Shooting Girl


About the game:
Title: Shooting Girl
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Nutaku
Publisher: Nutaku

Explosive Features:

  • Tactical RPG Action
  • Specialized Characters
  • Wide Mission Variety

Tokyo has fallen to a surprise alien attack, and it’s up to a cadre of well-armed Japanese school girls to fight for humanity and take the city back! Recruit a guerrilla squad of school girls, each with their own specialty and weapon proficiency, from machine guns to sniper rifles, and lead them to victory against the unforgiving alien intelligence.

Individual missions take place on a game grid, where weather and terrain can be a factor, so you’ll have to strategically place your fighters for attack and defense. Once placed, they’ll fight on their own according to pre-set combat routines. As you advance, you can recruit more girls into your army, train them in your academy, and equip them with the best weapons and armor to achieve victory.

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  1. This game totally suck hard, you’ll be forced to spent a cash or die tryin. And oh, did they published by Nutaku?

    WORSE THAN DMM DOES. The game was trash, and it was published by worst publisher ever.

    Fortunate enough this game was terminated ASAP.

  2. Look at the publisher and developer of the game. These guys are responsible for among the most clickbaited games based upon the concept of anime (girls in particular…). If I had to be honest with you, whenever you see the name ‘Nutaku’, it’s best to just steer REALLY far away from the game nd to never play it at all costs.

  3. esse jogo é daora, fala que tem putaria, a unica coisa que mostra é que se vc levar dano no primeiro break quando sua vida ta em 50 porcento, a sua roupa sofre alguns arranhões, e se for no break 2 sua roupa fica mais rasgada, algumas mostra um pouco do sutiã , mais não tem mais do que isso e que o jogo so tem personagens de garota , que é o obvio e o jogo é legal pra passar tempo e

  4. Me gusta este juego y no me importa lo que digan los demás pude encontrar la magia de su contenido y me encariñe con cada una de las chicas. Uno de los mejores juegos asi de simple

  5. Looking at the reviews on the this site… and like many others I feel like I am re-watching Idiocracy the movie.

    Quick review shall we?

    It can be played for free, however the game and like many other at Nutaku encourage you to pay money for Gotcha or what ever else to increase your chances of getting better items, characters and so on.

    As you level up you can equip/buy and upgrade items, of course as mention above paying real money will get you better stuff. It’s around $10 US for a 100 Nutaku gold plus taxes, you can find that information on the site. Personally I never bought any myself, creating a free account gives you Nutaku gold or it used to and inviting a friend up to the first 5 will give you 500 gold 100 per person.

    Although I’ll be honest I lost interest in the game before I got to level 10. Browser games are just not my thing I prefer to play an actually MMORPG or something along those lines. I tend to pick up a browser game now and then when I am waiting for another game to download or update.

    Losing health will cause parts of the cloths to rip or be torn, dying will cause them to reveal there underwear… big whoop people your born naked go to sleep in your underwear what’s the difference from seeing a little skin in a game. For your information Nutaku has worse games that show a lot more… besides it’s not like you all haven’t done or seen that kind of stuff before. Making a big deal out of that stuff yet you will fondle or have sex with a girl… such a hypocrite.

    The game aside those who hate on anime because of games like this and other hentai genre material should really do there research not all animation is tits and ass. Not like you see any anyways. Besides animation is pretty much like watching any other t.v. show only it’s a cartoon.

    Also be sure to check your links in the website Moderator, there are quite a few that are broken or out of date. It’s disappointing finding a game that sounds interesting only to click the link and the page is gone/missing or it’s been shutdown.


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