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Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery Gift Pack Giveaway

MMOBomb is teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios on a special giveaway for Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery. 50 lucky winners will score a Age of Discovery Starter Pack key with lots of in-game items.

To enter you just need to complete the easy tasks on the top! Good luck!

We’ll select the lucky MMOBombers on October 24, 2018, we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.

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How to win a Key?:

You must complete the actions on the top of the page. Hint: Get more entries by completing all of the actions!

This Sweepstake contains the following:

Players can jump start their careers as a Starfleet Cadet with the Age of Discovery Starter Pack! The package offers unique rewards that will help Captains with their exploration into the Discovery universe. Most notably, this includes a new variant of the Walker Class that can be used as soon as players complete the tutorial. The new type of starship offers Hull and Shield values that continue to scale up with Captains as they continue this career (all the way to level 30!).

Pack content includes:

⦁ Walker-class Prototype Light Exploration Cruiser
⦁ 12 Additional Inventory Slots
⦁ 1x Large (150,000) Experience Bonus Pool
⦁ Discovery-era Phaser Sniper Rifle
⦁ Discovery-era Phaser Stun Bolt Pistol
⦁ Tardigrade Vanity Pet


1. These codes are only eligible for the PC version of Star Trek Online and can only be redeemed by a Discovery Federation Captain on a single account.


Age of Discovery is now available on PC and will launch at a later date on Xbox One and PlayStation®4. The update’s first installment lets players create a Starfleet captain from the Discovery timeline and embark on their first mission with fellow Starfleet Academy cadet and friend, Sylvia Tilly.

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Sebi Razvan 5 years ago
Thanks, i already have it so here you go guys:9oDnGuv6

HargolasXGaming 5 years ago
Whooo HOOOO \m/

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Danilo 5 years ago
Thanks MMOBOMB :)

marcos 5 years ago
Thanks friends

vô lệ kaka 5 years ago
ad ơi cho tôi xin 1 key đi ad

heroesangels 5 years ago

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