Steam's Top 100 Of 2018 Includes 10 F2P Games, Including New Entries CS:GO, Bless, And Warships

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Once more, Valve has peeled back the curtain just the tiniest bit on its sales figures, offering up the list of the top 100 best-selling games on Steam in 2018 by gross revenue. As we did last year, we'll look at the free-to-play games on the list and see where they ranked compared to last year's standing.

The list is again sorted into four categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The F2P breakdown is as follows, with each game's rank last year in parentheses:

Platinum: Dota 2 (P), Warframe (P), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (N/A)
Gold: Path of Exile (S)
Silver: Team Fortress 2 (S), War Thunder (S)
Bronze: Smite (B), Paladins (B), World of Warships (N/A), Bless Online (N/A)

There's not as much up/down movement as we saw last year, with just Path of Exile moving up from Silver to Gold. Considering the pace and bulk of its releases throughout the year, that's not much of a surprise. The game set an all-time high for players in December, and, unlike in the immediate aftermath of previous expansions, seems to be holding on to those players for an extended period.

Other additions include CS:GO being added to the Platinum list, but very little of its revenue probably came from being a free-to-play game. The same might be said of Bless Online, which had five months as a paid game and two months as a free one (and, by the way, belongs on a list of top five F2P games for 2018 for its revenue alone). And even as a fan of the game, I'm a little surprised to see World of Warships doing well enough to crack the top 100 list.

The only game to leave the Top 100 list was CCG Shadowverse, which still seems like a pretty big deal, player-wise, though down a touch from 2017. For next year, we'd imagine that several of our top upcoming games will make the list, if they're on Steam.

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