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Title: Sevencore
Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ?
Publisher: gPotato
Developer: Noria
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Extensive mounted combat system
Crafting system
Impressive graphics

Sevencore is a free to play 3D hybrid sci-fi and fantasy action MMORPG by gPotato and features various classes, pets, mounts, guilds, PvP and PvE combat.

Players will be immersed in an engrossing storyline that will evolve through expansions. Piecing together from events, players will uncover the motives behind the game’s world history. The daily gameplay will be shaped by these motives, until players understand the bigger picture and ultimately become a force to change the future of Sevencore’s universe.

The narrative will be distilled through quests and NPCs, and each race and faction will experience the story differently based on their own unique in-game history and culture.

Sevencore system requirements:

OS: Windows XP/7/Vista
RAM: 512 MB | HDD: 4 GB
CPU: Pentium-4/AMD 1.5GHz
Graphics Card: 128 MB
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11 User Reviews

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  1. ugurano on April 28, 2013

    this game its shutdown

  2. DeclaredInsane on October 26, 2012

    The game is still in beta and still has a long way to go before it can be any good but there’s huge room for improvement. November already promises the addition of a new assassin class. There are still lots of bugs so as time goes by those bugs will be worked out and game play and mechanics will improve.

    I really think it’s a game we need to give time to mature, it is a bit for a weak start but let us see what the future of this game holds. I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this one but for now it’s a no go.

  3. neodym on October 20, 2012

    this game is as empty like the graphics,worst optimization I ever experienced…. the game graphics look like something from late 90s,like Quake 3…. its boring shallow game,I dont recomend

  4. magkul12 on September 28, 2012

    I speak English but I live in the EU. but EU servers are in Deutsch and Français and l cant download the game from U.S. servers.what should i do.

    • dekker on October 30, 2012

      “I speak English but I live in the EU. but EU servers are in Deutsch and Français and l cant download the game from U.S. servers.what should i do.” <<< This

    • dekker on October 30, 2012

      here’s a link where you can download the client (US version) as a torrent its an official site, I’m pretty sure you can play it in EU. I couldn’t seem to download it from sevencore_US.exe down-loader either because of a failed connection to their servers.

  5. cfb on September 26, 2012

    hybrid ? LOL
    a piece of crap this game and moooooooore with gpot

  6. james on September 24, 2012

    I love the game so far. the graphics the game play the classes and quests. yeah maybe the same as other mmo rpgs. But all mmo rpgs games are the same. quests grinding story lines what else can the genre do? nothing. But yeah it’s an enjoyable game. I HIGHLY recommend that you try it out.

  7. Cbrk on September 9, 2012

    Ive played it for an while now… i have the same opinion as the coments before me. At the moment the game is mediocre but i really think that Gpotato can make it great. Now its all in the developers hand. Make it awsome, or leave it as it is. IM giving time t see what going to happen.

  8. Kess on September 8, 2012

    I’m submitting this review with the knowledge that this game is still in beta and there’s plenty of room for growth and improvement. This is my opinion of what I experienced while playing the open beta.

    For starters, the class and race choices are very limited to an almost depressing point. There’s the standard warrior, rogue (gunner), and mage. Each of the three races has a special racial trait which only appears to benefit one class. It’s all very predictable– the elf is the mage and the horned, brutish race is the warrior, which leaves the human as the gunner. Right.

    The graphics of the game are nice, which I had very little time to enjoy because I was having immense difficulty with getting the game to respond. I don’t know if this issue is limited to me, but it was absolutely gamebreaking. I would click repeatedly on an NPC to talk to them, or an enemy to attack it, and the game simply would not respond for several seconds. Then it would spontaneously work if I clicked enough. It became quickly frustrating to have to spam-click absolutely everything to select a text option or even open and close a window. It felt as though I had zero control over the interface and in combat.

    That being said, I’m disappointed. gPotato has the capacity to create excellent and unique games, but Sevencore falls flat. There was nothing keeping me attempting to keep playing or retry.

  9. KalameesJr on September 8, 2012

    Mediocre selection of classes and races, average kill and gather quests, few customization options in character creation and later in game through skill customisations and such. Has the usual itemshop based gear upgrading, soceting, pet skill unlocking etc. All in all a rather mediocre game. Having an advanced pet system is not an excuse for lacking in every single other area of the game.

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