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About the game:
Title: WindSlayer 2
Status: Shut Down Graphics: 2D
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Ignited Games
Publisher: Ignited Games

Explosive Features:

  • Arcade Style Action
  • PvP Battle Modes
  • Mentor System

WindSlayer 2 is a free to play 2D side-scrolling MMORPG that provides players with a choice of six upgradeable character classes in a fast-paced journey through the world of Beuritania. Players travelling the vast reaches of Beuritania can find rare treasures and gain experience by defeating swarms of otherworldly monsters through a combination of deadly swordplay skills, explosive magic spells and agile defensive maneuvers.

Players can take on the role of the archer, mage, monk, priest, rogue or warrior and grow their character’s ability, allowing them to evolve into more powerful classes to unlock dynamic combos with new techniques!

Players can compete with friends and guild members by entering various battle modes: Team Fight, Death Match, Capture the Flag, and more! Players can also take on the role of the mentor and teach new players in exchange for rewards with the Mentor System!

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System Requirements

WindSlayer 2 Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP and above
Processor: Intel Pentium 3
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 1GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce 2 MX400 (64 MB)

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  1. Game is dead and has been for a long while now. Seems Ignited games has zero interest in bringing it back–they even seem to be launching a game in it’s place called Z9 Star. Just like Wonderking they abandoned Windslayer 2. Just forget about Ignited Games altogether–they’ve proven that like Nexon and the now-dead Outspark, they are not trustworthy.

    • well the main game thats dead from nexon is maplestory, there’s barely anyone on it and when their is they are like little cliques, ever since they introduced the classes beyond cygnus the game kinda died..

  2. Hackers and grindan were the biggest problems for this game. Ridiculous maplestory-like grind and hackers everywhere, especially in PVP. Developers didn’t care, stayed silent and shut down when people got sick of the crap.

  3. The game has been shutdown since April 2012. The developer and publisher have made no announcements since april 2012. The game isn’t coming back. No you couldn’t play without internet . The game had the lowest requirements you could imagine cos it’s 2d.

  4. Can someone answer 2 questions from me? If so here are the question:

    1. How much space does this game need? like how much GB is it?

    2. Would it need to connect to the internet? And could you play it without the internet? (and yes i know this question is kinda stupid…)

    Thanks for reading!

  5. This game was up from Oct 2011 to April 2012. They closed it down to make adjustments to the game and said it will be back in the fall. They have never made a statement since that day so the game is pretty much dead. As for being like maplestory in terms of pvp WS2 pvp is much better and everyone is set to level 49 and weapons don’t make that much of a difference. But as with all games range classes will ruin the game for you. But still much better then maplestory.


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