Marvel Heroes Mystic Mayhem

How Low Can You Go? Marvel Heroes Mystic Mayhem Event Invites You To Limbo

Want to check out the new content in Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes? Well, go to Hel. No, I don’t mean that as an insult. The Demon…

Armored Warfare Pipeline

Armored Warfare’s New Map Is Piping Hot

Armored Warfare’s got a new map, and it’s hot, hot, hot! No, it’s not great or anything, it’s just set in the middle of a…


EQII Adding Prison Server; You Go There, You STAY There

Ok gang, stay with me on this one as things get a bit weird. Daybreak Games has announced that they will be trying out a…


Dreamstorm Event Coming To TERA Today

Level 65 TERA players, get ready for the Dreamstorm when today’s update goes live. En Masse Entertainment has announced that Dreamstorm adds a new event…


Webzen to Bring ASTA to the West

Webzen, publisher of C9, has inked a deal with Polygon Games to bring the Asian culture inspired MMORPG, ASTA, to Western markets. While no release…


TERA Closing Down In Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau

Cinderboy’s translations over at MMO Culture reveal that TERA will not be online for much longer in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. OMG Digital Entertainment…

Hearthstone cards

Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament Kicks Off Monday, Aug. 24

The Grand Tournament begins Monday, Aug. 24 (Aug. 25 in Asia)! That’s when Blizzard will go live with all 132 cards from Hearthstone’s newest expansion,…


The Settlers Online Now Available on Steam

Yep, that’s about it. There really isn’t much to say here. Ubisoft’s free to play strategy title, The Settlers Online, is now available on Steam….


Devilian Online Shutting Down in Korea; No Impact to Western Release

Ginno Games, the developer of Devilian Online, and HanGame, the publisher of said free to play MMO/ARPG in Korea, are cutting ties and this means…


SMITE Launches on XBox One; Announces XBox One Tournament

It’s nice when your game already has over 1 million players on launch day. Not too many games can claim those types of numbers overall,…


Points Add Up: WildStar Teases Loyalty Program Tiers

We’ve known that Carbine Studios intended to implement a Loyalty type system pretty much from the moment they announced that their MMORPG, WildStar, would convert…

TF2 PASS Time thumb

Gooooooal! Team Fortress 2 Introduces New PASS Time Game Mode

First there was Huttball in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Then there was Rocket League. And now, Valve is getting into the goal-scoring game with…


Trove Hits 1 Million Active Users as Today’s Maintenance Continues

Trion Worlds has announced that Trove, the free to play voxel sandbox, has reached the 1 Million users milestone in less than a month. This…

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