Stop! Hammer Time!: Loadout’s New Annihilation Mode

Annihilation mode was unveiled this week for third-person shooter Loadout, just in time for the upcoming final release of the game. It combines all of the familiar tactics and objectives from prior modes while also placing an emphasis on competition. Teams of up to 8 will bring the hammer down across the battlefield in an [...]

Added 91 days ago - 2014-01-22 - 3 comments

Welcome to the Inn: Hearthstone Open Beta Begins

Hearthstone’s public existence has yet to pass the one year mark, and yet in that time the collectable card game from Blizzard has surrounded itself in a massive storm of attention. That storm may finally have reached its pinnacle here in the US as the World of Warcraft inspired CCG has just been released into [...]

Added 92 days ago - 2014-01-22 - 28 comments

Not quite Conquered: Fan-Created shooter C&C Renegade X arrives in February

It seems as though the RTS series Command and Conquer is destined for a Free-to-Play title after-all. After EA’s latest major attempt at reviving the troubled series imploded before ever reaching open beta, the idea of a new legitimate C&C title -let alone another free one- seemed to have died with it. That is until [...]

Added 92 days ago - 2014-01-21 - 18 comments

No Tea left for Tea-Bagging: Offensive Combat Shuts Down

When Dusty Welch said in 2011 that his goal was to “dethrone the established leaders” with his new studio U4iA, it was easy to believe the former Activision employee and CoD developers offensive mentality toward reemerging in the FPS industry. However, it seems that U4iA could not stand the test of time, and all of [...]

Added 95 days ago - 2014-01-18 - 14 comments

Mounted: Dragon’s Prophet EU Update Introduces Mounted Combat

Mounted combat has finally made its way into Dragon’s Prophet. The MMORPG’s EU publisher Infernum announced the new mounted combat update would be added to Dragon’s Prophet today, bringing with it three new ways to fight alongside your dragon of choice. The new system now allows players to choose their dragons based on the more [...]

Added 97 days ago - 2014-01-17 - 6 comments

Lock-n-Load: Loadout prepares for Official launch

Loadout, the third-person shooter with nearly infinite weapon possibilities has finally lowered its cross-hairs dead center on a date for official release. The guys and gals at Edge of Reality have decided to pull the trigger on January 31st, allowing everyone to join in on the creative carnage. Loadout is best known as “that game [...]

Added 97 days ago - 2014-01-16 - 8 comments

War Thunder’s Ground Forces Expansion debuts new tanks, additional map

Gaijin Entertainment have begun the arduous task of adding new tanks to the War Thunder Ground Forces closed beta. Initially, the beta only housed a single handful of tanks from the expansion’s early Russian and German tiers. With the new update, USSR and Germany are still the only two factions currently available, but they have [...]

Added 97 days ago - 2014-01-16 - 2 comments
Ghost Recon Online

Ubisoft announces plans to publish Ghost Recon Online through Steam Early Access

Until recently, if a developer wanted to get their game released on Steam it had to be feature complete and labeled as such. But with the introduction of Steam’s Early Access program, indie devs can now publish their game through Steam all while they continue development. The setup is win-win for the small developers, as [...]

Added 98 days ago - 2014-01-15 - 18 comments

Mordor or Bust! LOTRO Extended to 2017

When I was first getting heavily into The Lord of the Rings Online back in 2007, a common joke among players, commenting on how slowly content was coming to match the pace of the books, was “Mordor in 2016 or bust!” Even given some recent news, I still think that’s optimistic. Earlier this week, Turbine [...]

Added 99 days ago - 2014-01-15 - 12 comments

Yulgang 2 SEA Open Beta Begins, Available to Everyone

Not every English translation of a game lands in the western world first. Back in October, we announced Korean-based publisher Mgame had struck a deal with SEA publisher Cubizone to publish the first English translation of the non-target action MMORPG Yulgang 2 in SEA regions. Cubizone initially intended to release the MMORPG last year, but [...]

Added 99 days ago - 2014-01-14 - 18 comments

Former World of Warcraft Lead Designer Greg Street joins Riot Games

In Riot Games ever continuing bid to suck up the lead designers of some of the world’s most popular MMOs, the studio has snatched up Greg Street. Street’s name may be relatively unknown, but his online persona “Ghostcrawler” is much more recognizable as Blizzard’s former Lead Game Designer for World of Warcraft. Street left Blizzard [...]

Added 100 days ago - 2014-01-14 - 16 comments

Perfect World Releases New Gameplay Trailer for Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero

Leave it up to Perfect World Entertainment, a company whose name regularly takes up a third of an article title, to release an action MMORPG with an even longer name, talk about a journalistic headache. Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero is Perfect World’s first in-house action MMO and currently, one which is only available [...]

Added 105 days ago - 2014-01-08 - 47 comments

DeadBreed Announced, Hardcore Undead MOBA

A week has passed since the new year, and less than a week was required before new MOBA news began to crop up. No no, not the usual 2 week patch updates, those are a given, like how the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. This news is in regards to [...]

Added 106 days ago - 2014-01-07 - 33 comments

SOE Makes Changes, And Then More Changes, To Its Subscriptions

SOE dropped a sizable bombshell last Thursday, announcing that the benefits of PlanetSide 2 Premium Memberships would change from 500 Station Cash a month to a selection of items with a value of up to 2000 SC. In a follow-up post to Reddit on Monday, John Smedley went into great detail regarding the changes, why [...]

Added 106 days ago - 2014-01-07 - 15 comments

Aura you ready? Aura Kingdom Open Beta Begins Today

In the early days of F2P MMORPGs, cute anime-inspired MMOs ruled the land. Much like the dinosaur however, this breed of MMO has seen a steady decline as F2P became more widely accepted in the west and MMO developers begin to branch out towards new themes. Among the tides of change, developer X-Legend has persisted, [...]

Added 107 days ago - 2014-01-07 - 54 comments

Mabinogi II: Arena Cancelled, Nsquare moves on

Nsquare, the development studio brought to life after Nexon became NCSoft’s single largest shareholder, has announced it has ceased development on Mabinogi II: Arena. Intended to be a sequel to the original Mabinogi, an open world MMORPG with a rather unique combat system, Mabinogi II: Arena attempted to re-envision the MMO with an updated combat [...]

Added 110 days ago - 2014-01-03 - 27 comments

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