Perfect World Releases New Gameplay Trailer for Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero

Leave it up to Perfect World Entertainment, a company whose name regularly takes up a third of an article title, to release an action MMORPG with an even longer name, talk about a journalistic headache. Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero is Perfect World’s first in-house action MMO and currently, one which is only available [...]

Added 98 days ago - 2014-01-08 - 47 comments

DeadBreed Announced, Hardcore Undead MOBA

A week has passed since the new year, and less than a week was required before new MOBA news began to crop up. No no, not the usual 2 week patch updates, those are a given, like how the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. This news is in regards to [...]

Added 99 days ago - 2014-01-07 - 33 comments

SOE Makes Changes, And Then More Changes, To Its Subscriptions

SOE dropped a sizable bombshell last Thursday, announcing that the benefits of PlanetSide 2 Premium Memberships would change from 500 Station Cash a month to a selection of items with a value of up to 2000 SC. In a follow-up post to Reddit on Monday, John Smedley went into great detail regarding the changes, why [...]

Added 99 days ago - 2014-01-07 - 15 comments

Aura you ready? Aura Kingdom Open Beta Begins Today

In the early days of F2P MMORPGs, cute anime-inspired MMOs ruled the land. Much like the dinosaur however, this breed of MMO has seen a steady decline as F2P became more widely accepted in the west and MMO developers begin to branch out towards new themes. Among the tides of change, developer X-Legend has persisted, [...]

Added 99 days ago - 2014-01-07 - 54 comments

Mabinogi II: Arena Cancelled, Nsquare moves on

Nsquare, the development studio brought to life after Nexon became NCSoft’s single largest shareholder, has announced it has ceased development on Mabinogi II: Arena. Intended to be a sequel to the original Mabinogi, an open world MMORPG with a rather unique combat system, Mabinogi II: Arena attempted to re-envision the MMO with an updated combat [...]

Added 103 days ago - 2014-01-03 - 27 comments

Darkness Descends: TERA teases new Reaper Class

Do whips and chains excite you? Then you’ll be happy to know TERA is creating a class just for you! Ok, maybe not just for you, but the newly teased Reaper class will certainly entice players looking for a little more mobility and dark magic mayhem. An Elin-specific class and one only available to players [...]

Added 103 days ago - 2014-01-03 - 45 comments

Gaijin Entertainment Stream Shows off Early Ground Forces Gameplay

With all the holiday festivities underway, no one seemed to notice Gaijin Entertainment quietly streaming the WarThunder Ground Forces closed beta. During the nearly hour long stream, Gaijin developers gave eager players their first glimpses of WarThunder’s tank combat while shedding some light on exactly how tanks and planes will interact in Ground Forces. There [...]

Added 104 days ago - 2014-01-02 - 5 comments

Heroes and Generals Update spruces up UI, revamps character progression

Heroes and Generals, the strategic shooter that mixes browser-based strategy with hardcore FPS, has been thoroughly entrenched in its open beta for some time now. Idle hands won’t win you a war though, and developer Reto-Moto has been slowly advancing through its long checklist of changes as it marches the FPS towards full release. The [...]

Added 111 days ago - 2013-12-26 - 15 comments

Top F2P Games of 2013

Another year brought another slew of hits to the free-to-play game market, and we here at MMOBomb want to showcase the best of the best! The games on this list are the editors’ picks for the most successful F2P games of 2013, whether measured in players, profits, or just overall buzz and excitement. If your [...]

Added 114 days ago - 2013-12-23 - 86 comments

Hearthstone Open Beta delayed till January 2014

If you were hoping to play the Hearthstone open beta before the end of the year, you’re out of luck. Blizzard has decided it needs more time fine tuning the CCG and has now set its sights on releasing the game sometime in January 2014. Blizzard originally intended to launch the open beta this December, [...]

Added 117 days ago - 2013-12-20 - 25 comments

Red 5 Removes Co-Founder Mark Kern as CEO

Red 5 Studios, the developers behind the MMOFPS Firefall, have removed Mark Kern from his role as Red 5′s chief executive officer. Mark Kern was the last of the four original founders of Red 5, who started the studio in 2006 after leaving Blizzard. The decision was reached after Red 5′s board of directors voted [...]

Added 117 days ago - 2013-12-20 - 10 comments

Elsword Releases New Martial Arts Character, Ara Haan

A good portion of Elsword’s updates over the past year have been focused on adding new job classes for the existing six playable characters. However, Kill3rCombo wanted to end 2013 with a bang and to do that the publisher released Ara Haan, Elsword’s seventh unique character. Surprisingly, despite being a game filled with acrobatic combos [...]

Added 118 days ago - 2013-12-19 - 6 comments

Perfect World Entertainment Heading To Consoles! We Chat With PWE’s Publishing GM

Perfect World Entertainment is the latest company to be taking its MMOs to consoles. A press release today announced the creation of a “console division targeting current and next-gen consoles,” with both “prior and upcoming” titles ripe for adaptation. Perfect World isn’t the first company to take MMOs to consoles, of course, but considering the [...]

Added 118 days ago - 2013-12-19 - 10 comments

Browser-based Evil Genius Online now in open beta

If you don’t happen to be busy tonight, you could try your hand at taking over the world in Rebellion’s browser-based Evil Genius Online which just launched into open beta. The original Evil Genius was released on PC in 2004 as a single player game which had players managing a secret lair filled with henchmen. [...]

Added 118 days ago - 2013-12-19 - 4 comments

Aura Kingdom Prepares to enter Closed Beta

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding X-Legend’s anime MMORPG Aura Kingdom. The MMO began its Founder’s beta just a few days ago, and publisher Aeria Games found their servers immediately crushed by the influx of players. The servers have since stabilized, but Aeria is now preparing for an even larger influx of players. Starting [...]

Added 118 days ago - 2013-12-19 - 28 comments

S2 Games’ “Second-Generation MOBA” Strife Enters Closed Beta

If you liked the sound of Strife from our PAX East write-up, you’ll be pleased to know that S2 Games’ newest MOBA enterprise is entering closed beta, giving players the chance to try and test the game for themselves. According to the press release, the makers of Heroes of Newerth are “Determined to create a [...]

Added 119 days ago - 2013-12-18 - 17 comments

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