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Title: District 187: Sin Streets
Status: Shutdown | Genre: Shooter
Theme: Post Apocalyptic
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ?
Publisher: CJ Games
Developer: CJ Games
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Story driven
Guild-based game
Influence perks

District 187: Sin Street (previously known as Sin Streets) is a free to play 3D first-person shooter (FPS) from CJ Games

Set in the near future, with the world’s economy and government powers collapsing, players choose between two factions (S.W.A.T. and Gangster) that fight to control the urban landscape.

Players will band together with their side to fight for control from area to area in the cityscape. Creating territories allows players to gain access to perks such as weapons, mods, and in-game currency.

District 187: Sin Streets system requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3 or above
RAM: 512 MB | HDD: 4 GB
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz or above
Graphics Card: Nvidia – FX 5700, ATI – Radeon 9500
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  1. I don’t know how to download it?Can someone tell me?Cause I really want to play this game so………………Tell meh…

  2. THIS game used to be great..
    Now its a PIECE OF HACKING SH!T because the sorry pathetic piece of SH!T BA5TARD GM.s at CJ Global will not do a damn thing but ask us gamers to do 75% of there work for them by catching and reporting hackers with screen shots or video’s AND THEN after ya do that they LIE to ya saying WE AT CJ GLOBAL DO NOT TOLERATE ANY FORM OF ABUSE BY THIRD PARTY HACKS..
    rest assure they are being dealt with accordingly..LMFAO..
    FUK YOU ALL AT CJ GLOBAL.. and now this once great game is BEING SHUT DOWN OCTOBER 3rd because they LAZY A55 BA5tard GM.s wont do their job and stop hackers so they shutting it down..

  3. If DL so many FTP games , and as far as shooters are concerned IMO , the best are Ghost Recon and Combat Arms, Ghost Recon is a well made game with great graphics and nice movement, the aiming for me was difficult to master but I liked that fact that you didn’t get one shotted as easy and its very team based.I did not like at least to me at the time low population.
    Combat Arms to me is really fun, I enjoy the moment the aiming , scoping and the fact that you can carry multiple weapons at once like assault rifle and sniper or w/e.I have never spend a dime on this game and have gotten a decent rank, many free NX items from ingame events often. and a huge population. I do hate rage kickers and hackers, those are the biggest downer to this game in my opinion. So many modes so many guns and so may maps. can we ever get rid of the hackers in our fps games ugg i wish

    • The graphics really aren’t that bad. They may not be up to speed with some of the games you have to buy today, but they’re decent in my opinion. And bear in mind the game is free.

  4. im not crisim this game, or whatever. im playing most shooter, and most are free

    look tribes ascend all weapons with ingame points, district have nothing

    • ugurano
      June 17, 2013 at 9:49 am
      this game its shit

      Do you really think a comment like that is in anyway helpful or informative to someone who hasn’t played the game? The only thing it indicates is that you didn’t like it.

  5. You know a lot of people out there have no idea just how much time and effort go into making games like this. Superhero, RenTheRose, ugurano, this is directed at you and those like you. I’m a computer programmer who is working towards his Masters in Computer Science. I have been teaching myself OpenGL for a couple of years now. I hope to get a job developing games in Seattle or Bellevue, Washington as those cities have a number of gaming studios. I just took a couple of my graphics programs, dumped the frames to video, and put some music to the result and put it up on youtube. I then posted a link to it on a couple of facebook group pages I’m a member of. Not a single like or comment. People are so use to seeing things like that in games and movies that they don’t even take notice anymore. All a lot of people can do is sit back a criticize every little detail they don’t like about a game or movie. In the cases where they’re criticizing games and movies that they paid money for they do have some room to do so. But you guys are trashing and bad mouthing FREE games. You’re a bunch of ungrateful little pricks. If you don’t like the game it’s perfectly fine to come on here and put up some constructive criticism in a respectful manner. But when you shit all over something you’ve been given for free you just make yourself look like an asshole. If you were put through one iota of what you have to learn and be able to do in order to make these games (advanced mathematics, physics, AI, programming, both high level and low level, network programming, graphics design, etc) you wouldn’t be able to hack it. A lot of time, effort, large teams, and MONEY by the way go into making these games that you’re playing for free and crap all over it is all you can do. I’m nowhere near being a part of a gaming studio yet but it really sucks to know I’m gonna be working to help put out games to a lot of thankless little bastards who have no clue whatsoever how hard it is to develop games and who can only come online and blast every little detail they don’t like. You little pissants need to stop coming on here saying shit like what you say and show so GODDAMN RESPECT!!!!

  6. This game is alright, considering its free. Certainly worth downloading and trying out. I will say that there isn’t much variety in it though. And its somewhat cheezy when you spawn and the guy says something like “I’m from hell!” But worth trying out none the less.

  7. this game it’s good but there is a lot of hackers i without the currency of the game does not already enough fun

  8. Not worth it. I tried to play it for 2 weeks but the player base is so small that unless you catch it in “Prime Time” there are little to no players at all.

  9. Fk…y this game not running in my modem…it showing ur region is unavailable….pls update soon….its only workin for BSNL users…dont download this game in anyother net till this problem fix…

  10. I don’t understand why that much hatred against this game?
    Yea probably it tends to more pay to look cool than expected but god dammit it’s FREE!
    The maps are nice and the weapons as well.
    The gun modification is great (90% of weapons are editable) Also a lot of variety of choices on character modification.(And an achievement system)
    People just like to spread bad news about everything. Don’t expect every game to be like COD.
    CS is a great game without sprint isn’t it? this game looks like CS + with additional COD Gun modification system.
    There are a lot of mods and maps for starters and patches/updates are coming every month.
    So far there are not hackers and if there are they don’t last long.
    This game is way better than AVA/Crossfire/Combat Arms combined.
    Stop spreading bad news about it just because you didn’t like the game.
    I strongly suggest this game to anyone and if you argue that there are foreign people just look for servers from your region and you will be fine.

    • and that is where you’re wrong this game is far worse than combat of arms and customization and weapons it is true you can customize any weapon on the game but is also true that the game whirly is just bad the only reason you would download and play this game is because you’re tired of normal first person shooters I get this thing is a little bit different but it’s not that much different it’s pretty common for these types of games on a look at Bull Run same type of deal same type of game games like this will not last long as I expected to not get anywhere close to getting out of beta three resons this game will fail lack of guns lack a reason to upgrade your character and lack of reason to play so far everything you said about this game is not better than other games out there I have yet to see anything thst this game offers that other games do not offer if the same if not better so still again this game only get to 2 out of 10

      • Well there’s no point spoiling the game is there?
        There are already 60.000+ active users and they quite like it…Hey I’ve been a crossfire player for the day it was launched let’s say the truth it had no future in the start but right now it has more than 3.000.000 players worldwide



  11. worst fps out their bye far not that good of a game trust me dotn down load it even if its a 10min download theirs a reson that it is poor graphics bad guns the game has nothing goiing for it at all it feels slow and very out dated .

  12. this game is total Crap, no sprint the maps are smaller then a large apartment. the gameplay is nothing more then Hipspray feast of crap. oh and there is so many foreign people the lag is AMAZING!! this game is Poop on Poop. a must pass for anyone who enjoys free2play gaming.

  13. Warface FTW!

    Haven’t played but it looks good, just like watching this vid, the game looks good regardless of who they copied of.

    Welcome to the world of dog-eat-dog.

  14. this games is now not worth anymore, becoz it block many player from other country and it only focused on North America and South America player base… That idea keeping player base only is stupid why becoz when Triple AAA titles games come out like COD no one to play this games anymore, i ask my N.America friend how many player now playing D187 and he say so few that it can only be count almost 200 player base or 300 not like before the block were almost 4000 player base… That is the biggest mistake make by Netmarbles, and if Warface come out no one want to play this games anymore…

    • Ok one Europe people get black shot,cod online,combat-arms,and etc. So they are probably getting the rights to publish it in your countries. Thank you for your time!

  15. Combat Arms suck every other map is hackers/cheaters its over-runned with it. this game doesn’t look to bad except the feed back.

    • no combat arms is just pay to win im good at the game i know cuz im bad when i dont use nx but when i pick a nx gun up THATS a whole different story i can go on like a 10 kill spree with a nx gun pretty much any one and there is not really a reason to play once u get bg rank

      • Not really anymore. If anything you’ll get into a FEW games and get like 1 hacker per game. It’s not bad at all anymore! Im a Sergeant on it and that’s I SUCK! That’s how easy this game is now. If you want a game with I’d say 95% hack free, play Sudden Attack. That boy like Counter Strike. It’s good and no matter HOW BAD your PC is, I can have the settings ALL MAXED this game is that good. I’d recommend that it’s great. And the events are boss like the one yesterday.


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