About the game:
Title: Renegade: X
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: TPS/RTS
Developer: Totem Arts
Publisher: Totem Arts

Explosive Features:

  • RTS Economy.
  • Unique Factions.
  • Nuclear strikes.

Renegade: X is a free-to-play TPS with RTS elements, mashing the world of Command and Conquer into the Unreal Engine 3.

Two factions face off on servers of up to 40 players, engaging in a rivalry between the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod. A conflict between military defense and an international terrorist network, these two forces battle with vast arsenals, consisting of over 30 weapons, 15 vehicles, air-strikes, ion cannons and even nuclear strikes. Both sides have access to their own unique variations of each, giving players a multitude of play-styles to try out.

The games objective is to destroy the enemy infrastructure while maintaining your own. To do this, players will need to systematically dismantle each important structure with timed explosives or vehicle bombardments. Depending on which structure is destroyed, the damage inflicted will prevent that team from accessing certain upgrades, even vehicles. With the use of all available artillery, economic management, and strategically executed plans of attack, both teams march across the battlefield in order to be dominate the enemy base.

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System requirements

Renegade: X Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: 2.0+ GHz multi-core processor
Memory Ram: 4 GB
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB of free disk space
Video Card: NVIDIA 200 series or higher graphics card

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25 User Reviews

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  1. 91164 on February 5, 2017

    It runs crap on my gtx 210 1gb….17fps on 720p

  2. duble d on February 6, 2016

    comon its not that bad it has problesm in the game but it will be fixed i hope so just wait and see

  3. malakas on February 3, 2016

    best hacking simulator ever made.

  4. malakas on February 3, 2016

    best hacking simulator ever made

  5. 23498574905874357435098 on February 13, 2015

    best game ever

  6. SSJ4Nappa on November 22, 2014

    Renegade: X is based off the cult classic command and conquer renegade from westwood studios before it was consumed by the all mighty black hole that is EA. It focuses on static base to base combat vehicles and 3rd or 1st person perspective gunplay. The game is being developed in the unreal engine 3 by a non profit dev team called totem arts. It is truly free to play with no cash shop. The game is still has many bugs but is actively being worked on. It has seen it’s third beta patch this last october with a new map, Volcano, being added.
    I say give it a shot.

  7. mrcookie on October 10, 2014

    lots of bugs and all that crap. scared to even play this cuz of virus warning

    game is shit dont play it waste of time!@

  8. Payback on July 5, 2014

    Daily reminder that the game is fanmade and is based on the original C&C Renegade. Daily reminder you people are shit heads plebeians who can’t afford their own game.

  9. Max on May 19, 2014

    No matter how many games have came over the last few years,people gonna find a way with cheat engine to create more cheats / hacks online so someday somehow developers will shutdown just like the always shutdown servers,but only few are appeal,not all ….and the game is gonna be unplayable itself after all,nothing is gonna be as it used to be,because of the idea,that some are just so noobs and dicks that like to pranks others over the internet,but some people who loved the game trully i dont speak about myself,i just right now start downloading that game but im very soon 100% that gonna be full of hackers in there…..For sure,how do i know that just like battefieldplay4free how is it possible a guy who is on rank 4???Know the map so well like noone else?Is impossible except if it plays the game before but how can he remember it after so many years or months days that have to touch it?Or How is possible know where you are before you even get there after you respawn you got shot,and you die,There all some explanations but most of them are excuses,because there all bitches over there gays,with balls only from inside this fake world but the outside which me the jungle you are nothing less then a pricks,that gonna get punch in there faces.

  10. BluTeXo4 on May 5, 2014

    C’mon guys! It’s still in beta. It’s the best MMO shooters out there. This game will never be pay to win. I mean like, who all the other MMO shooters are pay to win. Plz guys play this!

    • MitchellTAylor on May 10, 2014

      agreed, last time i played renegade it was amazing but when i tryed to download it , it said something about a virus warning now im scared to use the website to get it if you could help me find a good website to download it i would be very grateful and maybe i could beat dat 4ss in a couple matches 😉

  11. but fucker on March 21, 2014

    can you aim down sights

  12. Vulva on March 19, 2014

    Yes, game is shit

  13. neym on March 15, 2014

    i agree game is shit

  14. ugurano on March 7, 2014

    blabla your are troll, your have no idea what good game and what shit game, shut up

    this game its good

  15. blabla on March 7, 2014

    game is shit

    • Atrocx on March 7, 2014

      Then, you sir, got an shitty award for beign an idiot! (It’s just an opinion no hard feelings)

    • Bultz on March 8, 2014

      you have even played it. is a FPS Stratgy game. i loved the orgianly one. they have just remaken the MP. part no SP part 🙁 but i can live with what. it have some improvements. if you need to talk about shit about the game. say why its bad.

      • arie on March 29, 2014

        jokes on you “orgianly” go to school and learn english you filthy black guy

        • MitchellTaylor on April 28, 2014

          wow …. filthy black guy???? really … its people like you who ruin this world … people who have nothing better to do than to HATE a different race simplely because of there skin color … there are way more things to hate than the color of someone skins like terrorist or gays not being able to be together (I don’t support it but im just saying it as an example) I hope one day you can relize what stupid, disrespectful, ugly thing you just said. (just in case you want to talk shit back to me FYI im white not black and even I know that racism is one of the biggest problems in this world)

        • MitchellTaylor on May 11, 2014

          your an idiot for saying that “filthy black guy” really are you 5 … i hate people like you get a life , TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE RACISM IS STUPID

          • W/e on June 6, 2014


          • RacistPrick on October 20, 2015

            Game is shit. Racism is what I live for. Fook all blacks. WPWW 13 words motherfooker

    • kser on March 31, 2014

      he’s right game IS shit.

      nothing to see here ppl move along

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