Energy Heroes









About the game:
Title: Energy Heroes
Status: Shut Down Graphics: 3D
Developer: Studio22
Publisher: Studio22

From indie French developer Studio22 comes Energy Heroes, a futuristic, third-person, free-to-play MOBA where shooting skills and tactical thinking go hand-in-hand. With cel-shaded graphics, a sci-fi theme, and a cast of characters spread across three different races, it’s got a distinctive look that sets it apart from other entries in the genre.

Choose from the humans, nelmas, or jorvaks in 3v3 battles that will have you gathering energium, which you can use to strategically reinforce your structures, changing how the game plays as it progresses. Characters have active defenses, meaning you can dodge your opponents’ shots or sprint to outrun them. Fight your way through the enemy’s drones and defense towers to get to its energy module to win the game!

Explosive Features:

  • MOBA/TPS Mix
  • Build And Improve Your Structures
  • Advanced Matchmaking System

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System Requirements

Energy Heroes Minimum System Requirements:

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    • OW came out a week before EH. Shut Down couldn’t possibly steal all the stuff from Blizzard and make their own game in 6-7 days. This is not how game development works.

      Besides, i haven’t noticed Shut Down commissioning their champions nudes and similar stuff from R34 artists to artificially boots gamers’ interest to the game.


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