Riot Releases Free EDM Album ‘Warsongs’

As a followup to previous music making endeavors, Riot Games has released an all new album composed for those players who want to get super…


Tibia’s 2016 Trailer Kicks You in the Feels

Been a while since you logged on to CipSoft’s free-to-play game Tibia? I know it has been for me. Literally, it’s been years since the…


Skyforge Introduces Ontes Valley Territory

Allods Team is introducing an all new hostile territory to their free-to-play game Skyforge. Situated near mountains, forests, and deep ravines, Ontes Valley is filled…

World of Tanks PS4 thumb

World Of Tanks Launches On PS4 Jan. 19

Last weekend’s World of Tanks PlayStation 4 beta must have gone pretty well, because Wargaming is blitzing ahead with the full PS4 launch next week….


New Forsaken World Expansion Launches January 20

Awakening, the 16th expansion for Perfect World Entertainment’s free-to-play MMO Forsaken World, will be made available to players beginning January 20. The expansion continues the…


ELOA Releases Second Portion Of First Expansion

Webzen has released the second portion of Elite Lord of Alliance’s first expansion. Titled “The Smash,” the new expansion introduces several new features to the…


Gloria Victis Update Aims To Improve Player Immersion

In an effort to create a more immersive environment, Gloria Victis’ latest patch is implementing fights between NPCs and also adding exhaustible resource nodes. Black…

Canadian Dollar 50 thumb

Canadian Teen Racks Up $7,600 In Microtransaction Charges

In case you haven’t heard, games can cost a lot of money these days if you’re not careful — or if you give your gamer…


Greymane Unleashes The Curse Of The Worgen On Heroes Of The Storm

A new hero has joined the Nexus, bringing with him the curse of the Gilneans. Lord Genn Greyman joins the battle as an assassin, making…

Guild Wars 2 gliding thumb

ArenaNet Reveals 2016 Plans For Guild Wars 2 — Gliding Everywhere!

Guild Wars 2 Game Director Colin Johanson has revealed ArenaNet’s near-future plans for the game in a State of the Game update released earlier today….


Guild Tournaments Announced For Devilian

Trion Worlds announced this week that guild tournaments will be added to Devilian with the mid-January update. Every Sunday, the four top-ranking guilds in the…


ASTA Open Beta Delayed

In response to player feedback, Webzen had decided to take some extra time to concentrate on making sure its upcoming free-to-play MMO ASTA is as…


Arclight Infiltration Brings New Nightmare Lifter To Rift

The Arclight Infiltration has returned to Rift, bringing an all new ride with it. From now until January 14, players can complete daily quests in…


Online Card Game Spellweaver To Launch Febrary 1

A new free-to-play online card game is hitting the PC in February. Billed by its developers (technically by a player) as a blend of Hearthstone…

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