WildStar Going F2P In August, According To Carbine Employee

As reported by MMORPG.com, a Redditor claiming to be a Carbine employee — a claim apparently backed up by the mods of the WildStar subreddit…

AirMech Arena_20150324172419

AirMech Arena Releases on PS4 and XBox One

Ubisoft has released their MOBA-like/RTS mash up on the Playstation 4 and XBox One consoles today. The free to play game brings over just about…

Warframe Tubemen

Tubemen Of Regor Adds New Weapons, Maps, PvP Modes To Warframe

The Tubemen of Regor are coming! No, not to your sci-fi B-movie collection from the 50s, but to Warframe. The action-packed update, which is now…


Neverwinter Hits 1.6 Million Players on XBox One

Infographic Wednesday continues with Cryptic Studios releasing initial numbers for the launch on XBox One. The numbers are big…surprisingly bigger than I would have expected….

Lineage 2

NCSoft’s Q1 Financials: Everything’s Down, But That’s OK, Right?

Having looked through a bunch of financial reports lately, I’m amused by how, no matter how bad a quarter might look, the language will always…


Heroes & Generals Hits 5 Million Accounts: Gives Out Free Gold

Reto Moto’s off beat WWII game, Heroes & Generals has hit a milestone that I honestly would not have predicted would happen when I played…


Path of Exile: The Awakening Founder’s Packs Selling Like Crazy!

Very few of us like Founder’s Packs for games we haven’t even been able to play yet, but Path of Exile is showing that Founder’s…

World of Tanks new mode

World of Tanks Grand Finals Top 10 Moments

Just before April ended, Warsaw, Poland saw the culmination of the World of Tanks Grand Finals. If you didn’t catch any of the action, Hellraisers…


UPDATED: F2P and B2P Discussions Banned from WildStar Subreddit

Yes, I know that WildStar itself isn’t a F2P game (yet at least), but I couldn’t let this little bit of news slip by without…


UPDATED: Tree of Savior Adds English Version to Steam Greenlight

Well, Tree of Savior still doesn’t have an “official” publisher here in the West, but perhaps a bit of Steam Greenlight love could get some…


Kael’thas Sunstrider Brings the Fire to Heroes of the Storm

Everyone’s favorite Blood Elf is currently being added to the Heroes of the Storm line up as the free to play MOBA from Blizzard receives…


SEGA Investing In Free-To-Play, But No Solid News On Phantasy Star Online 2

SEGA isn’t quite giving up on its console titles, but it’s not real happy with them either and intends to make a bigger push in…


Dirty Bomb Merc Showcase: Fletcher

Nexon’s name changing simulator, Dirty Bomb, continues its trek through Closed Beta. While the free to play shooter continues to receive improvements and updates, Nexon…

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