choice from hundreds of components and level up your mechanic as you quest for the precious resource known as “Vigor” that will let you dominate your enemies and rule the road.

Vigor Roads offers multiple game modes, including Carnage (Deathmatch), Circuit Racing, and Siege Mode, where players try to destroy enemy outposts and defend theirs. Your opponents aren’t just limited to other players; dangerous alien creatures, known as crawlers, come out after dark to hunt any humans and can be more than a match for even battle-hardened veterans.

To survive, you’ll need to progress both both your mechanic’s level and the gear equipped on your vehicle. Each class/chassis of car has its own upgrade tree, and you can tune your car to enhance its appearance and performance, so you can survive the harsh post-apocalyptic environment — and look good doing it.

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System Requirements

Vigor Roads Minimum System Requirements:

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  1. in another words this will be a better and maybe more complex version of the crossout would be badass if they put the character as a important thing inside the game and mix foot action with vehicular action would be like madmax or the movie deathrace well lets wait a bit and see what they have to offer us

  2. Hello this is Corrosivelick and i also as well have a YouTube gaming channel. I was a big fan of the classic twisted metal video games and now i have been waiting for a game that would mimic the cult post apocalyptic universe of mad max and they finally have arrived with a conclusion. Vigor-Roads i have say without a doubt this game is gonna be a epic hit and no misses intended.


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