About the game:
Title: Spacewars
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Desert Owl Games
Publisher: ToHeroes Game Studios

Engage in full-scale galactic warfare with Space Wars, a free-to-play tactical space simulation game with turn-based gameplay and RPG-like progression. Start by choosing one of four factions, each with its unique strengths, and a multitude of ships at their disposal. Plan your attacks on various sectors of space and defend against your enemies in fierce battles that can involve up to 40 players at once!

Combat in Space Wars is on a 2-D grid, where players take turns ordering their ships. Players will have to manage line-of-sight, power distribution, and other tactical factors to emerge victorious. Each ship and its crew members improve with experience. In addition to the core war game, there are single-player missions and tournaments with awesome prizes, guaranteeing that you’ll always have something to do!

Explosive Features:

  • Tactical, Turn-based Gameplay
  • Four Factions, Many Ship Designs
  • Skill-based Gameplay With Many Options

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System Requirements

Spacewars Minimum System Requirements:

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