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Title: 2112
Status: Development
Genre: MMORTS | Theme: Sci-Fi
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ? GB
Publisher: Emobi Games
Developer: Emobi Games
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Three distinct factions
Strategic base defense gameplay
Deep customization options

2112 is a MMORTS published by Emobi Games. In 2112 players are placed in the middle of an epic war set in a futuristic atmosphere all tied together with a gripping intergalactic storyline. 2112 combines strategic base defense with deep customization options for players and visceral action.

Players will have the opportunity to command one of three races. Each race has access to unique technology made from a rare element called Herani which must be harvested and then used in research in order to fully unlock its potential.

The new technology unlocked will provide players with various unique units and structures allowing players to strategically place forward bases for upcoming assaults, build upon resource point locations to block enemy advancement, and upgrade fortresses to better repeal attackers. Coupled with the ability to upgrade structures and units, players will be able to adapt and survive in the heat of battle.

2112 system requirements:

OS: ?
RAM: ? GB | HDD: ? GB free space
CPU: ?
Graphics Card: ?
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9 User Reviews

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  1. Someone on September 10, 2013

    wow my virus checker whent nut’s when i click on there site lol so yeah .. not going to that site

  2. TimeTraveler on June 10, 2013

    Hey its me from the Future here from when i come from its year 2112 the game was released a few weeks ago and i travel in time to let u guys know this game sux ,thank you.

  3. AlexK on May 2, 2013

    Do not bother. No english language. Vietnamese only.

  4. ByTor on April 25, 2013

    I wonder if this name is a nod to Rush and their 2112 album. Looks pretty cool.

  5. Eldulk on April 8, 2013

    Yay!!!!!!!! Finally a game that I can play early thanks to knowing the language \o/

  6. Cyberpunk on March 8, 2013

    Iam liking the looks of this game,cant wait to play it

  7. FD_Stalker on December 11, 2012

    Another game in my dream.
    Space adventure

    • Adrian87 on December 16, 2012

      alpha starts tomorrow 😀 seen some videos about this one. I’m curious to see how it turns out.

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