SWTOR Producer Livestream Details New Operation Coming in 5.2

The good news, at least for Star Wars: The Old Republic raiders? The team at BioWare revealed that the upcoming Patch 5.2 will include a…


Aion 5.3 Update to Focus on Large-Scale Content

You wouldn’t think that a game as old as Aion is would have a huge focus on large-scale content given the typical free-to-play MMORPG player…


Neverwinter Changes Up Dailies with River District in Upcoming Update

Let’s be honest, most of us MMO players hate dailies. We’ll do them, of course, but not without complaining about doing the exact same quests…


Digital CCG Players Outnumber Physical CCG Players But Spend Much Less

A new report from SuperData sheds some light on the global collectible card game market and shows a significant difference between physical and digital CCG…


Star Trek Online’s Season 12 — Reckoning Now Live On PC

Star Trek Online’s latest update for PC is now live. Season 12 — Reckoning tasks captains to battle against the Tzenkethi, an aggressive race of…

SWTOR PvP Voidstar thumb

SWTOR Fixes Bolster Rate That Made Undergeared Characters Too Good In PvP

BioWare tweaked and adjusted a lot of things with its Update 5.1 patch earlier this week. We covered most of the major points in an…


New Revelation Online Video Highlights Flight And Mounts

Today, My.com released a video introducing players to Revelation Onine’s primary modes of transport: the dual flight system and mounts. The dual fight system is…


Riders Of Icarus Update Adds Sandstorm Field Raid Boss

Riders of Icarus’ most recent update introduces several major changes and news items to the game. Most notable among the additions are a new field…


Elsword’s Ain Gets 2nd Job Line

Elsword players have had access to the newest character, Ain, since KOG Games added the character to the free-to-play title back in late December. Today,…

Shot Online World Championship thumb

Test Your Golfing Skills In The Shot Online World Championship

Tiger Woods. Jack Nicklaus. Ben Hogan. Soon, you can join these golfing immortals by participating in the Shot Online World Championship. Just don’t expect a…

Star Trek Online Chekov thumb

Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday Gets Console Launch In February

Consoles have a longer approval time for content than PCs. That’s why it seems like we get double the amount of press releases for games…

War Thunder Tournaments

War Thunder Puts On Weekend Tournaments For Loot And Glory

It’s tournament time in War Thunder! This weekend, pilots and tankers can shoot for the leaderboards across all game modes and earn some sweet prizes…


Nexon’s Western Release of Hyper Universe to See Hands-On Time at PAX South

PAX South is just a few days away but we’re already getting sneak peeks at some of the free-to-play titles we expect to see and…

Hearthstone logo China

Chinese Hearthstone Players Compensated For Rollback With 15 Packs And 1,000 Gold

Players impacted by the Hearthstone server meltdown earlier this month have received some compensation for their troubles. You might recall that the issue cost players…

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