Valve has put out its list of 2017’s top sellers on Steam — or, more accurately, “The top 100 games as measured by gross revenue” — and a couple of free-to-play games are near the top of the list, alongside some blockbuster AAA titles.

As was the case last year, Valve doesn’t exactly order the 100 games, instead splitting them up into various groups. In the best category, platinum, we find Dota 2, which made platinum last year, and Warframe, which was in the second-best category, gold, in 2017. According to Steamcharts, Warframe had two big bumps in players, one in July and one in October, so it’s no surprise to see it move up on the list.

Here are all the free-to-play games that made Steam’s Top 100 list, along with their ranks last year:

Platinum: Dota 2 (P), Warframe (G)
Gold: None
Silver: Team Fortress 2 (G), War Thunder (S), Path of Exile (B)
Bronze: Paladins (N/A) Smite (S), Shadowverse (N/A)

Overall, that’s eight F2P games in the top 100, the same as last year. Smite and Team Fortress 2 went down a tier, while Path of Exile, like Warframe, jumped up one. Shadowverse and Paladins are new, meaning that two games — Knight Online and Tree of Savior — dropped off the list entirely. Neither is a surprising omission, in our opinions.

Did anything else on the list — free-to-play or not — stand out to you?


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