About the game:
Title: Virtuverse
Status: Early Access
Developer: Virtuverse
Publisher: Virtuverse

Explore a vast open world and build your fortunes from the ground up in Virtuverse, a free-to-play action MMORPG. Take part in traditional activities, like dungeons and world events, and then convert the credits you earn in-game into real-world money. With a combination of scripted and user-generated content, and a strong focus on the in-game economy, Virtuverse offers something for everyone!

There are no class restrictions in Virtuverse, letting players use whatever technology and magic they want. In Virtuverse, everything has a value, and if you have a subscription, you’ll receive credits and can earn more in-game to exchange for real money. The developers will release major story arcs every few months, and procedurally generated dungeons let you choose your risk and reward to maximize your profits!

Explosive Features:

  • No Class Restrictions
  • Procedurally Generated Dungeons
  • Real Money Exchange

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System Requirements

Virtuverse Minimum System Requirements:

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  1. The community that is already developing around this is fun. I’ve been playing since Early Access 2 and quickly decided to back the project. They seem to be well aware of the risks with RCE games and have chosen to keep a strong focus on game play and community; making a serious attempt to avoid the pit falls experienced by predecessors.

    I’m seriously rooting for this game to make it big! The more games we have in the RCE market the better they will be. It’s a win/win for everyone!

  2. The game is in its early stages but the development team is very active and focusing their efforts to ensure each early access play test has new and exciting things to test out. Unlike 99.999% of early access games, there is no NDA, no pay wall and no request for money from the community. They do have a Patreon but only because the community kind of forced them to set one on up. But the aren’t activity looking for an funding from the public.

    They push out new content each month with new features each time. They try not to promise things they can’t deliver but there have been some delays in development which they explained to us. They are extremely active with us on Discord and answer 99% of our questions and listen to our feedback. They never don’t have time for us.

    Overall the development is extremely promising if they can keep up their currently development time line. Keep this game on your watch listen if you haven’t already!

    Check out the community wiki for all in game content right now – This will change every play test as new stuff is released!

  3. Been playing since early access 1. In terms of early access, I have been very much surprised at the playability and availability level. When other MMOs want you to pay for early access, VV makes it open for everyone and even allows people to stream the game. The game is also very much playable at the basic level. Bugs and issues are there, but that’s normal in early development. The devs are working hard, active, and eager to communicate, gather feedbacks, and suggestions from players.

  4. Even in very early development the game is super fun if you like the mmorpg genre and the community keeps growing every day. The dev team, apparently, works even on the weekends while everyone is testing, releasing patches as soon as issues are resolved and there is constant communication via the official discord.

    I think virtuverse has a lot of potential, its not as guided as other games (you are free to do whatever you want) but I consider that to be a good thing. The RCE aspect is just icing on the cake.

    Give it a chance 🙂


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