clash of avatars feat

Clash Of Avatars Update Introduces New Content

A new update is arriving in AMZGame’s free-to-play game Clash of Avatars. The update will introduce exclusive new content to the browser based MMO. Included…

hawken feat

Hawken To Hit PS4 July 8

You may remember that one of the surprise announcements to come out of E3 was a PS4 Hawken port. At the time of the announcement,…

war thunder feat

War Thunder Community Member Makes $5000 Via Player Revenue Share Program

When Gaijin pushed War Thunder’s “Flaming Arrows” update, they included an aircraft created by a member of the community. The German night interceptor He 219,…

riders of icarus

Riders Of Icarus Gameplay Trailer Highlights Epic Titan Battle

Nexon’s upcoming free-to-play MMO featuring collectible flying mounts, Riders of Icarus, isn’t far off at all now. The game officially releases on July 6 —…

WildStar Boost thumb

WildStar Offering Max-Level Character Boosts For Purchase In Next Update

WildStar is getting ready to boldly go where nearly every MMO has gone before. When the next update launches, you’ll be able to purchase the…

revelation online feat

Revelation Online Drops Video Explaining How The Wardens Came To Exist

Following their rather short combat video, the Revelation Online devs have dropp a meatier lore trailer highlighting the creation and downfall of the Wardens. These…

steam summer sale feat

Steam’s Summer Sale Offers Sick Deals On Free-To-Play Games

Steam’s annual Summer Sale is officially under way and now that Valve’s had a day to wait for its servers to level out, we’ve decided…

blade and soul feat

Blade & Soul Announces Second Costume Design Contest

Apparently this week is fashion week in the free-to-play MMO world. Yesterday, Skyforge announced a swimsuit design contest and today, Blade & Soul announced its…

LOTRO Throne of the Dread Terror thumb

Turbine Reveals Upcoming LOTRO Raid, “Throne Of The Dread Terror”

After a three-year break, The Lord of the Rings Online is diving back into the oft-neglecting raiding pool with Throne of the Dread Terror in…

Fifth Armored Warfare Early Access Period Adds New PvP Map, Daily PvE Missions, Cute L'il Vehicle of Death

Armored Warfare Preps “Lords Of War” Ranked Mode

A new competitive game mode is on its way to Armored Warfare, giving tankers the chance to advance through several tiers of progression in fixed-length…


Duelyst Devs: “Our Game Is Purely Better Because It’s More Generous”

Counterplay Games’ Duelyst has won over legions of fans looking for a more strategic and/or less random version of Hearthstone, but that wasn’t always the…

revelation online feat

Revelation Online Gives A Brief Glimpse Of Its Non-Targeted Combat System Option released a — rather short — video today highlighting the non-targeted combat system available in its upcoming MMO Revelation Online. The game features three…

twin saga feat

Twin Saga Details Terracottage Housing System

For a while now, we’ve been hearing about the roaming housing system to be found in Aeria Games’ upcoming free-to-play Anime-theme MMO Twin Saga. The…

skyforge feat

Skyforge Announces Swimsuit Design Contest

Just in case you missed it, Summer is here. That means that it’s swimsuit season and even in game, you’ll be wanting to flaunt that…

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