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About the game:
Title: Football Superstars
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Sports
Developer: CyberSports Ltd
Publisher: CyberSports Ltd

Football Superstars is a free MMORPG football game where you create a character that will play 3D football matches. The game offers several gameplay aspects, with the most obvious being the sport which is based on: football. As a football player, you have to play matches in the 3D match engine and guide your character in the Football Superstars world.

There’s also PMC management, meaning you get to create your own club or get a management position in one of the existing clubs. Set up tactics, search for valuable players, study matches and manage your club the best that you can.

Finally, you’re part of a large community and you can help improve it. You’re free to play on the test server to discover bugs, set up competitions or help arranging them, drop your suggestions on the forums and generally help new players get in the game.

Explosive Features:

  • Lots of Stats.
  • Good Visuals.
  • Huge Game World.

Featured Video

System Requirements

Football Superstars Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0Ghz or AMD 3400+
Memory Ram: 1GB Free
Hard Disk Space: 5GB
Video Card: NVIDIA 5750 or ATI Radeon X300

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  1. Used to be a fantastic game that me and my fellow eurostars elite members loved. Had a real sense of community within. Then they revamped and killed it. Now it’s run by a few ex players who basically bought it to run as gods of their own world. It’s a dictatorship style run game which is such a shame as me (dazed) , hutcho and tmb used to look after the community as best we could

    • I can totally feel your pain. I was in a team that resembled the oldschool fs community and teams. We lasted 3 years in a toxic environment run by underage bullies sponsored by their daddies. We are past FS now. Too bad how the game ended out to be. I keep the old memories though. I’ve been playing since 2009.

  2. Hard to play, hard to learn and hard to master.

    Especially for free players but fun of course… until you realise that real money spenders can reach huge advantages compered to free players. So stay clear from this game if you want to play equal and fair competiticion as a free player.

    One of the stupid restrictions is ,as a free player, you don’t have right/option to select your playing position. Yeah, I’m not kidding, you can play as a defender even if you have full attacker skills, lol.

    Have Fun

  3. football superstars pls i am begging you to bring it back because all the updates you did in the game are bull crap i just want the game to go to where it used to be pls come back to the game and the old football superstars back just do as we say k the people don’t like the game anymore they’re quitting pls save the game from dying help us ;(

  4. game is great if u know how to play it.
    it is just too hard for the newbies.
    + point: u can run this game in a potato and still have fun

  5. Since the development team and the most rightful admins left the game turned into complete garbage. Admins now just abuse their power to gain unfair advantage in the game. They can just ban you if they feel like you’re better then them or simply because they don’t like you. Not worth spending time playing and leveling up which takes ages anyway if the admins can do whatever they want and nobody will keep them on a leach to control the healthy environment of the game. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.

  6. This stie shows everything. Game since cybersport bought it is bunch of shit.
    Admins make their own rules and break the main (changing your password, kicking you fomr the match. Banning ppl (perm) for wasting their time. Half of server have been banned. Most of ppl do not know wat was the reason Thanks

  7. It’s awful. Has no dev or admin support any more. It’s just waiting to die basically.

    Shame for a game that had SO much potential that they are willing to let the community put up with crap animations, without any chance of them being fixed any time soon. Exploits are prevalent and it seems beginners have no chance with the vast amount of rerollers there are in the game now who find it more fun to smash ‘noobs’ 10-0 than to compete at the top level of the game.

    Avoid this game.

  8. ^ Ignore my previous comment just me being noob :$ Read what eyeclubseals wrote. Its true 🙂 Btw
    There are 2 versions of the game. Downloadable and Browser. Browser sucks fullstop. But Downloadable seems epic. Join in :).


  10. Oh Christ, this brings me back 🙂

    Football Superstars is an (association) football game where you take control of a player, and guide him through life on and off the pitch.

    The meat of the game is teaming up with players from your (fictional) football club (chosen at character creation) and playing 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11-a-side matches against other clubs. The game handles differently to games like FIFA and PES, on the basis that players control only one man on the pitch, as opposed to the whole team. Gameplay is solid, with many elements of football present and easy to learn, though a tad clunky in terms of movement. The game also features a kickabout mode, where one can practice skills in the game.

    Character progression is part choose-which-points-go-in-which-skill (e.g. strength, speed, fitness), common across most MMOs, and part Morrowind-style where more technical skills are leveled through use (e.g. passing, crossing). Specal skills, such as the Cruyff Turn, can also be purchased through trainers.

    Off the pitch, players control their avatar’s social life by purcashing outfits, clubbing, and managing the media. This part of the game feels shoddy and tacked-on, however is for the most part short, if not completely optional.

    If you happen to be interested so far, I would reccomend that you play with good friends, as football is a team-oriented sport, and teamwork is essential for a victory, unlike other supposed team-based games, naming none. By contrast, the players encountered during random match-ups are almost always the one kid in the park who thinks he’s Diego Maradona and almost refuses to pass the ball to anyone as he charges the opposing goal. VOIP chat present in-game does little to ameliorate this, due to language barriers and internet anonymity.

    There is also support for player-made clubs, which can help with teamwork (and by extension winning), though due to the game’s small playerbase, good ones are few and far between (and may require some grinding for entry).

    To sum up, it’s worth a download if a fan of football AND like playing in a team, otherwise give it a miss, 1-on-1 games like FIFA online are more up your alley.


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