About the game:
Title: Ensemble Online
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: SemiFormal Studios
Publisher: SemiFormal Studios

Explosive Features:

  • Sandbox Open World.
  • Community Base Building.
  • Flexible Progression.

Ensemble Online is an open world 2D sandbox strategy filled with opportunities for players to adventure across a massive world in which you have the freedom to build a peaceful colony behind a remote dune, or conquer the region and reign over it with your own custom built fortress.

While players may build their own cities, they may also choose to take another progression route altogether. Ensemble Online encourages players to focus on the sandbox experience which best suits them. While players have the opportunity to level up and unlock new skills and equipment upgrades, they may equally choose to pursue a simple social life through exploration and community building.

Diplomacy through community is a key part of Ensemble Online’s gameplay as players may work with allies to invest in a central location, allowing for the creation of gigantic safe-havens and the opportunity to pay higher level players to protect their base.

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  1. It was an awesome game…
    it’s a shame they suddenly died without any notice whatsoever…
    forums were first…then the whole site…Glitch(the game) was awesome too and they did an awesome closedown, but this team didn’t even notify users that it was going down…
    It really was a great game, and since lag is subjective, I didn’t have any noticeable lag…players were great too…
    I would be happy to have even an offline singleplayer version of this(in flash like the original, of course)…

    Rest In Mython, “New Land”, I miss You…

  2. Uh. If you want players, you should probably fix the tutorial. Being stuck in a square, endlessly building towers for invisible things that never show up is only my idea of fun for like, 2 seconds. Try to log on again, build another tower, nothing happens. Repeat until little square is full of towers and there is no more room to build them. Stuff still never shows up. Why let new people register, if they can never get in the game? I get it, I’ll go away. Hopefully your game will too.

  3. you know, most of you probibly dont even know how to code, so i would shut up and deal with it if i were you because you most likely wont be able to code EVER in your life

      • one of your little mobile apps or silly little web dev doesn’t count. that IS easy. You probably coded those bad too xD. Coding is easy, coding well is not. Too many people think they are code pros after all these well documented, easy to use SDKs and APIs have been released. That’s not coding, its just using someone else’s code.

  4. The tutorial is buggy, there’s a lot of lag, and it seems like the developers have decided not to do anything about it. It’s a long time for all the issues…

  5. The game was fun at first, but it gets boring pretty quickly. I like the building elements, but being a beta, it lacks polish, and can lag terribly.

    The real problems come from the obnoxiousness of of the designer’s use of scripted chat bots. If they were doing it to test the chat-window’s functionality, I might understand. But it seems like it’s just there to make it look like there are people in the game when there are not. I still have no idea IF there is a real functional chat.

    Secondly, the game has a pay-to-win model of micro-transactions. You can use real money to buy powerful items, which is never a good thing in a game.

    I really wish this game was good, because it starts strong, but it’s not there yet.

  6. This game has problems. It’s a beta version and it still has many bugs that prevent the full gaming experience of this world. It is playable and it has some fun aspects, but the bugs of this game are long-term and persistent and I can’t tell if the designers will ever fix all the various problems. Try it for a simple game, but don’t be surprised if you find quests that can’t be finished, drops that are not made, some severe lagging around towns and forts, and other things that just detract from the overall enjoyment of the game.

  7. Ignore the previous fake reviews, they are all from the same upset troll. If you have a pc better than a pentium 1 and an internet connection as good or better than 56k this game will run fine. It’s also very fun, I eagerly recommend it.



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