Win 1 of 25 LOTRO: Fate of Gundabad Bundle Keys

The bundle value is $100 and has something for both new and existing players.

MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff,


Daybreak Games has granted MMOBomb 25 LOTRO: Fate of Gundabad Bundle Keys (Worth around $100 Each). To win a bundle key you just need to leave a comment below and tell us why you should be the winner.

We’ll select the lucky MMOBombers on September 19, 2022, we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail with your MMOBOmb account.

How to win a Key?

- Leave a comment below and tell us why you should be the winner!

This Sweepstake contains the following:

This offer is exclusive to these codes and is not available for purchase. Upon redemption players will get the items delivered to their inventory.

⦁ Fate of Gundabad Expansion
⦁ Mordor Expansion
⦁ Minas Morgul Expansion
⦁ Riding Skill
⦁ Steed of Bree
⦁ Small Crafting Carry-all
⦁ 200% XP Boost (1hr) x5
⦁ Skill and Slayer Deed Boost x1
⦁ +5000 Enhanced Reputation Supply
⦁ +100% Crafting XP

To Redeem Your Code:

1. Codes can be redeemed through the LOTRO Store (from the menu or by default Control+S within the game)
2. Click on the Redeem Code link, enter the code, and then hit Submit.


The Lord of the Rings Online is a faithful online re-creation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendary Middle-earth where players can join the world’s greatest fellowship of players.

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Discussion (41)

zepherzaper 1 year ago
I hope I get one

alnaric 1 year ago
maybe me ?

ulookdead 1 year ago
I believe I should get a gundabad key so I can play this with my friend who doesn't have it. My other two friends posted below and won. I would love to as well.

aaroncache 1 year ago
awwwwww. its already the 19th so this is over and keys are being sent out today =/ I always miss these things darnit!!!!

hobitmom 1 year ago
I love hobbits. I am eally enjoying playing in the shire right now and am looking forward to further content. Next up Gundabad?

winnerchickendinner2012 1 year ago
hey guys, my friends at school play this expansion. I am not the level to play with them just yet but I am getting closer and this would allow me to team up with them. really hope you pick me MMOBomb. Good luck to everyone, lord of the rings is amazing lore.

highborn71 1 year ago
I like two things, pizza and lotro. Cats too. I want to win this really gundabad! Yep.

notyourmothersmilk 1 year ago
I would say my Lord of the Rings knowledge is unmatched. I am an uber nerd, just started playing LOTRO a couple of months ago and am getting closer to gundabad content - winning this bundle will improve my quality of life. much love.

deleted 1 year ago
I should be the winner because I love the Lord of the Rings universe and especially the MMORPG interpretation of it. :) Lotro is an awesome game. Everyone should give it a try!

ropulson 1 year ago
I came across this on my feed and it made me want to check out the game! I have played a lot of mmos lately but this looks like the most exciting. To Gundabad!@!

awiix 1 year ago
I'm looking for MMORPGs to play, several videos recommended LOTRO, I've never played it and few talked about it, this would be a great opportunity for me to start.

bomtombadil 1 year ago
If I dont win this contest, things will have started good but GUNDABAD!

erik 1 year ago
Hello, I need to win because i'll came back in the gane 1 month ago, and all my old characters are stuck on a closed server :'( Please a old french player to come back in Middle-Earth !! :) (and there is never such things as lotro giveaway in our country)

alanjacksonnm 1 year ago
MMOBomb! I love lotro, biggest fan. rings of power is just okay. mmos rule. actively playing lotro right now as my 86 hobbit burg. I dont own the expansion so this is a HUGE opportunity to continue playing with my friends! The adventure is REAL!!!!!!! thanks for the opportunity mmoBOMB!!!!

destlin 1 year ago
For the real of it is that the market is saturated with mmo's that just are not that great. This is not LOTRO. Lotro is the best storytelling of any mo out there and it is somethign you can lose yourself in. I would really like to get the expansion of the game just so i can play it. I love lotro and would absolutly love to win.

johnren0904 1 year ago

Lord of the Rings is just an allegory which shows that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was an inter-dimensional being. You can tell this is the truth because Lord of the Rings has secret messages encoded in it with numerology, and the voices told me.

I play LOTRO, and am an active member of Doom Brigade on Brandywine! MMOBomb Luv! #mmobomb

caleb27 1 year ago
Hi Mmobomb! I would love to win a copy of this game so i can continue my adventures on my captain once they get to that level!

drazziwab 1 year ago
My best friend and I play lotro together every day. We cannot afford two copies of the expansion so this would allow us to continue playing together, enjoying our epic adventures together in Middle Earth. Thanks MMOBomb for great content and current gaming news. @mmobomb #mmobomb

plaidbasser 1 year ago
I first started playing in late 2010, and this is the one game that I always come back to. It's memorable, fun, has gorgeous scenery, and is great for solo and fellowship players alike! I've had many great memories with this game, and I'm happy that I've stayed playing throughout the years. I'm very happy with the progression of LotRO, and am always excited to see what's next to explore in Middle Earth. My first few characters are old, but every time I log on, it feels fun and refreshing. I would love to win one of the keys, to further enjoy LotRO, and to continue my adventure!

protoman9012 1 year ago
I've never played LOTRO before, but I feel like it would be a good time to jump in if I were to win a sweepstake bundle

xxlenny 1 year ago
I should get one, because I'm loyal to the game since 2010 and am a huge fan of how true they depict the stories from the books.

rukia_yphanh2002 1 year ago
I never had a chance to try LOTRO since it's a really old game and I can't bring myself to pay for it. If I win a key, I can find an excuse to try LOTRO

weilan 1 year ago
I want to win, because I really like Lord of the Rings, I have bought the LOTR trlogy book, The Hobbit (There and Back Again) book, the book Children of Hurin, an illustrated map of Middle Earth. I have spent in LOTRO 1600+ hours since starting in February 2021, yet I'm still leveling my first character - 110 level Blue line Guardian, who I just entered Udun with a few days ago. I have bought all expansions - the Expansion Trove, then Minas Morgul, then War of the Three Peaks, now I'm only missing Fate of Gundabad.

wescero 1 year ago
luck all

smiraid 1 year ago
We should all be winners cause we all carry the game over the years and are still happy with it.

serenya 1 year ago
I just found mmobomb for the first time. Cool site, will check them out in the future. I am a pen and paper roleplayer and need some inspiration for my ONE RING Roleplaying sessions. :) happy to hear from the mmobombers

endermir 1 year ago
I had stopped playing Lotro about a decade ago. With all the hype behind the IP it would be nice to explore the new content and catch up on how the game has changed over the years. Cheers

rebelkilla 1 year ago
Would be nice to have won something in my life.

tal 1 year ago
Best of luck to all.
Would be happy to win, but also happy to see you in game.
The game is not perfect, but I had more than a few relaxing and happy moments in it.

h_allen 1 year ago
Almost at the end of Three Peaks, I need this to keep going.

de9zt 1 year ago
Im looking for a new game to enjoy!

vulnero 1 year ago
I'd like to win to play this game with my son.

caspramio 1 year ago
I would like to accompany my kinship in doing Gundabad-exclusive dungeons and stuf, to be honest.

Syrion_X 1 year ago
My Captain would enjoy too see the Fate of Gunbabad. Good luck to all, may Fortuna smile on you. :)

haaliax 1 year ago
Im a bit burned out of WoW and always wanted to try this bad boy, this would be the perfect reason for it

nightbl4de 1 year ago
Always wanted to try the game and this would be a good excuse to get into it.

niizzy 1 year ago
Never played LOTRO when it was released, I'm starting now and I'm loving the game. Too bad that where I live its too expensive to buy all the DLCs so I'll never be able to really enjoy the game to its fullest.
This is my chance to enjoy this wonderful game even more.

qawsar 1 year ago
Have been looking for an MMO to sink into, and have heard good things about LOTRO recently.

ftbordoni 1 year ago
I've been a Lord of the Rings fan for years, I have all Tolkien's books (all of them), DVDs of the trilogy with the extended edition (the Hobbit too), I've been wanting Fate of Gundabad for a while but it's kind of complicated for me to buy it , so that Eru Ilúvatar shed his light on you and give me one of these keys ;)

marto25 1 year ago
LOTRO was one of the first MMOs I ever played, and it still holds a special place in my heart. I should be the winner because I'd love to see how it has changed and improved, or stayed just as fantastical as I remember!

mouhsine 1 year ago
well i want to be a winner just because i want to be THE winner haha

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